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So, Paradisa, I got to thinking about drink recipes, as I sometimes do when I'm bored and procrastinating on writing. And I decided that the Death Match should have a signature cocktail. Maybe several.

Any ideas?

Bonus points if you manage to reference ponies.
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So, Meg? We need to put a sign behind the bar or somewhere that reads "NO INDULGING STUPID IDEAS WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK".

Because the outfits? Yeah.

I'm stuck now.

[Castle is now on a different temporary loss where he's stuck inside a cheap knockoff My Little Pony kigurumi/footie pajama outfit, the idea of which he came up with while drunk. Oopsie.]
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Good citizens of Paradisa, the last few months have been pretty bad and I haven't had the opportunity to do a betting pool. That changes now. My old buddy Gary started this fine tradition, and I decided to carry on in his honor after he left- because some of us just want to make fun of Paradisa in return for all the ways it screws with us.

For newbies and oldbies who need a refresher, here are the rules:

1. Bets are for correctly guessing the first castlewide incident that will happen during the month of May. Exact guesses not necessary- if you get close enough you may still win.
2. I'll take bets for any amount from 1 to 100 Caisos.
3. Bets will be taken any time from now until the first event hits.
4. In the event that more than one person guesses correctly, the pot will be evenly split.
5. If nobody wins for the first event, I'll keep rolling the bets over til someone wins. If nobody wins, everyone gets their money back and we try again next month.

So, what's everybody want to guess? Me, I'm going to play it safe and say we'll have some sort of wacky fun this month.

Edible flowers. Green ones taste like sour apple, blue ones like blue raspberry, snozzbery-colored ones taste like snozzberries.

Lay it on me.
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Hey. Whoever stole all the booze out of the bar, you do realize you could have just wished for some more, right?

So, uh, the Death Match will still be open and operational for any drowning-sorrows needs, just... without the usual selection. Maybe I could throw a BYOB party. A college-style kegger. Unless the thief comes along and steals from that, too... so, nevermind. Just come as you are. I'll supply the sriracha peanuts.

[Open either on the journal or to action threads- actionspam or prose, it's up to you!

Castle will be taking care to cover up spiral patterns in the wood on the bar- he's not fixating any more but has had quite enough of them for now.]
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Hey. Hey. Hey. Paradisa. Do you know what today is?


No foolin'.

Come to the Death Match. Drinks and cake are on me.

[However, anybody coming to the Death March may have at least one of the following happen: 1. They will get drenched with beer (water for underage patrons) as they walk in the door; 2. They will get a pie in the face as they walk in the door; 3. Their stool will have a pie or whoopee cushion on it; 4. The normally benign peanuts and potato chips at the bar will be coated with sriracha.]
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Backdated to Thursday Night, via Richard Castle's journal:

[Anybody listening in on the journal at that particular moment would hear the sounds of someone getting ready for bed. A running faucet, brushing teeth, the sounds of rustling fabric as the person changes into their pajamas, a few sleepy grunts... a wistful sigh... before there is more rustling fabric as the person climbs into bed.

Soon after, there are some soft snores, as well as some sleep murmuring, before the journal closes itself.]

Saturday, late morning:

[The journal opens again about an hour after Castle was supposed to be at work, just in time to catch the Meg knocking on the door for several minutes. Name plate's still there, so as far as she's concerned, there's no good reason why she's gotta work alone on a weekend.]

Dammit, Castle! Come on, your shift started an hour ago!

[After knocking a few more times, the demons loses her patience, and with a frustrated wave of her hand, the door flies open. Anyone else might have qualms about busting into someone's room like that; Meg... not so much.

She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees him sleeping soundly -- not that she actually cares, of course. Except she... totally does. Even so, it does nothing to mask her irritation as she stalks across the room and prods at him a few times.]

Hey. Rick. Wake up. Castle. CASTLE. C'mon, man...

