Jun. 18th, 2014 12:52 am
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[ Tiago wakes up in a snowdrift outside the main entrance to the castle.  Not quite what he was expecting given his last fleeting memory was  chasing a Nicaraguan arms dealer through the streets of San Salvador.  Snow in mid June? Maybe he had been abducted and taken to somewhere in the Siberian wastelands?

But why here ... why not take him to a local prison cell?

Unless they didn't think he was worth the effort of interrogation. What with him being a rookie MI5 agent and all. Hey that works for him ... sometimes to get ahead in this game you had to be underestimated.

It was pointless even searching for a weapon on his person. His captors wouldn't go to this much trouble and leave him with that type of advantage.]

I hope this is worth the inconvenience 

[He looks around from another way in ... he didn't trust the front door. It just screamed booby trap.]

OOC: As a loss Silva is now stuck in the body of his younger self. He now looks a little more fresh faced , not so blonde and believes he works for MI5 (Because hey he can't remember his time at MI6.)

Open for action or over the journal network.
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[  Silva had slept pretty well last night ... a surprise really given the nightmares. The chinese prison nightmares were pretty standard but the one involving his death in the church was still new and fresh. The face of his killer still blurry and the confusion still irritating him.

As he opens his eyes to the new day he notices something on his pillow that wasn't there last night ... an egg.

And so begins  the staring ... so much staring.

Once he realised this is a thing that is actually happening he leans over to examine it and finds the note. The note really doesn't make things any better.

What on earth was the castle thinking? Silva shakes his head, lets out a frustrated noise and proceeds to get dressed. If they're in this together he's very certain she's not escaping this humiliation.

He takes the egg and makes his way to the Deathmatch. This was going to be a fun little conversation.]

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[ Silva has been feeling a little creative since his eyes caught Jenny Scotts spirals. He'd tried art work in his younger days but he hadn't given it a second thought again until he saw the childs creations. It's like they had awoken feelings that he'd long since considered dormant.

So he'd gotten to work, colouring one of the walls of the lobby with painted spirals of all shapes, sizes and colours. To the unaffected it might just seem like a mess but to him he feels like he's painting the walls of the Sistine Chapel.

Isn't it amazing? the things we miss in life?

Sometimes there are things that have been always been there ... never fading in their beauty yet hidden to everybody. And when we finally do spot them their colours are just ...

They make it all worth while ... pain, misery, loss, they help wash away all the negativity life brings.

[He laughs ... oh how they're making him feel so alive.]

For those who are interested I have made a little alteration in the lobby ... I do hope everybody appreciates the effort I've put in.

[ He sits in a chair facing his creation. A look of pride setting over his face.]


Apr. 1st, 2014 11:57 pm
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[The following entry comes from a very exasperated, annoyed and more to the point drenched Silva.

He sighs dramatically before speaking.]

To whomever thought it was a good idea to place a bucket of cold water over the kitchen doorway I do hope you find the love of a good woman or man soon. You clearly have a little too much time to spare.

[ He's now going to dry himself off ... he is just so above this childish shit.]


Mar. 4th, 2014 07:14 pm
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[ There is a hint of annoyance in Silvas tone ... the nightmares he'd recently suffered seemed very real. In fact more so then they usually did. He can usually be cold and calcuating when it comes to the castles shinanagans but reliving his time in captivity? reliving the beatings, the waterboardings, the constant screams of his fellow prisoners?

Totally did not want Paradisa! ]

As much as I appreciate the grand castle makeover ... I was looking to get a general consecus amongst my fellow sleepwalkers.

Shall we all just pretend that never happened? I mean what is the typical coping mechanism for dealing with unfortunate events such as our latest one?
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[ Anybody wandering the corridors of floor two will see a very peculiar sight ... the normally calm and collective Mr Silva staggering down the corridor occassionally falling to his knees as if he's being pushed by invisible attackers.

