Jul. 19th, 2014

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[It's possible by now that some of the 'new' residents have worked out the journals' various quirks, but this particular posting seems completely accidental, consisting of nothing but measured footsteps on stone floors for quite awhile before a voice breaks the monotony]

There must be someone in charge.

[And then it's back to footsteps, almost as if someone is systematically searching the place. Which is, more or less, what the tall, dark-suited figure roaming the castle's hallways appears to be doing, while looking increasingly annoyed by the endeavor]
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 [ He had to get out of here! He couldn't stay in this crazy Castle, people needed him back home! He was sure that his people could manage for a bit, but that dark presence he had been feeling... what if it came? What would they do? He shuddered at the thought and he knew he had only one choice. He had to try and leave this place. 

He had mulled over how to do it for the past several days, realizing that there was no external source of magic for him to draw on, no nodes. He would have to do it with the magic he currently have stored, and he had to hope that would be enough. He debated on what construct to use as well, and finally decided that the front door of the Castle would be best. It was the most frequently used, big, and solid. He hoped that would help what he planned.

He went down when he thought there might be the least traffic, staring at those doors from the outside, trying to hold back his fears. Gates were not fun for him, but he felt Yfandes' reassuring presence in the back of his mind and behind him physically. Closing his eyes, he began to set the spell, feeling it work into the wood of the doors, the metal. It would transform, get them a way home...

Pain! Uncontrollable, insurmountable, devastating pain. It lanced through every nerve in his body, made him feel like he was going to come apart at any moment. He would rather explode than endure this.

The magic he had built up disappeared and he dropped to the ground, writhing, screaming as the pain consumed him, magic backlashing into him, squeezing him with a needle on every part of his skin. Beside him Yfandes was braying, he knew trying to do her best to take some of his magic, but it was no use, their connection frazzled by the pain. 

So he writhed and screamed, and prayed for a black out. ]
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I have my doubts that this will work, but since I have seen text and heard voices appearing of their own volition from this journal, I may as well try, since I have no other good way to disseminate this information.

Since whoever or whatever abducted us does not seem to be forthcoming with any answers- and since some of you all have decided to attack each other in response to it- I should mention that I have discovered a well-stocked infirmary within one of the towers. Ira, I believe it is called.

My name is Dr. Simon Tam, and for lack of anything else to do, I will man the infirmary and help as best I can. I am a trauma surgeon, and though my credentials may mean nothing here, I am sure you will agree that if I were lying it would become evident soon enough.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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[He'd been regarding the book he'd discovered for some time with an appropriate level of caution and wariness. After all, this was some kind of magical artifact he was dealing with, and they were not to be trifled with lightly. Once the voices had started, though, he'd been unable to ignore it]

What magic is this?

[There's an intake of breath - fear and fascination both - as the words scrawl themselves onto the page as if they were written by his own hand. Even the handwriting was his own.]


[He's lost in it for a moment as fingers trace the page, until he remembers where he is]

...please. Tell me why I'm here. Tell me how to get back.

[He's not sure if he's talking to the voices or to whoever put him here, or whether or not those things are exclusive of each other.]


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