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Equius: send out a warning [Dictated/On the 10th]

[Equius's voice shows panic and his breath is short.]

Nepeta, I think it would be wise if you found someplace to hide for the remainder of this excursion. The same could probably be said for you, Vriska.

To all others. Try to avoid the mobs. They are quite restless and I do not believe they can be reasoned with.
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[All it takes is the sound of his voice to confirm it for her. Her expression brightens, eyes wide and taking in his every human feature. It's different than how she had pictured he would look, but it very much suits him.

She wraps her arms around him for a tight hug.]

It's me, you big silly!
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[Without his strength he wouldn't, but Nepeta's so accustomed to his caution that she doesn't even think about it.]

Me too! This place is weird and way different than the other Earth places we've been to before. They don't even have computers or anything fun.
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[She shakes her head]

I've been hiding pretty well so no one has come after me. I don't even have anything to give them, so maybe that helps.
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[As is customary with regards to his strength, Nepeta braces herself for impact--except it felt much, much gentler this time. She immediately relaxes.]

They won't lay a hand on me, I purrmise you that. But hey, speaking of hands!

[She reaches up and places both hands on top of Equius's. Both hands press down on his against her head. Nothing happens!]
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You're a human now! And one without any special powers, it looks like. This happens sometimes when the castle sends us to different places. But on the plus size, it means you won't break everything you touch!

[She beams up at him happily.]
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[There's a curious look on her face, but she obliges anyway.]

Um, I guess! What are you gonna try?
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[The moment those arms are around her, she freezes in place, eyes wide.

She hadn't even thought of this, and she feels a little silly for it not being the first thought to come to her mind. But it doesn't matter anymore because immediately she's sinking into his embrace and hugging him in return. She's missed this, and she didn't know just how much.

He's hugged her before, though he wouldn't remember it. But this time it wasn't her careful planning and it wasn't her trying to convince him. This time he thought to do this all on his own, and her cheeks turn pink at the thought. This time he surprised her.

She doesn't even say anything. She just reciprocates and clings onto him tightly, as if urging him to do the same.]