[She shakes him... sort of gently... by the shoulders, and pats his cheek a few times. No dice. The lights are out, and nobody's home. Kay... well... he's breathing so he's not dead, and that's good enough for her.

Obviously, raising her voice is the solution here.]

Rise 'n shine, Sleeping Beauty!

[Nope. Nothing. Meg unceremoniously picks up his hand and lets it go, where it drops straight back down to his side on the mattress with a dull thud.


Defeated, she reaches over to shut his journal, but thinks the better of it.]

So... Castle's out cold, I can't wake him up. Seems a little quick for another damn sleeping curse, but whatever. Guess I'll just leave him in bed. Someone else oughta come keep me company at Death Match.

[She leaves the journal open - who knows if the damn thing will choose to stay that way, but hey, these things are kinda like baby monitors, right? Rick's a pretty easy-going guy and she doubts he has enemies around here, but who knows? People can be dicks. She sets it on his nightstand and points a menacing finger at it.]


[Meg glances over her shoulder to make sure nobody's being nosy. Once satisfied that they're alone, she smooths his ruffled hair down and straightens his covers, tucking him in a little tighter. Before she leaves, she turns and speaks directly into the journal, addressing everyone again.]

I'm guessing I don't need to say it, but if anybody messes with him or his stuff, you're gonna have me to deal with. If you don't know what that means, I don't suggest finding out.

[With that, there's the snap of high heeled boots walking away, and the sound of the door slamming shut and locking from the outside.]
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Kate Beckett left the castle this morning.

If anyone needs me, I'll be at the Death Match getting shit out of my head drunk.
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Well, how about that, looks like I've managed to make it an entire year here in Paradisa. Can't say my stay has been entirely pleasant, but what sort of life is always agreeable?

Though I am disappoint at the way it never takes any of our fine suggestions for wackiness. One of these days, though, someone will have to win the betting pool. Or the castle will fill our shoes with pudding, one.

Cheers and here's to all of us finally getting the hell out of here within the next year.
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I'm three days late- but hey, nothing has happened yet. FEBRUARY BETTING POOL TIME. For those of you who are newer to the castle, I'm carrying on the fine tradition started by my buddy Gary of taking bets on the crazy crap that will happen to us during the month. Because sometimes, it helps if you don't take Paradisa too seriously.

1. Bets are for the first castlewide incident that will happen during the month of February.
2. I'll take bets for any amount from 1 to 100 Caisos.
3. Bets will be taken any time from now until the first event hits.
4. In the event that more than one person guesses correctly, the pot will be evenly split.
5. If nobody wins for the first event, I'll keep rolling the bets over til someone wins. If nobody wins by the end of the month, everyone gets their money back and we start fresh.

So, what are your guesses? Something to do with looooove, as February indeed has Valentine's Day? Or will the castle end up making us hate each other? Or will it do neither and finally fill our shoes with pudding?

I'm going to go with tainted chocolates myself. Not necessarily with love potions- maybe some will make your tongue turn green for a week, or make multi-colored pimples pop on your face, or other harmless but wacky fun.
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[The voice that comes through the journal is distracted and a bit muffled; someone's journal opened at an inconvenient time.]

... heels, really? How does anybody walk in these damn things? And they're seriously impractical for cleaning...

[There's a grunting noise as Castle strains.]

And I can't get them off. Perfect.

[He gives a sigh of exhasperation, then notices his journal open and almost shuts it; however, he decides to ask for advice instead.]

So, Castle Wonderful, got a question. Anybody got advice on how to walk in high heels?

[[OOC: Temp loss time! Castle is a beautiful meido; specifically, he is MAID MAN, complete with domino mask.]]
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Hey. Hey. Paradisa. It's the... second of the month, so you know what time it is? BETTING POOL TIME. I'll repeat the rules:

1. Bets are for the second castlewide incident that will happen during the month of January- since I was too drunk to get this up yesterday, and no cheating by retroactively guessing lots of alcohol everywhere.
2. I'll take bets for any amount from 1 to 100 Caisos.
3. Bets will be taken any time from now until the second event hits.
4. In the event that more than one person guesses correctly, the pot will be evenly split.
5. If nobody wins for the second event, I'll keep rolling the bets over til someone wins. If nobody wins, everyone gets their money back.