Recently he'd spent most of his time in his room mulling over recent events back home and here in Paradisa. Nobody was actively trieing to kill him for once so it was probably a safer time as any to stay in his room. Today though he has fallen victim to the sleeping plague ... he'd closed his eyes for no more then a minute but that was all it took.

Now he thinks he's back at Qinghe prison in Beijing in 1997 and on his way for more questioning.]

You ... can tell General Zhang he's wasting his time ... I will never betray my country. Never.

[There's a cry of pain as an unseen baton gets whacked against his kidneys.]


Jan. 30th, 2014 10:52 pm
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[ He awakens in his room suddenly. A whole host of memories flooding his already fragile mind ... the moors, Scotland, tracking her down like a wounded animal to the church. And then ... he died. But how?

Wait no, there was a knife to his back wasn't there? yes and a figure standing there bold as a lion. However no matter how hard he tries Silva just can't remember who it is. The memory is all blurry.

But what did it matter? M was clearly dieing ... no person could survive with a wound bleeding like that. It was over.

Yet there's also a hollow feeling inside ... it's not the victory he had in mind. Silva lacks the satisfaction he's desired for so long. He curses under his breath.

And then another thought occured to him. He'd died here in Paradisa too, at the hands of Meg Masters. Well that had been annoying ... and he'd work so hard to turn her human too. At least he''d gotten the satisfaction of leaving a little insurance policy here. Maybe he should search the network to see if it caught up with her?

He lifts himself off his bed slowly ... dieing twice has somewhat took it's tole on him. He addresses the journal network.]

Could anybody be so kind as to tell me the date today?


Dec. 24th, 2013 08:48 pm
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[ Silva has been nowhere near the castle since he gathered supplies and information regarding his revenge plan on Meg. The risk factor is far to high.

However he will be back at some point soon. He has far to much unfinished business with people there. But for today he is hiding out in a small cottage in the countryside.

He moves around from day to day. Always thinking on his toes ... always keeping his enemies guessing. But after a time he still likes to stop and preach take stock on events]

Tomorrow it will be the most jolliest and most commercial of holidays ... christmas.

I trust you have all been good boys and girls this year? Otherwise Santa Claus will not be bringing you any presents this year. But this poses the most excellent of questions does it not?

What is the point of gifts in a place that grants you whatever you desire?

So think of this as a charming little mental excerise. If you could be given anything that is not already available here ... what would it be?

Do have a think long and hard about this one. It could be anything from a weapon to a cherished childhood keepsake.

Surprise me Paradisa.
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[ The following is written in very neat, maybe even familar handwritting.]

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and neighbours a very merry Christmas. Whilst the circumstances of my own personal life have been very trying with my wife of eight years chosing to leave me as she has ...I will not let that define me as a person.

The good lord has seen fit to test my faith and I shall not waver. I will use my strength to be a better Christian and friend to my neighbours. For as it says in the bible.

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."

So remember my friends ...  just like the lord I am here for you with everlasting love.

Mr Silva.


Nov. 30th, 2013 01:09 am
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[ Silva has reached a decision ... he has spent long enough here.

The people have had their two cents with of justice. He's had time to mull over what he has lost and what he needs to do now. Although his next move will require some more research.

James and Mother might be gone, but that does not mean his purpose in Paradisa has gone entirely. He's rather grateful in a way ... he has focus now thanks to some people.  A focus on something other then his need to get revenge on mother.

He gets up off his bed and slowly makes his way to the cell door. He's been watching ... waiting for a quiet moment.

He reachs inside and takes out his prosthetic jaw ... pain shooting through one side of his face as he does so. With a grimace of pain he adjusts the false jaw slightly and removes something from the base of it ... a wire.

A wire he is now using to pick the lock of his jail cell. It's not long before he suceeds ...

Silva sticks his jaw back in before allowing himself a little chuckle and a sigh.

Enjoy your empty cell guys.]

ooc: Open for anybody to find the cell empty. Silva will respond to any taunts but not till he's far far away.


