Apr. 7th, 2014


Apr. 7th, 2014 09:18 am
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So, you know what sucks?

After Paradisa's little face lift, it's decided that the arcade was a blemish that, for whatever reason, wasn't charming enough to keep around! Like, I get that there's a parlor. I sure did spend a few days acclimating to that thing, but as much as tabletops are a good homage to antiquated days past, much like the castle's changes, sometimes a girl needs to unwind with some good old fashioned button combos-- not mashing!

I figure I might as well wish up a shitload of arcade games and stuff them in my room, if anyone's interested. There's enough gaming paraphenalia in there to begin with. Not that I need company, but it's always nice to see if anyone possesses some semblance of a challenge!

On the other side of the spectrum, if you've been cooped up, starting to feel restless, and kind of need to go outside and play? The outposts are still a thing if you want to explore literally anything that isn't civilization. The view's pretty uninteresting after a few days with literally nothing going on outside lately-- not that I'm trying to rock that boat by jinxing us.

In any case, I've been here for years, and as much as I don't want to be unoriginal and pathetic and say "I'm bored! Bluhhh!", it's always good to have a change of pace!


Apr. 7th, 2014 03:25 pm
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[Gren wonders, abstractly, if the universe is out to get him. And then he remembers that in Paradisa, this is actually true.

The man sits half slumped on the bench of the baby grand piano in the parlor, one long leg stuck off one side of the bench and one arm curled on the top of the lid, his eyes staring down at the keys.

He'd expected whatever madness that had come over Vicious and Spike to end after the first of the month, but it hadn't, leaving him feeling oddly...lost. It wasn't as if anybody had died or gone home or turned into a different person entirely. He'd known that the two were friends once, but deep down maybe he never really believed it. But now he's seeing it for himself and all part of him wants is to keep Vicious to himself. Another part of him, however, is intrigued by this glimpse into the past. Into the things that might have been. And he's not sure which version he wants more.

[Away from Spike and Vicious]

Has the castle ever given you glimpse into the past or a possible future? Or have you ever just wondered what your life would be like if certain things had gone differently? Maybe the enemies you have would be your friends, or vice versa...

[He finds himself trailing a finger over the shiny surface as he speaks, tracing the edges of the keys with faint longing]

Or maybe I'm just thinking about this too hard.

[Some slightly masochistic impulse makes him idly try a small scale on the keys, and notes ring out in perfect rhythm before stopping with the sound of an indrawn breath. It could be a fluke, but he doesn't think the castle believes in those. The scale plays again, immediately transforming into the opening chords of a soft, slightly forlorn melody.

Gren lets out a sound that's half laugh and half sob, and he covers his mouth for a few long moments as it truly sinks in at last. This thing he'd been denied for over two years of his life. He could reach it again. He could be whole.

...I can play.

[And with a smaller laugh, giddy and full of disbelief, he starts to do just that. This time the tune is exultant and bittersweet. And it keeps playing as he pauses briefly to dictate another message -]

[To Spike and Vicious]

You guys doing anything tonight? I have something to celebrate.


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