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Danny Fenton ([personal profile] schrodingersghost) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2014-12-03 04:52 pm
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 [Danny was not an idiot.

He might have been bad at math, but even he could spot a pattern like this. Christmas season starts, weird decorations show up, people start kissing each other.  Simple, if annoying.

And this year he was going to do something about that.

And that was why Danny had spent the morning stripping the castle of as many decorations (especially poinsettias) as he could find and transferring them into a pile in the courtyard. Then with a smirk he flips open the journal.]

Yeah, so. I decided to declare war against Christmas.  People might want to avoid the courtyard for a bit.

[And with that he points at the pile of decorations and blasts them. What could possibly go wrong?]

[OOC: Open for kissmas and disasters of any kind]

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