For the record, my money's going to be on a sudden burst of summer-like weather. If we can have Christmas in July, why not July in January, right?

... Also... Kate's still not herself. In case anyone was wondering.
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Kate Beckett )

Action )

Written, December 23rd

Paradisa, I am disappoint. We got sent back in time to the 50's and not any of the other nice suggestions everyone else provided? Unless something happens in the next week or so, I guess the betting pool for this month is a bust.

[A pause and some pen taps before he continues:]

Kate Beckett's gone missing. Not missing as in gone-home, but I think she's having one of those temporary losses that's turned her into an inanimate object. The place could have picked a better time to do it, but oh well. It's a Festivus miracle. I'll be silently airing my grievances into a pint of my own beer.

[Open to either action or written responses. Also, for those who are wondering what the heck Castle is on, here is an explanation. A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US]
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It's the first day of December, Paradisa, so it's time for me to try my hand at the 3rd overall Paradisa Betting Pool. The idea is that you try and guess what kind of crazy thing is going to happen to us this month, and whoever gets closest wins the pot.

I'm just going to use the rules Gary wrote down, since they seem reasonable.

1. Bets are for the first incident that will happen during the month of December.
2. I'll take bets for any amount from 1 to 100 Caisos.
3. Bets will be taken any time from now until the first event hits.
4. In the event that more than one person guesses correctly, the pot will be evenly split.
5. If nobody wins for the first event, I'll keep rolling the bets over til someone wins. In the event that nobody does for the entire month, the slate will be wiped clean, everyone gets their money back, and we can try again in January.

I'll be at the Death March til about 11 o'clock tonight if anyone wants to come by with their bets.
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I know Thanksgiving hasn't quite come and gone yet, but Christmas is less than a month away, friends.

How about we have an "ugly Christmas sweater" party some time next month? We could have a competition for whoever finds the most horrendous sweater, and have egg nog (both normal and spiked; we might have some children attending, after all) and cookies and leftover turkey sandwiches if it's close enough to Thanksgiving...

Of course, an ugly sweater would not be required to attend, but where's the fun in that?
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Came back to the castle to find that Gary Sitterson's gone back home.

Would anybody be interested in keeping the betting pool up? I'd handle it in Gary's stead. I feel like it's important to laugh at this place sometimes.
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Barney's gone now, too.

Guess he was just too much awesome for the castle to handle. Don't know about you all, but I'll feel his absence a lot.

I'll be at the Death Match for a while.

[Open to either journal replies or action. Castle will be tending bar, but will be quieter than usual and methodically cleaning the place.]
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I've got a new job tending bar at the Death Match. Bars are a good place to hear stories, and you know how much I love hearing stories.

[A pause and some pen taps before he adds:]

I'm a pretty good listener, too. If anyone needs that.
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Ohohohoho, very funny, Paradisa. Nice way to have a delayed reaction to my conversation with Barney, too. I can live with the outfit, but expecting me to sing about how my life is a mystery is right out.

[Temp loss time for Castle again. This time he is dressed as Rocky Horror- i.e. gold underwear and gold boots.]
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As much fun as it was to return to the eighties and be reminded of my college years and the... well, many follies of my youth, it's kinda nice to be back here, too.

... Looking back on it, I'm not quite sure how I thought how I looked was fashionable.
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This is an amazing suit. I mean, I've worn suits before, but this is... dare I say... awesome.

As far as random occurences go, couldn't have asked for anything better than a free suit. Especially since I'm luckier than some of you appear to be.

[Castle is cosplaying as Barney. Let's hope his ego doesn't bowl everyone over.]


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