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- 18 - Conscience whispers, but interest screams aloud.

[ The Doctor is dreaming but he doesn't know it yet. It feels like he's been walking through the TARDIS for a long time already, following a voice that's female but indistinct. Sometimes it seems as if it is corridors away. Sometimes, just around the next corner. Either way he hasn't caught up to it. He has called back, asking whoever is there to stay put, he will find them and guide them out. But with each call and follow, he's moving deeper and deeper down into the machine. Who is that? He knows the voice, he's sure of it. The light is changing, corridors are getting darker and at the edge of his vision he sees movement, a quick flash of cloth that disappears around a column.

No. That's not right. It can't be. He lunges at a dash around the column, calling a name as he goes.

There's nothing there except more darkened corridor. Being down this deep, the walls twist and press in around him. It's only then that he realises he needs to wake up.

Waking himself up isn't such a difficulty or a problem in of itself. Discovering where he is, entirely different and definitely a problem. In the depths of his ship, his eyes adjusting to the poor light and the sound of dynamorphic generators in his ears, at his back another sound joins in. Something is there. It slithers and hisses, tasting the air, looking for its prey. The Doctor turns around quickly, eyes widening at what moves in the shadows. ]

Oh no. Oh no, YOU DO NOT!

[ Running forward, he does two things at once. Searching frantically through his pockets, losing items and pocket brick-a-brack in the process, what he really wants fails to immediately turn up. He's also closing off his mind, battening down his mental defences but it's already too late; he was literally caught napping. As the Doctor moves forward to contain this monstrosity, the hunting beast rises up on its belly and rushes forward with a strike.

There isn't a shout or a call for help to mark the Doctor's departure. ]

[ Much later, the Doctor stands in the castle lobby, still and quiet. Too quiet, appearing preoccupied and perhaps even a little vacant, as if he was going somewhere but that it slipped his mind where. Perhaps it had something to do with the serrated and very sharp bladed knife from the kitchen in his hand. Perhaps it didn't. Not that anyone can immediately tell, but there is a fight going on in his mind and it's been going on for a while now. Something claws and grabs at his thoughts and memories, riffling through them and taking them apart, twisting and coiling tighter. The Doctor fights back with ferocity, scratching at the inside of his mind to get out.

'Hello, Doctor. Missed me?'

'A snake in the grass such as you? I don't think so. I will NOT relinquish to you and I can banish you. You'll not control me again.'

There's laughter in the Doctor's mind. 'I already am. Look.' And it is then that the Doctor sees the knife in his hand and the head of a snake on the back of his wrist, peeking out from under his sleeve.

'Be gone with you, Doctor. Back to the Dark Places of the Inside for you.'

The Mara takes full control and the Doctor's mouth twists into a wicked and satisfied smile before it speaks aloud with the Doctor's voice.

Time to start having a little fun around here.

[[OOC: Loss start! Two scenarios, a tamer version here or the section below for wanton destruction.]]
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Action at the Doctor's room?

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[After the end of the false families, Will had not forgotten the Doctor's promise of a birthday gift. It had simply been pushed to the side of his mind for a time. Until today, in fact.

Will was finally coming over for a visit. He knocks gently on the door and enters.

Doctor? Are you here?
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[Will's mind whirls as he staggers back a step. The presence of darkness grates across his mind and twists his senses in an all too familiar feeling of disorienting nausea. For precious seconds he is unable to see or sense anything but the storm in his mind.

And then he sees the source of the Darkness. And the Old One's heart breaks. Not the Doctor. He wouldn't have chosen this. But that was the thought of the boy that was Will. The Old One that Will knew that the only way for such a thing to happen, was for it to be chosen. A willing betrayal.

The part of him that was still the human that was Will wished desperately that he was wrong. That this was just something from another world that felt like the Dark. That the Doctor had not chosen this.

But the Old One that was Will knew that he could not rely on that hope. He draws himself up, pulling on the power and knowledge that was the birthright of is kind. He seems to grow taller, although he does not change at all. His expression of shock drains from his face and falls into an air of cold serenity just as his voice begins to resonate deeply.

This was no longer the boy Will, but the last of the Old Ones in the full strength of his power.

What have you done?
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[Will's answer comes coldly.]

Did you think I would not notice? I am of the Light. I am made to oppose such as you.

You have no place here.
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Not you. But those much like you. All that is greed, all that is selfishness and prejudice and hatred. That is the Dark I know. A pit as deep as the universe that knows no other purpose than to whisper into mens thoughts and mislead them.

That is what I am meant to oppose. You will not touch the people of this place.

[Will turns slowly as the thing that was the Doctor circles around him.]
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They no longer exist within time. [Will watches the Mara coldly. For now he remembered the Doctor speaking of this creature long ago. He only wished that he had thought to ask more. Was there a chance to save him? Or was he already lost?His expression does not change as the Mara who was the Doctor leans down.]

I have only one question for you. How did you take the Doctor?
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Deep inside, the human boy that was Will wanted to laugh in relief. The Doctor had not fallen. He had been taken, and he was still there. There was still a chance to save him!

But none of that shows on his face. An Old One was serene and dignified, especially in a moment like this. And so the only reaction that shows on the boy's face is a serene smile as he lashes out with his mind.

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[ There was a great power in the mind of an Old One. Even the least of the Old Ones had been able to hold their own in mental combat against the Dark.

And Will was not the weakest of his kind. He was the Signseeker and the Youngest of the Old. Power he had more than enough of.

But the truth was that he was still a very young Old One. He had the power and knowledge to fight in this way, but he had very little experience. And so when the counterattack comes, Will falters and nearly falls. The sickening weight of the worst of the Dark emotions presses down on his mind, and he cannot bear it. But at the last moment he gathers himself and fights back, with the cold power of the Light that was like to a cold burning flame or the bare sword of the law. And as he does so he gropes for the words he needs.

You shall not win this. In the name of Arthur and of the Old World before the Dark came I bid you leave!

Slowly, Will raises one hand and points it at the Mara, his hand held flat with each finger spread. And he begins to chant in the Old Speech.
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[A moment, two, and the Old One that was Will hesitates. He examines the feel of the Doctor's voice. Was that truly him, or was it a trick? Will casts out his mind towards that voice, seeking any sign of darkness.]

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[Too late, Will realizes the trap and tries to pull his mind back.]
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[Will cries out as he feels the Mara's mind closing in around his own. He crumples to the ground, too lost within the mental attack to read his surroundings any more. At the last moment he lashes out blindly with his mind, hoping to drive the Mara's mind away.]
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[Will recognizes that thought, and reacts with outrage that any one would dare to lay such claim to an Old One. But before the Old One can lash out again the nightmare wraps around his mind. He crumples to the ground.

Will was lost.