Jan. 19th, 2014

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Some of you have really absurd names, you know that?

It's weird enough that some of you just have ridiculous hippy names like "Howl" or "Cloud" or "Vicious" or "Firethroat" or whatever but then there's all these pretentious names that are really titles. Not just a doctor, The Doctor, and there's a Fifth and a Tenth but who knows what happened to the others.

And then there's not just some guy named Lorax, but he's The Lorax. What the fuck is a Lorax in the first place? Fuck if I know, but maybe I should be honored to live up the hall from not only a Lorax but The Lorax. He sounds like a cleaning product mascot, like Mr. Clean.

I almost wish the castle had kept my nameplate Dog Eat Dog just so I could have a ridiculous name plate. I mean, mine doesn't even include a last name normally. Or maybe changed it to something smoother: Queen of Boston. The Queen of Boston.
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[The voice that comes through the journal is distracted and a bit muffled; someone's journal opened at an inconvenient time.]

... heels, really? How does anybody walk in these damn things? And they're seriously impractical for cleaning...

[There's a grunting noise as Castle strains.]

And I can't get them off. Perfect.

[He gives a sigh of exhasperation, then notices his journal open and almost shuts it; however, he decides to ask for advice instead.]

So, Castle Wonderful, got a question. Anybody got advice on how to walk in high heels?

[[OOC: Temp loss time! Castle is a beautiful meido; specifically, he is MAID MAN, complete with domino mask.]]


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