Jun. 19th, 2013

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[The morning ends the heavy storm, bright sunshine beaming down on the makeshift camp. Some of you may be injured from last nights incidents, but at least this is some downtime for you to recuperate. Tembo and Harding are arguing heatedly some distance from the camp, but otherwise the jungle is silent.

The camp is being visited, however. A pack of compsognathus have made their way into camp. They're little guys only ten inches high, easily the smallest residents on the island. They're currently scurrying around the camp, looking for any food to scavenge, seemingly not concerned with the people milling around

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 [Will was himself again. He was once again the Youngest of the Old. And with that self knowledge and power came once again his worries over these he had made friends with in this place. As he stands there on the roof of the communications building, he casts out his mind in search of those with like minds.He could not touch minds with no ability to speak in this manner. But those he could, he would offer the chance to speak.]

We have been scattered, I think. And hunted as well.  

Are you well? What is happening?


Jun. 19th, 2013 10:34 pm
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[YOU CHOSE THE RIVER ROUTE Too bad, Mama decides to give this group chase. There's a cave up ahead, a small waterfall partially concealing the entrance, but it should provide safe cover, if you can make it]

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[YOU CHOSE TO RUN INTO THE LONG GRASS. The Rex doesn't follow you guys, but you are in for worse trouble. The grass is very tall, coming up to the average human height's waist. All too suddenly, strange, screeching calls can be heard, the grass parting as very fast things start to give chase. The raptors have finally made an appearance. Time to run]

[[ooc: The chase | The communications building | Day three OOC post | Plot Hub]]


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