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So I've noticed that there's no way to get into the kitchen from the right side... Although it seems like there's a place over there where you can get food, is there anything anyone is missing? I have fairly good aim, if there's someone who thinks they are good at catching things.

[ And with that, Sion will be down by the nearest chasm to the kitchen. Because it makes sense to be there, right?

And he's actually eating a bit, munching on a roll.
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I've noticed some definite strangeness between my world and others.

[ Well, beyond all the terrible things that happen. ]

Does anyone else have any culture clash noticed? Mine is that magic isn't shared. If you know magic of one country, it is more or less illegal to go to another. Seeing magic users of different worlds work together is something of a shock.

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There was talk of exploring earlier - although paging back, it was quite a bit earlier. [ How time flies when you fall asleep for several hours the moment you get sleepy enough to have trouble keeping your eyes closed. ]

And while here is fascinating, I notice there is ... quite a variety of residents. Do any of your worlds have particularly weird histories, or legends? I can start it off, if you like.

... This is probably where I tell anyone who isn't used to violence to turn the page. I have noticed that there are a lot of worlds that are... much calmer than mine.

[ He waits a minute, to give time to everyone who doesn't want a violent legend to go away. ]

Once, there was a Hero. And eventually, despite his bitter resolve, the Black Hero, who tirelessly pitted himself against the world's corruption, buckled under the weight of his burden, and was subdued. He was sealed away far away, to the darkest regions of the south by the magic of the Goddesses who protected the world. But in that region, there was another monster living: The Lonesome Devil, forever isolated from the sympathy of his fellow creatures by a power too hideous to fathom, wandering through a life of solitude and regret.

"I would break this seal, but lack the power to do so." The Black Hero said to the Demon. "I throw myself at your mercy. Let me consume half of your body, let its strength release me."

The Devil smiled brightly. "Because you ask as one in dire need, I give of myself freely. I offer this body for the honor of your friendship, the first I've ever known."

Pledging half of his physical form to the Hero's release, the demon known as All Formulas rent itself into two distinct entities - The Weaver of All Formulas and the Solver of All Formulas. The Black Hero greedily devoured the Weaver at once, and consumed the inestimable power contained within.

Reinvigorated, the Hero ruthlessly ground away at the world until it was worn down to an irreducible core. And there, at the heart of things, despite his new found power, he drowned in despair, loneliness, pain, endless night, and the worst kind of hell.

"Help me, I beg of you." The Hero screams. "I would destroy this world to shed this agony. I implore someone, anyone, to assume this pain, this unyielding darkness in my stead."

"Then I give to you the remaining half of my body." The Demon tells him. "There is room enough here for night."

And so the Hero did. The Lonesome Demon didn't regret it much at all, because he had made a friend, even if for but a moment. Because he was able to live for his friend, even if for but a moment, and for that moment, he knew trust.

[ Sion pauses. ]

The legend goes on to call the Lonesome Demon a fool. What do you think?

[ Oddly, Sion fakes a voice for the Demon, for narration, but not for the Hero. ]
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[ He's muffling a yawn. ]

Long naps are something I've had to get used to, but that one was... particularly long. And not particularly restful ones. [ Yes, he is talking about that whole sleepers thing. ]

Or maybe it wasn't that long? How long will do changes to the castle itself normally last? The changes to other places seemed to... not take this long to go away.

... not that I mind the changes to the library.

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For people who get grossed out by wet coughing, that is happening here. )

Here too, damn it...

[ The sound of water running hints what he's up to next.

Anyone in the kitchen will find him scrubbing at his mouth and washing his hands, a bit shaky from the reaction to such violent coughing.

But there sure is a gross splatter of something golden on his journal, next to a plate with a sandwich on it.
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[ A small test done with, Sion turns his attention to the journal, and this time the castle's occupants. Never mind that it is definitely dark outside. Exactly how late it is, Sion isn't really sure. ]

Out of all the technological advancements I can hope to see come to pass, I think I have found my favorite. [ Anyone familiar with ball point pens might recognize this noise. He isn't clicking rapidly right now, more of a marveling click, click! ]

These are fantastic. No more ink pots[ click ], which generally manage to make a mess somehow. [ click ] Of course, there's no sometimes hilarious ability to shoot ink at someone else's face either. [ click ] No need to sharpen a quill, and I can just pick up a different pen [ click, click ] if I want a different color.[ click ] I haven't managed to make it blot messily, the way pens occasionally do when you leave them sitting [ click ] still for too long.
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[ Sion wasn't in his room - really, he had a more interesting place to be. That library had so much information in it. And the journals-

So when he found himself sitting outside with his journal open (to a long ago entry, even), pen and a completely normal notebook in hand, that was a bit of a surprise.

Judging by current entries - and the noise that he was hearing even without it (What made that? He's going to have to find out soon.)- he was lucky to find that his room was in the same place.

On the other hand.

"Stained Glass Reflections"? That's a bit rude. I don't have any stained glass.
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[ Its a great deal of splashing at first. ]


[ Anyone out by the pond will hear that frustrated shout, and see a young man struggling to get to the edge of the pond. Either he can't swim terribly well, or he's weighed down by something, because his head keeps going under once in a while. ]

Lucile may have overlooked the book-assassination attempt, but a pond poses real danger, I don't want-

[ Don't want him to kill you. Don't want you to die-

Whatever the young man had been about to continue saying is cut off with the sound of a lot of wet cloth and a body flopping down. By the splash marks, Sion had made it next to the journal.

.... This isn't any of my courtyards. .... And what is that pink thing....?

[ Said 'pink thing' is the giant squid, which is waving lazily at him. ]


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