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eighty-seventh labyrinth

Some of you may have noticed that overlarge crystal outside the castle. For those of you who haven't been paying attention or have been around a short time, that used to be a conduit to fast travel to Mineas Well. As I mentioned after the castle's latest attempt at redecorating, that crystal appears to have ceased functioning.

The event last week brought up a pertinent point to me. We have very little idea of what else might have occurred outside of Paradisa when the castle rearranged things. And given that, at the time, Flora - the woman who lives there and gave us that crystal - was the closest we had to an outside ally, I believe it's time to see what's become of her or her tree.

Sadly we lack a shortcut to the Dead Zone border as we having in the past, so this trip will take a few weeks. If you wish to follow, I plan to depart in a week, although I will go alone if need be. [He doesn't really want to, but he's stubborn enough to do it.]

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... A week, to plan for a few?

[ Plenty of time, Duke thinks. ]
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... True.

[ Now he's thinking. ]

... How well do pokemon deal with the dead zone?
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A large lizard is still capable of hauling more than the average human. .... Do you have notes on what sort of vegetation grows out there?

[ How much food would he need to bring instead of forage. ]
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... I'm assuming enough for horses and things close enough to forage, at least.

[ Because if Felix was bringing a horse- ]
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... A little probably wouldn't be a bad idea. [ And though he just continues talking, it sounds like he turned his head away. ] What do you think of dried fruits? [ Quiet tyranitar response, and he's remembered something he should ask of Felix. ]

Did previous expeditions have packs already?
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... It would be too easy. [He'll get to work finding all that then. ]
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... Very true. ... I'll get started.
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Oh, I am totally on board for this. Powers or not.
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This isn't my first expedition, you know. I've gotten better on the no powers thing.
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Some. I mean, I'm still better with my powers, but I know which way to hold a sword.
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[Danny was starting to get a little offended.]

Who said I was asking for a keeper? I'm not just a kid, you know.
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I already know that, okay? This isn't my first expedition. But at least I'll be a kid who knows how to fight.
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[Danny twitched slightly. This guy was starting to get on his nerves. ]

Hey! I can totally be formidable if I try!
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You will have an experienced healer, at the very least.
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It is my sincere hope that we do not, but I could not, in good conscience, leave you unprepared. And I will admit to no small degree of curiosity myself.
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Precisely. Doubtless we will learn of these changes at one point or another; I would prefer to seek them out, rather than the reverse.
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[A small sound of amusement] Then I, at least, follow family tradition.
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That, I suppose, depends on one's perspective. [Does a fallen divine being count as a monster? Probably.] Both, I would say.
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Perhaps I will tell you a tale or two, one day. [For once, she's not being purposefully obscure. What is a 'literal' monster? Does a fallen divine being count? It probably depends on who you ask.]

But I agree. It will do me well to stretch my legs, so to speak.
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Please, Felix, like any of us would let one of our one go alone into that wilderness.

[ You're hopeless without your magic, he is not letting you go alone. ]

And it is curious why the crystal stopped. It seems odd the Castle would interfere with it now when we've had it for so long...
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True... So you suppose that something in Floras end of things had gone wrong?

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When do you plan to leave?

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Ah that is true. And the dead zone wouldn't allow for us to use magic to make the way easier...

Very well, a week it is.