Jul. 25th, 2014

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[ It's not long after midnight and technically a new day - the 25th - when it starts. The blare of an air-horn fills the lobby and then the upper halls of the castle. To go with that are doors being banged upon with a fist and it's enough noise to rouse even the deepest of sleepers, for those that have retired early anyway. Just in case the air-horn and the doors being thumped in the frames wasn't enough, there's also a repeated message carried along the journal and from the halls as the Doctor runs around, rapping and banging on doors. ]

Everyone up! Please gather in the lobby, urgently! This is not a drill! Or it might be. I'm not sure, I haven't decided yet. Come on, come on, up you get! No, no running! A nice, orderly but slightly hurried fashion will more than suffice, thank you so much! What are you looking at? In the lobby! Yes! Hurry up, off you go!

[ With that, the Doctor is off, thumping his fist on doors, giving his air-horn an occasional blast (those things can be rather addictive after all) and repeating much of the same message while attempting to direct people along and down the stairs. What is he up to? Who knows. Probably the only reason he's doing it is because he can and perhaps the only way to get that answer out of him is to do what he says for now and gather in the lobby in your jim-jams if you have those on, residents. ]

[[ooc: Small warning: air-horn should play automatically when the link is hit! Yeah, yeah, I know, resorting to cheap gimmicks. Otherwise, mod approved shenanigans, please do feel free to create your own sections and use this as a mingling and thread-jacking opportunity, your char was called out after all! I'll be tagging around, but if you want Five specifically, say in the subject line. :) ]]


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