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Are you kidding me Wonderfuck!?   This is total bullshit!   

Isn't once a year bad enough?
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I just want you to know, whoever you are... you're a total dick.

[Church is currently sitting in a jail cell in the castle basement.   Doing penance for a crime he insists that he didn't commit.]

Hey, I don't suppose there's any chance for room service down here? 

((ooc:  For those of you who are friends of Meg, have fun with her accused killer... he's not going anywhere anytime soon.))

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[There was a loud noise, a sort of slamming sound that came through the journal.]

Cut for language and length )
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So, I guess it's my turn to reflect on what being here for a year is like... I think it's safe to say that I've seen the worst and the best that the castle can throw at us in that time.   I don't know if one could ever justify the other, but I plan on making as much out of the good as I can...  while it lasts.  

I still think this place [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Wonder[REDACTED]

[The next bit is spoken]

Oh what the >beep<!  I can't >beep<ing swear?!  Are you >beep<ing kidding me?!  

>beep<!  What?!  I can't even say >beep<!?    I hate it here!

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So after our little romp through the 'good old days' I have to say that everything I thought about ancient Earth was pretty much right.

No amount of spin will ever make me admire people who shit in their own water supply.

[Filtered to Tucker]

Hey, I need a hand with something.
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Son of a bitch, I hate this goddamn place! Where the fuck is my room?!
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[Ok, it's been plenty long enough for concern to start to turn into worry here.]

Hey, has anyone seen or heard from South?   

((ooc: if your character gives a shit about South's well being you count as a 'friend'.))
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Yeah, so just a reminder to people filtering to me.  If you want to keep it private you still have to use my full name.    Bullshit, I know.

Oh, and was I the only one dissapointed by the lack of giant cheesy monsters? 

[Filtered to Tex]

Hey, I have to check on something but I think I have a way to get you a body like mine. 

[Filtered to Natasha]

Are you going to be in?  

[Filtered to Sunny]

Did you get a chance to enjoy Japan?

[Once he has that done it's time to pack his old body in a crate and haul it down to the garage.  Like hell is he bringing it all the way to Stark Tower by hand.  He's going to borrow the Warthog for that shit.]

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Well, I for one am glad Dinosaurs are extinct.   What a bunch of bastards.

Filtered to Freelancers but away from Tex )

Filtered to Lemony )

[Church stares at the journal for a while longer,  writing filters to Natasha and crossing them out.  He's just not up to another argument.  Maybe he can get into the workshop in Stark Tower and get out without any problems.  Avoid things for a bit longer, until he can figure out what's going on.]

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[written on the evening of the first night of the dinosaur plot.]

Well, this is awesome.  I've always wanted to camping with a bunch of giant murder lizards.   Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for everything to go to hell?

[Filtered to people Church gives a shit about and aren't in the same camp has he is]

First, don't get eaten or stepped on.  I don't want to have to pick up the mess.  
Second, where are you guys? 

Sunny.  Dinosaurs bite back.


[Filtered to Tex]

Hey, so I didn't get around to this during the tour.... but this is one of the bullshit things the castle does to us.  It's called a 'world change'. 
On the plus side we haven't been turned into anything stupid or useless.   At least I'm assuming you haven't.

Delta got stuck in a Tamagotchi.  

Expect things to go to shit soon. 


[Filtered to Natasha]

Where are you? 


((ooc: if Church willingly talks to you with any regularity, it probably means he gives a shit about you. ))

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[heard faintly in the background]  Woo-hoo!  This is fuckin' awesome!

Filtered to York )

Filtered to South )

[Dictated at a normal volume.  He hopes you appreciate this Mal.]

Oh hey,  what's up  Paradisa...
cut for words you can't say on the radio )

I don't know about the rest of you but I certainly feel better.
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Can somebody please tell me what the hell is going on... and why there's a kid that won't let go of my leg..

Seriously, get the fuck off me.

Dada! Dada up! Up Dada UP!


Stupid castle

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[ok, it was time to pull his head out of his ass and start doing shit again.  There wasn't anything in the journal from the previous week that seemed important or addressed to him.]

Filtered to Delta )

Filtered to South )

So yeah... I think I'm just about ready to switch to the "space sucks" team. 

