May. 20th, 2013

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Hey, everybody! So it looks like the castle really went all out with the kids this year, huh? If you're stuck with what to do with them, there's a pool here and I can entertain them for hours. Teach them to make toy boats or whatever. And you can't ask for a better lifeguard than me!

So if any of you need a break, just come over and drop them off with me.
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[third time around is much easier, Adachi's noticed. He's used to his daughter by now, although he's noticed that while she's still very high energy, it's a lot more contained than it used to be, and while her interests are still mostly the same, she can take a lot more entertainment in more subdued activities, like drawing or reading. So for now they're doing their own thing, nestled close together on the hotel lawn, Mayoko reading a detective book for children and Adachi looking through his journal for what feels like the first time in forever (an ongoing occurrence he's realized)

He feels like he should say something, but he's not really sure what he can say anymore. There's been a weird feeling in him lately, one he can't describe. It's almost a dreading feeling, as if time may soon be up for him.

He's not sure if this is something to discuss with Mayoko right there but for what it's worth she is pretty mature for her age and already familiar with murder mysteries so it might not be too bad.

So get yourself ready folks, it's time for Adachi Has Deep Thoughts About Society And The World More Than He Ever Lets On: Existentialism Crisis Edition!]

I know there's a lot of people who want to just go home but do you ever... get a little scared thinking about that? And I don't mean because of the way your home is or whatever but I mean like...

Say you've been here a long time. Let's say... 2 years. Long enough that you've had time to grow and change and you're not the same man- or woman I guess, that you were when you first came here.

Do you ever... stop and think about how... going back home means everything about who you are right now is basically like... erased?

Isn't that a little scary, when you really think about it? It's like the person you are right now just... dies. You no longer exist. The you that you were back then isn't who you are now. It isn't quite the same.

I used to think I wouldn't care if I went home. "Welp, this dream was nice and all but it's time to go back to reality!" But now... hmm. I don't know anymore.

All the things you've seen, all the people you've met... they...

[he trails off and finally Mayoko notices the blank look on his face as she looks up from her book]

"Papa? Are you okay?"

Haha... Yeah, I'm fine. [then he gets a teasing, playful tone to his voice] Daddy was just thinking about how much he wishes he could stay with you forever, even when you're all big and he has to chase the icky boys away!!

"Mayoko wants that too! Mayoko wants to always be with papa AND mama!"


Anyway sorry, I rambled on about pointless things with that my big mouth of mine again... just ignore all of it, okay? And um... if anyone would like to meet or play with Mayoko, we're sitting outside the hotel today. You're welcome to come... I assume she won't be here long...

[later though, when Mayoko is occupied again, Adachi scribbles something down on a private filter.]

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May. 20th, 2013 05:18 pm
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[ dictating into the journal, ino sounds happy enough. even if she still wasn't entirely okay after everything that had happened recently, people had come back, and she had her daughter again. she waits until hana is comfortably in her lap before she speaks up -- ]

So it's that time of year again, huh?

[ of course, hana's full of things she wants to say, so it's barely a second after ino starts talking that she chimes in ]

Mommy! Mommy! I wanna meet aaaall your new friends!

Well, you'll have to ask them nicely if you want them to come see you.

Come see me!

[ there's some silence where ino is definitely giving her a look, which is then followed by a more sheepish: ]

... Please?
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[There's a tiny, whimpering voice coming over the journal.]

Ino? Allen? Nonno? [A sniff.] Inoooo. Alleeen. N-n-n... N-nonno-o...

[Hello, Paradisa. In your lobby, there is one (1) small child with unruly brown hair wandering about the lobby, sniffing and glossy-eyed and looking like he might burst into tears at any moment. His little fists are clutched to his chest and he's quickly retreating to a corner of the room, looking around anxiously and rubbing at his eye.

What do?]


May. 20th, 2013 07:34 pm
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 Rather a lot of children in the castle now, aren't there? [Will pauses, and then continues with a small laugh.]

Not even my family ever had quite this many.  Even from what I remember of my older brother's stories. Of course I was the youngest, so I've never been around kids much.  But I guess I could still offer my help.

[Another pause, as Will thinks over his words.]

There is one other thing, I suppose.  I've been thinking a lot recently over some questions. Has anyone ever wondered what happens to a story what it finishes?  What the people in a story do in the after?
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[ all of these kids and parents suddenly talking to each other are really making naomi miss her mom and neelix. she's never been separated from them this long before and it's starting to take a toll on her. she's not really camping out this week, preferring to stick to the shadows for now, unless someone she knows well wants to come talk to her. but she can be accidentally found in a number of the hallways or the library at any point in the day. she'll try to stay hidden for now, though.

after a while, she opens up her journal. ]

Assistant Captain's Log 5:

I was wondering... if you don't really know when your birthday is here, would you just count one Earth year from when you arrived and make that your birthday?

[ no, she is totally not worried about how long she'll be here without her mom and neelix. why do you ask? ]

Um... if any of the new kids want to play kadis-kot, I'll teach you. [ beat ] Actually, if anyone wants to play kadis-kot and doesn't already know how, I can teach it.


May. 20th, 2013 09:41 pm
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I think I have a human grub. It'th all pink and wiggly and it maketh a lot of thcreamth.

What ith it for? Do I eat it?
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I want answers and I want them now. Where am I, how did I wind up here, and who's responsible for this?

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