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eighty-eighth labyrinth (backdated to the 21st)

[Nearly two weeks later and Felix can count it as a particular accomplishment that he's managed not to die, though it feels marginal in some areas. He sits in the cabin he's claimed as his own, huddled against the fire he's managed to build in the fireplace, over which hangs a small cooking pot. Inside that, he's making a try at cooking beans, which is one of the few things he's managed to find lying around. He pokes at it every once in awhile and wonders how it is that he's become so numb to all of this.

He reaches a hand out from the blanket he's wrapped himself in and opens his journal, which he addresses tiredly, though in his usual tone of lazy decorum.

How is everyone doing?

I thought perhaps, rather than starve by ourselves, we could try to pool our resources for a passable meal. I'm working on beans, if I manage not to scorch them. And I've a few jars of fruit as well. I'd be happy to share. [He'd also be happy to not be alone, and the note of lonely desperation in his voice is hard to miss.]

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