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 Could someone come to room 308 and let me out?

[Conan was sounding decidedly grumpy today. He'd spent hours with his lockpicks trying to break out of his room... with no success.]
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[Aaron's in the kitchen making toasted bread. He has already wished up a jar of his favourite marmalade. Feel free to bother him.]


Nov. 16th, 2014 11:48 am
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[Will opens the journal, and stares at the blank page for a while as he tries to decide what to say.]

It is very quiet here.  

[He had thought about going on the expedition with the others, but in the end Will's mind for practicality had pushed him into staying behind like all the times before. As much as he would like to see more of the world, he knew that without his magic he would be of very little use. No, it was better to stay behind and watch over the castle.]

Has anyone else stayed behind?

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 Why is it always evil circuses?  Is it like some interdimensional rule that all circuses have to be evil creepy brainwashing things? 
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Some of you may have noticed that overlarge crystal outside the castle. For those of you who haven't been paying attention or have been around a short time, that used to be a conduit to fast travel to Mineas Well. As I mentioned after the castle's latest attempt at redecorating, that crystal appears to have ceased functioning.

The event last week brought up a pertinent point to me. We have very little idea of what else might have occurred outside of Paradisa when the castle rearranged things. And given that, at the time, Flora - the woman who lives there and gave us that crystal - was the closest we had to an outside ally, I believe it's time to see what's become of her or her tree.

Sadly we lack a shortcut to the Dead Zone border as we having in the past, so this trip will take a few weeks. If you wish to follow, I plan to depart in a week, although I will go alone if need be. [He doesn't really want to, but he's stubborn enough to do it.]

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Nov. 5th, 2014 12:13 pm
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So...this isn't even my holiday, but since it's the fifth of November and all maybe we could all use a distraction, I've set up a little impromptu bonfire party outside. [She wished it up, actually. Too much work for a small girl like her]

Drinks and food provided. BYO fireworks, though. I wished up enough stuff already.

[filtered to Aaron]

I'm not sure I did it justice, but there you go. Now get down here and help me drink this beer.

[Wade will be outside in the courtyard, where there's a small bonfire blazing just on the edge. She's hauled out a few chairs and table from the dining room, and placed on that a giant bucket full of chilled beer and sparkling cider. The centerpiece of the food table is a pot of hearty beef stew with dumplings, and stack of bowls next to it, along with a smaller pot of vegetable curry for vegetarians like Wade. There's also sausage rolls, potato wedges, and berry tarts (since you've all had enough apples by now)]
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Guys, I know I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice about looking before you leap, but something about this carnival really seems off. Like horror-movie-cliche level of off. 

Just be careful, okay? I have a hunch and a wizard should never ignore her hunches.
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 Hey, is everyone who got caught up in that freaky carnival thing ok?

[filtered to Rise]  You alright?
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[Sugar had been a little worried when Rise didn't return to their room last night. She had sat up on the window, waiting for her return until she found herself waking up on the floor. She must have rolled off the windowsill in the night. Brushing herself off, the fairy soon realized that her roommate still wasn't back. After much waiting and fretting, Sugar opens her journal.]

Has anyone seen Rise? She didn't come back last night.
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[Someone sounds a little gleeful as he opens his journal.] This carnival, it is amazing!

Have any one of you ever tried these 'candied apples.' How do you candy apples? And corn dogs, I am not sure that I entirely understand what they are but they are delicious. The funnel cakes as well though they were difficult to eat without a mess.

[If it's beginning to sound like Legolas has been gradually working on trying everything, it's because he is. He would make a Hobbit proud.] And then I was given a corn dog dipped in what they make the funnel cakes with.

[Someone stop him.]

Ah! Lady Galadriel, this 'cotton candy' they seem to have? Have you tried it?
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[London's not really all that into carnivals, but something reminds her of how familiar they are. A taste of home is always welcome.]

Hey! Did anyone else notice that carnival thing? I guess it looks kinda fun. Who wants to go with me? Going by myself would be pretty lame.
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 [ It is an odd feeling, waking up in a bathtub when you do not remember going there in the first place. An even odder feeling is the realization that you have a bottom half, but it is not quite as you remember - heavier, longer. At the least, Ashura felt warm, so there was that. It made it a bit hard to come fully away though and truly contemplate the fact he was in the bath and his bottom half did not feel right.

When he did finally muster up the energy, though, he almost wished he had not. 

For you see, Ashura's bottom half was now made of a muscular fish tail complete with scales of orange and red, his fins diaphanous and flowing, like silks. The end of it hung out over the edge of his claw foot tub, and after some experimentation Ashura was indeed very sure that it was his lower half and not some odd costume he had been stuffed into. Oh dear.

A glance to the side where a small table sat to keep shampoos, oils, and other things also held his journal. Of course it did. He glanced down at his new body again and sighed. What else could he do? He had no levitation magic - more the pity.

