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[if you happen to pass through the lobby, you might notice something a little different this morning. like maybe ... a fancy lounging couch has been wished up in the middle of the room?

... and there's a pony laying on it, in what appears to be a very elegant ... silk bathrobe.

that pony might also be using magic to keep the journal hovering in the air in front of her while she flips through it. she'll be letting out a little blissful sigh]

There really is nothing like silk pajamas on a Sunday morning, is there?

[ooc: so very very open B)]
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[So. Another 'pony.' Oh God, how many of them are there? Waltzes in from the usual, solitary walk.]

...I take it you are also from... 'Equestria.'
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[Operation 'Bronify Miles Edgeworth' is underway, sir.]

...You could say that I have. I can't say I'm not thrown off each time, however.
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Indeed. I suppose it suffices to say that the universe will always be broader than we can ever imagine...
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...This being no exception. I was unaware that ponies had a fondness for silk robes.
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I'd say the silkworm may beg to differ.
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...And were you the one who brought about the chair?
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A pony of expensive tastes, I see. Why, If I hadn't met Ms. Luna, I'd think you were the princess.
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I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
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Well, we lawyers tend to not have the most gentlemanly reputation...
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It's okay...I knew that <3

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Ah...It's perhaps unnecessary to elaborate. I don't take it there are too many attorneys here for you to worry about.
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Of an attorney, or of their reputation?
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...Have you no judicial system in your world?
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...How is misconduct generally dealt with in your world?
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