Mar. 19th, 2014

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[After her morning flight confirmed that yes, the town is still in its new state, Firethroat curled up to rest with her journal. A puff of warm air opens it to a new page.]

I suppose most of you have noticed the changes in town by now. I must say, I am surprised not to hear more fuss over it, since the switch happened so abruptly. Were I back within my territory, I would not take such changes lightly. However, things are different for all of us here.

Tell me, if you know, how often do such changes occur?
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[ There's the sound of paper shuffling around, the pages of the book being rapidly flipped through before the thing's just slammed down onto a dresser regardless. Veronica shouts at first, ] Okay! Empty book! No means of answers, patience wearing thin! Oh boy.

[ Her voice meanders, and it's clear she has no idea that she's actually being recorded right now, just kind of ranting to herself as she stands akimbo over the journal. ]

You know, it's really one thing to roofie and kidnap a girl, but not even a handcuff to the bed? Locked drawers, giant safe in the corner? Bear traps? They bought me clothes? Kind of creepy, dudes, kind of creepy! [ Maybe it's not her first kidnapping. But then again, maybe it's not exactly something an 18-year-old girl just gets herself used to. ]

[ Her breath is puffing a little, almost panicked, but when she speaks up again, her voice is resolute and decided. ]
We're doing two things, Veronica. We're getting out of this room, and then we're knockin' in some doors. Okay. [ She claps. ] Here we go! Chins high, eyes front, karate - chop.

( ooc: feel free to meet her either via the network or in the hallway! maybe not knocking in doors but at least knocking with some certainty on them. maybe trying to pick a lock or two. )


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