Wet hands grabbed the journal and opened the pages, noting that his hands were now slightly webbed. Shaking his head, dripping water across the pages, he began - ] 

Good morning, everyone. This is Ashura speaking. If it would not be to much trouble, I need someone to come to my aid in my chambers, please. It is... not completely urgent, but I would appreciate haste.

[ In other words, someone please come soon or he might have to try doing something most undignified. ]
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[Many people will recognize who this is by the fact that a song begins to play without spoken preamble - a soft saxophone number - that continues all the way to the end before he speaks up. Gren isn't exactly a shy person, but the music always spoke better than he could, and it seemed like the best way he begin what comes next]

It's been a long time, folks. Almost three years, for me, but there's something I gotta do. I have to go, and I'm not sure I'm gonna come back.

[It had taken some time for him to discover that Spike had beat feet into the Dead Zone, and not very long after that for Vicious to decide he was going to follow, and Gren wasn't going to get left behind for anything. Maybe it was time. The castle had given him some gifts that were beyond priceless, and given him wounds he'd never recover from. Such was life.]

My room will still be open to anyone. If anything, someone might want to take care of the lizard. Consider him the mascot.

[There's a faint clicking sound as he slides his saxophone into the case and closes it]

Thanks for everything and watch out for each other. That's all we really have to hold onto.

[And, with that, Gren will hang about for a little while longer before he shoves the journal into his bag, which is loaded with supplies and clothes. Wearing a long coat against the early fall chill, the musician pulls the heavy pack onto his back and begins what will be his last trek down into the lobby to meet his comrade.]
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Well I'm out of the clinic now at least. For anyone who bothers.

Y'know I thought today would pass like any ordinary day even if it isn't. The castle didn't want to play along though. Really getting sick of it. I have already got hit with a loss, I didn't need another. If anyone needs me then don't bother. I'll be in my room.
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Wow... Those seeds sure grew fast! Much faster than the Magic Seed did!

[Sugar is in fact sitting in one of the apple trees that she planted earlier this week, looking out over the grounds. The tiny fairy might not be too noticeable unless someone gets up close or hears her from below.]

Do you think they were magic too?
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Really. Apples everywhere. I can see this getting old, really fast, even though I like fruit.

Though, the apple beer is definitely interesting. Really. I just wish I could get things... Not featuring apples. It's going to get annoying if this lasts more than a day or two.
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 [Will was perched in one of the apple trees, looking down thoughtfully at the large green apple in his hands. He remembered another apple tree, long ago. The last time he had plucked an apple in such a way, it had been in the Lost Land. But he had been with Bran and Gwydion then. 

Will wondered how Bran was doing these days. Even if the boy had forgotten his heritage, Will would hope that something of their friendship had remained. But he did not know, He had been taken to Paradisa too soon to know that,

Inevitably, Will's thoughts turned to what they had spoken of, among the apple trees.]

They taught me my trees once, long ago. Seven trees there are with virtues, and  apples among them. Alder, the tree of fire. Willow, the tree of enchantment. Holly for protection and Hazel for healing and Birch for renewal. Oak, the king of all trees.

And apple. [He is silent for a long moment.]  It is said that the apple is a tree of immortality. 
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So...who knows how to get applesauce out of advanced armor suits? Cause you step in a dozen apples and let me tell you that smell does not go away.
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Having partaken of the fruit gifted to us and not having come down with some horrid disease or hallucination, I thought it might be fun to try all the ways one might enjoy these apples. The library was most helpful, and I have commandeered the kitchen for my experiments. If anyone would like, I invite you to come down and try them. I have everything from pies, to tarts, to some sweet candy coating the books have declared a delicious treat when paired with an apple. 

[ His invitation made, Ashura put the journal aside and went to gather himself a plate and partake of his creations. Well, he had not really created them, he had wished them up because Ashura was not really a good hand at things like baking. He had learned, over the years, to make a few small meals for himself, but the delicacy of a pastry was beyond him. But no need to tell anyone, correct?

If anyone stopped in, they would find the main table of the kitchen covered in sweets of all sorts, with apple as the main ingredient, and the king happily munching away with bits of more than one on his plate at a time. He seemed to be favoring the pies, though. ]

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Sep. 28th, 2014 09:43 am
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[Perched on a rock just to the side of the road that led into town, Wade felt peaceful for the first time in months. The air was cool and sweet-smelling, the colors of the trees were beautiful, and she was pleasantly full from a lunch of an apple tart from one of the street vendors and the hard cider she was still halfway through nursing.

She opens up the journal to the sound of town traffic - a horse cart and the distant sound of children laughing as they played games in the orchard.

This is...nice. As much time as we all spend resenting the place, it's hard to appreciate the little things. We all needed a break from the usual.

If you haven't been down to town yet, you should come see it. It's so perfect. Reminds me a little bit of those fall carnivals we used to go to when I was little. All it's missing is a hay ride.

What do you guys usually do for fall? Any kind of holidays or traditions?


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