Mar. 3rd, 2014

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[Unlike most, the Castle and town changing didn't really affect David that much. Considering he's only been here for a week, he's barely had time to get acquainted with any of it. However, something else is weighing on his mind. Something he'd been hoping to keep to himself for as long as he could. Unfortunately, David's potential instability was something that wouldn't remain secret for long if the Castle kept messing with him. That's got him penning in a pretty specific filter today.]

[Filtered to those aware of Mutants, super powers, superheroes, and Charles Xavier, who would not use this information for evil ends or personal gain]

So...that's a thing I never thought I'd hafta write down. [He laughs.]

So, most o' youse probably don' know me. I've not even been here a fortnight yet, an' already Paradisa's had it's way with me. My name's David Haller. I'm the only son o' Professor Charles Xavier, closest thing my people've got to a bloody living saint. Obviously, like my da I've got powers, though unlike my da, my powers aren't limited t'just messin' with people's minds.

[He sighs.]

Fact is, when my powers manifested, they went outta control, split my mind up inta hundreds o' bloody pieces, with each o' those pieces gettin' it's own shiny super power. I've...managed t'get the pieces back together, make my mind whole,'s taken work ta keep it that way. Gotta make a conscious effort to keep all the fragments o' my mind from wantin' ta split off again.

When the Castle did what it did not long ago, it put me t'sleep, like so many others. I guess I stood outside o' some mysterious wee door, with one o' my powers active ta keep people out. Don' think anyone got hurt, but...I worry that it's a thing that could happen. When I'm awake, I can control it, keep my powers quiet an' all, but if I get knocked out, 'specially if I'm havin' nightmares like I was, it's my body up for grabs, an' the universe under the axe.

[He sighs again.]

Spent most o' my life bein' manipulated or used, made more huge bloody mistakes than someone like me has any right to. Thing is...I wanna help people, wanna use my powers ta do good in the world. I'd jus' rather do it without the threat o' someone brain-jackin' me an' usin' my powers ta destroy the world hangin' over my head.

Guess the reason I'm tellin' you lot all o' this is so y'can know what t'expect, should things go sour. I'll fully understand if ye wan' me in a straightjacket, shipped off ta wherever I can't do any harm. Wouldn' be the first time. Jus'...give me a chance, first. I can do a lot o' good, if I've got somethin' t'work towards. A goal, a mission, whatever. Jus' somethin' ta give me a li'l self-belief.

I'll answer yuir questions here, or if ye'd rather come an' gawk, I'm up on the roof.


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