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[Connor's tone is calm but businesslike. Again, he doesn't really seem interested in smalltalk.]

Several weeks ago, when we had the unseasonable snowfall, I encountered an animal in the woods I had not seen before. Since the castle has changed itself, there have been new animals in the land surrounding it, so that in itself is not unusual. But this animal was quite tame, but fled as soon as I came within a certain distance of the castle itself.

I am wondering if perhaps anyone has lost this animal. It was horselike but not a horse, with a great horn in the centre of its head and cloven hooves. I believe it is used in Scottish heraldry, if that means anything to you; it has been some time since I learned of such things, but I seem to remember it being so.

And also, I wonder if anyone else has seen this animal, or perhaps more of them. If it is simply a wild thing, I will leave it be. But if it belongs to someone, I will do what I can to help return it to the stables.

Thank you.
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[Connor's voice is calm as per usual, but it's clear he hasn't opened this dialogue for smalltalk. He is a busy dude.]

I have heard some say that the castle speaks to people at times. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this, and how long you have been in this world if you have.
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[Connor isn't really one for dramatics, but earthquakes and giant chasms are usually... bad... so he addresses the castle at large in a steady, somewhat clipped tone.]

Is everyone alright? If there have been injuries or if you are missing companions, please speak up.

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[Connor is disguising his handwriting for this, because it's awkward, which renders this effectively anonymous. But he's also pretty bad at not being obvious, so if you know him well enough... or if you recognise the handwriting from this entry from six months ago because he doesn't think to change how he is masking himself... it's pretty easy to put the pieces together.]

How would you impress a woman?
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Today I have been in this place for a year. There is still much I do not understand about its ways as well as the ways of the people who live here, including all of you. There are times where I think I am adjusting, where I think I am understanding, but then something happens and it is clear that I am not.

I am not sure if I will ever understand.

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Dec. 26th, 2013 11:46 am
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[Connor sounds slightly out of breath when he dictates into the journal, mostly because it's so cold outside but also because he's been working pretty hard out there.]

Before I came to this world, I had left my village for six months. I have now been in this place for nine. There are still things I do not understand about both this world and the world outside my village, but I am learning, I think. And there is much to learn.

I have been interested in exploring the Dead Zone again. The god of this place has the power to move us and to transform our surroundings, but I would like to explore on my own terms. There is much to learn here amongst each other, but I feel as though there is even more to learn out there.

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Nov. 24th, 2013 11:19 pm
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[Connor has some important questions to ask, so while he is poking around the kitchen, he opens his journal to ask them. As usual, his tone is somewhat polite and softspoken.]

I think I now have some idea of what Halloween is, thanks to explanations given by several people. It is strange to me that there would be a festival without taking the time to give thanks to your gods, but I know there is also a festival soon that is for this purpose. Why is there only a singular festival devoted to giving thanks? And for those of you who do not follow this tradition of the upcoming 'Thanksgiving,' how many festivals of giving thanks do you have?

Also, I have heard Christmas mentioned. I am aware of what this is, but I am afraid I do not know any of the traditions associated with it. [Which is his roundabout way of asking for people to explain it.

There's a short pause, and the sound of plastic crinkling. He is looking at snacks.]

Additionally... I now have two extra war clubs, as I cannot seem to locate either of the young women who expressed interest in them. I do not claim to be an expert in their construction, but anyone is welcome to them.


Oct. 8th, 2013 12:55 pm
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During this time of year, my people hold a festival celebrating the close of our harvest season. I suppose that does not matter much here, where people rely on the god of this place to provide them with food, but it is important nonetheless. I do not know much about anyone else's culture here... is there something you usually celebrate around this time?

Also: I did not ask your name, but if you are the young woman who showed interest in a war club, I have been working on a second since my return from Fairfield and I am nearly done with it.

[There's a pause, and his already polite tone drops to something even gentler.]

I am also sorry to anyone who has felt loss these past weeks, either by the hand of the god of this place or otherwise. I do not know how you grieve, but I hope it mends your hearts.


Aug. 23rd, 2013 12:53 pm
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[This is written in intentionally disguised handwriting. In other words it's anonymous.]

I have a question regarding a personal matter and would ask for advice. If your [there are a bunch of scribbles here, obfuscating a word] teacher brings you to a place where there are women who are expected to behave in a certain way, is this normal?
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[Connor has been perched in his window for some time, carefully observing all these noisy explosions down in the city. He has no idea what's going on, but nobody seems to be panicking, so...

Eventually, he opens up his journal to dictate.]

What is the purpose of these explosions? Does anyone know? Is this normal?


Jun. 2nd, 2013 09:05 pm
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[A teenage boy's voice comes over the journal, softspoken and polite.]

I am looking for a name.

I wonder if anyone here is familiar with the history of the places the British call New York and Boston. The name I am looking for belongs to a man who is alive in 1770. He may be associated with any of the following men: William Johnson, John Pitcairn, Thomas Hickey, Benjamin Church, and Haytham Kenway. I also wonder if anyone knows these names.

I am looking through the library here, but it is very large, and I am not making much progress.

[And... like he said, Connor can be found at a desk in the library with a huge stack of books next to him. He's trying not to read them very thoroughly, because knowing too much of the future of his home is probably not something he should mess around with. That may be why he's not really finding the name he seeks -- or the castle could be forcing his eyes to pass over the name every time.]


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