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eighty-ninth labyrinth - the 24th (accidental dictation)

[It hasn't been hard to notice the tone in the castle on this day.
The storm continues outside the high walls and the creatures beat against the doors. The Cair Solemme residents gather inside the castle looking like cornered animals, barely speaking at the people from Paradisa. Tense is one word for it.

Somewhere in the castle, Felix is looking at the crowd as is speaking to the young man that led him here.

How long do you expect this to last?

A few weeks. It's always like this. Except for you.

How delightful. Are we simply supposed to wait? These people look like they're about to start biting.

If you don't like it, then go home.

As if were so ea--

Check your pocket. [Calmly smug]

[There's a pause and a gasp of surprise as Felix draws the Insolitus key out of his coat pocket] How?

Good question. How do you think I knew you'd be in the old town?

[There's another long pause as Felix stares at him, obviously ascertaining something he hadn't figured out before now] I see. Why didn't you mention this before?

[He rolls his eyes at Felix for a beat] They wouldn't have followed you until now. This place does that to it's people, and I'll be like them someday.

You want us to take you with us? If you know this will work, why haven't you left before.

[He scoffs] Don't be an idiot. We didn't have a key.

[It's about now Felix notices his journal has fallen open.] Everyone to the Insolitus. We are getting out here]

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