Feb. 8th, 2014

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[ Here at last, the elusive Effy no longer hiding behind loopy writing or Morse code, if only because her arm hurts too much to do either. Today she dictates to the journal, raspy as if after much crying and sounding just as tired. She might as well be reading the dictionary: ]

Monster. From the Old French monstre. A bad portent.

A large, ugly, frightening imaginary creature. Or to criticize and reprimand harshly. To monster. [ She chuckles a little, dryly. ]

We have many monsters here. They're everywhere. Outside your window. Under your bed. In your bed. [ Another giggle. ] If we imagine something, does it become real? When we forget, does it disappear? But when it's quiet and you close your eyes and concentrate, you'll remember. And it comes back to you.

You can't imagine broken bones. Can you?
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Despite Valentine's Day coming around the corner, I'm so glad January is over. What a month.

Oh yeah, the topic might be a little late, but something's been bugging me. [Now that the crazy month is over.] I know the castle often gives us Christmas gifts from back home. Has anyone gotten something that was...owned by someone else before?

[She stares at the Sunstone on her desk. It actually is hers, not that she’d know it quite yet. The last time she saw the stone it was in Roshaun's possession. The only hint that something was different was the stone's hue, which had changed to a light yellow. What was up with that?]


Feb. 8th, 2014 08:59 pm
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Anyone looking for a running partner? Think I'm starting to get a little out of shape.

[ His little encounter with Castle at New Years sort of brought that up, and it's been a while since he's reached out to Paradisa in general -- can't hurt, right? ]


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