Nov. 21st, 2013 12:22 am
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[  It's been a few weeks since Meg deservedly kicked his ass and dragged him to a prison cell. He's not really had much to do with his time aside from a little light mediation and gathering his thoughts. Oh and that nice little getaway to Florence the castle recently gave him.

He'd have said thank you but he woke up back n his cell the moment he returned. At least he got to spread his legs a little.

Today however he is back meditating. He's sat on his bed crossed legs with his eyes closed and taking the occasional deep breath. It is helping to keep his mind clear. The negativity and hate he's been gathering recently has started to clear ... at least temporarily. Silva feels a lot more mentally coherent.]

Meditation is such a fascinating and useful art form. It is still as useful today as it was back in the 5th and 6th centuries in Taoist China and Buddhist India.

What other art form can bring such moments of enlightenment and peaceful calm to a person? I personally feel it is something that people should partake in more often. Just take twenty minutes out of the hustle and bustle of your day to sit ... take a deep breath ... and just relax.  It can offer us a place of refuge mentally  where there are no expectations that you might find from work, family or friends, no pressures to weight us down ... just acceptance

You'll be ... amazed at what epiphanies can happen to you when you do.


Nov. 1st, 2013 12:55 am
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[ Guess who is taking advantage of the fact that the majority of you will be off celebrating at the Halloween ball to make another personal statement?

That's right...this guy.

Whilst everybody is at the Halloween Ball Silva is using this time to sneak up to M's room to pay her a visit and offer his condolences in a totally sincere way. With a little rose in his hand he approachs the door only to find the nameplate gone....]


[He lets out a frustrated snarl...what was the point of that little excercise of his if she wasn't there to see the result?

Sighing, he re-adjusts his suit and leaves the rose at her door anyway. So that was it then...another chance at vengence was gone. He was stuck here until Paradisa had the good graces to send him back. Not really much point in spending the rest of his time dodging what was waiting for him.

He makes his way to his room, pours himself a malt whiskey before sticking on "La Mer" by Charles Trenet on his Ipod. ]

So it seems the one you all call "Emma" has gone home....how very sad.

7 -(Voice)

Oct. 28th, 2013 09:28 pm
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[Filtered to James Bond]

I know I didn't make myself popular visiting mother un-announced. In my defense she did not leave me a forwarding address.

But if you continue to ignore me like this my feelings will start to get hurt.

[ Written MUCH later and open to all.]

Cleanup on aisle...sorry room 1506


Oct. 19th, 2013 03:21 pm
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[ It is worth noting at this time that Silva has actually moved onto the castle premises. The safehouse was boring him, and with a few more of M's security team being sent him by the castle it was probably as good a time as any to move back to his room for the first time since he arrived.

Besides everybody else was too busy cleaning up after the "Gentleman" fiasco to notice him.]

You boys and girls weren't kidding when you claim anything can happen here. Not that there was much room for doubt, but sometimes hearing about something just doesn't do it as much justice when you experience it first hand. Although I must say I prefer being a young student at that school over a mute extra in a horror story.

Tell me...do any of you have any favourite adventures during your time here?

[ Filtered to both Bond and M.]

You've been suspicously quiet as of late James...you too mother.

I do hope nothing bad has happened...you know how much I fret over the both of you.


Sep. 24th, 2013 11:58 am
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[ The following words are written neatly with a hint of annoyance behind them.]

I see I am not the only one who has been struck with a sudden case of laryngitis.

That is a relief. For a moment I thought the castle was starting to victimise me for some reason.
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[ Look who it is kids, it's everybodys favourite cyber terrorist.  Only he's been taking time out to lick his wounds from his massive failiure to kill M and re evaluate his position in Paradisa. Also having god damn arrows fired into him and throwing himself out a window to escape hurts like hell. But since he knows you'll all worry about him it's time he let his voice be heard again.]

