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twenty-three meatbuns -dictated-

[A certain monkey has spent the weekend in bed with a headache and stomach pain due to the wishing he's done. Books, paint, Konzen's desk... food. He's done his fair share of wishing over the year.]

...I didn't know people could get sick from the wishin'. I'm never wishin' again!

This is stupid. The castle should say that we were wishin' too much instead of making ya ill.

[Because he feels too icky to play and is too conscious to not be bored.]
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[action forever]

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[At least the ailing monkey has had someone caring for him while he's been ill. Someone who didn't need to make a wish because, in his opinion, he had all he needed.]

Perhaps the next time you want something you could tell me about it and we could see if it was possible to achieve without such things.

[Pardon him while he changes the washcloth on your forehead for a slightly colder one.]
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[He absently brushes the wetter pieces of Goku's bangs to the side. It's tough to get to his forehead due to the diadem, but he does what he can.]

I could have gotten you more crayons. Simple monkey.

[He heaves a sigh.]

Whatever am I going to do with you?
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[Konzen smiles down at Goku gently, his smile still as awkward as ever.]

You've drawn my hair so many times I would think you'd be bored of it by now. Is it really something to wish for more crayons for?

[Because he knows that's what you use them for. He knows.]
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Surely you can colour a little more lightly so your crayons last longer, Goku.

[He'll make a note to ask around the castle to see if anyone knows how to procure some crayons or, if that fails, how to make them.]
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[Konzen pushes him back down.]

You're sick. You should rest.
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[Konzen sighs and gets up, crossing the room to his desk and picking up a book.]

...I'll read this, then.

[It's that darned meatbun book.]
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[Konzen begins to tell the story, one he's very nearly memorized at this point, doing his best to give the characters different voice as he knows Goku enjoys that.]
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[Konzen even attempts to give the princess mochi in the story a bit of an effeminate voice. His cheeks heat up, though, and he ends up going back to simply a higher version of his own voice. That was embarrassing.]
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[He notices your giggling you little monkey.]

Goku, are you even listening?
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Hmph. Well, how would you make her sound? Maybe we should read it together so you don't get distracted laughing anymore.
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[Konzen blanches at the voice. It's definitely better than his. He contemplates for a moment before moving closer, showing more of the book to Goku.]

We'll read it together, then.
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[And so Konzen continues to read with Goku, chuckling now and then at the monkey's effort. He would read until Goku fell asleep, or until they both did, leaning on one another with a book between them.]