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Son Goku • 孫悟空 ([personal profile] goldencirclet) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2012-07-30 09:22 pm
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twenty-four meatbuns -written-

Why did we go to a kamp agin? We did that alredy!

But now every one was famly, so I gess it was diffrent. I kinda liked it but it was reel hard to remeber who was part of what famly. I got reel confusd!

I think all of Parasdissa is like a big famly, tho. We kids shuld play more!

I'm gona build a pilow casle in the loby later and all kids shuld come and play togeder. I think that wuld make us all happyer.

I'm riting this be cuz I havnt done it in a long time and Konzen will yel if I dont study.

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