Hello again friends. It has been a while has it not?

I understand a number of you set off on an expedition into strange and foreign lands recently yes? Ohh how exciting. To venture in to the unknown in the name of understanding and adventure. It is...admirable.

But I do hope you all returned home safely, it is so easy for these things to turn nasty.

[There's a slight wince as if a recent injury is currently causing him some discomfort.]

I would have volunteered my services to help but alas I have been recovering from a little hunting accident...nothing too serious, but a little rest and relaxation always helps for a speedy recovery.

[ Filtered to Katniss Everdeen.]

I have one thing to say to you my dear.

[ Filtered to M]

[He makes a sound as if he's about to speak but decides against it...he's not in the mood to deal with that shit right now.]


Aug. 9th, 2013 09:07 pm
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[ Hello all public enemy number one has decided to crawl out from underneath his rock and make a journal entry. However this time there's a slight change to his voice...the cockiness and arrogance is still there but it's a little distant. It's as if there's something playing on his already damaged mind.]

Ah memories...they are such fragile things are they not?

There are some schools of thought that say a person's personality is defined by his memories. Whether it be the memory of a mothers warm embrace, that first kiss with the fairer sex or the pain of a betrayal from a friend they all make us what we are today.

So for the castle to manipulate them...to add them or remove them entirely in such a way is very wicked indeed.

[Is he referring to his time at Hogwarts or is he talking about something else entirely...who knows?]

That is not to say it was not enlightening to be young again...to relive the glory and hope of ones teenage years. 

Maybe that is the lesson here...to hold on and saviour ones youth before it is whisked away by the ravages and ways of the world?


Jul. 9th, 2013 06:01 pm
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[It has been a few days since his arrival in Paradisa. The idea of a magical castle was a ludicrous one but here it was. If he had any doubt on such a matter he would merely have to look at the journal network and the communication device in front of him. It was on this network that he found the journal entries belonging to mother.

Oh how his face lit up when he realised they would be reunited together again...but that quickly changed when Silva realised the journal would also have picked up his insane ramblings in the hedge maze. The element of surprise was gone and knowing M she would have assembled her defences really quickly. The room was useless to him...it would no doubt be watched by James and anybody else she'd worked her charms on. So since day two of his stay he had been hiding out in a safe house in the centre of town.

It's from there he speaks to the journal network]

[Filtered away from James Bond and M]

Hello fellow residents. My name is Silva. But I believe a lot of you already know that yes? A certain little old lady has probably already informed you of what a terrible person I am. Yet what do we truly know about the people here if we are not from their world?  My point is we are all whatever front we want to show the rest of the citizens of Paradisa and she is no different.

So I ask you level headed citizens to keep an open mind and remember that there are two sides to every story.  You cannot have a heads without a tails and you cannot have a yin without a yang.

I would like you all to bare that in mind before you all start...knock knock knocking on my door with torches and pitchforks.

[Filtered to James Bond]

You and mother have been here this long without me?...How ever have you coped with my absence?

[Filtered to M]
You've had a head start on me thanks to this little...journal network.  [He tuts]

That's cheating mother...


Jul. 4th, 2013 12:00 am
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[ Silva opened his eyes and slowly got to his feet. His face was bloodied. His normally tidy blonde hair is ruffled and body ached more then it usually did.

There were a number of things he hadn't expected within the past hour. He hadn't expected Bond to blow up Skyfall, He hadn't expected that explosion to take out his helicopter driver and as a result cause it crash into the burning building resulting in another bigger explosion that took him down in the process.

But what he really didn't expect...was to wake up in a hedge maze. What exactly was going on here? Had James brought him here? ]

A game?...at this stage in events Mr Bond?

[ He sighs and shakes his head.  Oh well might as well play along since there's no where else for him to go. Onwards he goes sounding out of breath and occasionally collapsing from exhaustion]


[OOC: Open for action or over the journals...take your pick!]


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