 [After talking with Delta, Church adds another filter]

Filtered to Carolina )
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[Church is wandering the darkened passages.  Flickering movements and whispered voices... and laughter, dark laughter.]


[The voice was clearer, it was her,  confirming  what he feared most after seeing the ship explode that awful day.   And behind it, the other voice, telling exactly how he had failed her.   How he killed her.]


They... they were only supposed to disable the ship...  

I didn't know!  

Oh god... no... I... I tried... I couldn't.... Please... oh my god...

[When he sees her.... Her body charred and broken, melted armor fused in places to her flesh....  he can't stop the screams.]

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[Filtered to York and Delta]

As agreed, the castle is in one piece... want some company?

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[Filtered to people who have filtered things to Church in the past,  but away from Carolina]

Hey there's something going on with my filter.   If you need to talk to me privately then you're going to have to filter to my full name.

Leonard Church

[end filter]
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[Filtered to people Church would prefer come back in on piece.]

Try not to do anything stupid.
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[Church was doing pretty good, all things considered.   The earthquake had sucked, but no one he actually gave a shit about got seriously hurt.   He'd actually gotten to be useful and put some of his new knowledge on how to use his armor to use.  Then the castle had to go and do what it does best. 

He was out walking around the castle when the corner of his eye itched.  Which was weird enough in itself, but then everything went black.]

Aw Come On... what the fuck!

[He stumbles around a bit, until he walks into something hard and is knocked to his ass.]

This is fucking bullshit!

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Hi. I'm internationally-renowned Space Grifball star Freelancer York from the popular planet, Paradisa.

I'm South Dakota, fucking awesome Space Stealth compeitor and future winner - same stupid planet.

I'm Freelancer North Dakota, and I'm not sure why I'm here, to be honest.

And I'm Church...from where ever the hell this is.

We're here today to tell you about something many of you have heard about, but few have witnessed - until now. Space. The final fronti--oh wait, that's copyrighted.

It's just awesome, you'll see. Right, North?

[Totally unsure...] Right.

For those of you who don't know what space is, it's dark, cold, and has no air. And that seems to be more or less the same for this planet Zargon, too. That means you shouldn't go outside without proper protection. That means a space suit. Of course, it looks like they didn't give us any, so stay inside.

If you do wander otside without protection, your eyeballs will explode. Don't say we didn't warn you.

And no one likes exploded eyeballs...gross.


The second thing you have to worry about is no gravity. Now, I know we have gravity here, but once we get up to the station, we're going to be shit out of luck. I hope you've all practiced your Space Sports in zero-G.

[South huffs.] Yeah, Maladict, gravity. Let's see what you think of it when it's not there.

You may not know what gravity is, either. It's what keeps your feet on the ground - so if you have to go out in the zero-gravity environment, make sure to tie yourself down somehow. Or use magnetic boots, or jetpacks. Just be careful. You don't want to know what happened to a guy who didn't back home.

We try not to talk about him.

Poor Georgia.

The fun part about zero-G is trying to eat and drink in it. If you're not really careful, you'll end up chasing your food around the room like a demented guppy.

Packets and straws will be your best friends.

Between that and strapping yourself down to a bed to sleep, you'll feel just like we're back at the retirement home.

Just not that shit in the squeeze tubes... avoid that stuff.

Luckily for all of you, it looks like we're not going to be on the station until tomorrow. So use today to practice wearing your totally useless silver suits, because they're not going to do anything if you get sucked out into space.

Yeeeeeah, you might want to spend that time writing your will.

And that should probably be enough to get you all started. Man, it's been way too long since I was in space. Can't wait to get back up there.

Hold on, guys, I think I'm getting the hang of these rocket skis. [There's a crashing noise in the background.] This is going to suck.

Well, I hope you've all learned a lot about space and, maybe, a little bit about yourself. This is Freelancer York, signing off.
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[Once he realized that he'd just stormed off from the castle and forgotten he was supposed to bring someone along with him,  Church pulled out his journal and set to fixing things.]

York )

Natasha )

[That done he sighs and figures he might as well get the other things he should follow up on out of the way.]
Sunny )

Rise )

[With that he closes the journal and hops the outpost teleporter back to the castle.]


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