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Syntax Error 43 - Backdated to Dec. 25-30

[On Christmas, Dairine woke up to find her present, the newest resident in her room, staring right at her face: a Plusle. The Pokemon chatted at her cheerfully and cuddling as though it knew her. Dairine quickly realized this was not just any Plusle but hers from the Pokemon world. Later that morning, she could be seen out in the lobby watching the Plusle play with her Aron and Bit. Dairine is also waiting to see if her friends want to see her for the holidays.

Once she hears what the key her received did and that others had copies as well though, Dairine rushes off to check up on Galadriel, Conan, and Neets. If they leave without saying goodbye, she'll find them in Timeheart and let them have it, mark her words.

Dairine doesn't leave right away, a fact that surprises even herself. After the Christmas rush, she could usually be found talking to the new residents or sitting in the library, staring at the key. That is where she is right now, pondering it from over a large book. Did she want to go home? Certainly, but then again her universe might be destroyed in less than a week's time once she gets there. That reminder both made her want to hurry back to fix it all and also take her time. This might be the last bit of free time she'll have ever again. And then there's the issue of all those people she met while here. Being worlds apart Dairine could adjust to after three years of separations... but to leave and lose all memories of them? Would they be gone for good? Would she remember in Timeheart?

Dairine sighs and writes a filter.]

Hey... How big of a chance do you think we have of keeping things if we leave? Like our memories or stuff?
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❀ Episode 20 ❀ - Finale [Dictated, backdated to the 28th]

[She throws a quick filter in the journal, just in case the new arrivals from the other castle got their own journals. This isn't meant for them.]

So it looks like the castle's finally letting us go...

[She doesn't sound thrilled. It's true she wants to go back home, to have a normal life with her friends again. But the castle's been her home for two years. Exactly two years on this day, even.]

Is anyone staying? I kinda want to, just for a little while. So we can really say goodbye and stuff. I mean, I've known some of you guys longer than I even knew my friends back home. That's really weird to think about...

[She's not sure where she's going with this. But she wants to say something, before everyone leaves and they probably never see each other again.]

I wish I could stay with some of you, even without this place. Sheena, Wade-san, Sugar-chan... I almost want to ask all of you to come with me. But that's just being selfish... and anyway, we probably won't remember any of this, if it's like when the castle usually sends us home.

[There's a pause, and people might think she's done. But after a moment, she continues, sounding a little more hopeful.]

But... maybe it won't be goodbye forever? Some of us might be from the same world, or travel to different worlds like Wade-san. I might meet Utena-neechan when she's grown up in my time, and Chihiro-chan might come see my concerts with all her friends. I might even visit America and see Nora-chan... or Alex...

[She has to pause again after that thought. It hurts that she was taken, even more that she had to go through so much while she was here. But if Rise goes home... maybe she's still out there somewhere. Maybe they could even be together again...?

It's a nice thought, if a bit bittersweet. She won't count on any of this, but she can remain hopeful.]

Anyway... whether it's forever or not, I guess I'm just not ready to say goodbye. But I know I'll have to, and I want you all to know how important you are to me before anyone goes.

[That's where it ends for the general population, but there's one last part under a filter.]

[Filtered to close CR - Wade, Sugar, Sheena, Conan (yes, he counts), anyone else left who thinks they might count]

This sounds really cheesy, but... I love you. Even if I don't remember, I'll miss you, and I really hope we meet again someday.

Backdate to Christmas


I got a key... And what looks like a way home. Either the castle is finding a new way to screw with me... Or it's a chance to finish things back home. I'd say freedom, but I'm not so sure home will bring that. Just... Responsibilities.

So... Is anyone else planning to take the offer it seems to be?

Filter to Kat )
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The Last Goodbye [ dictated ]

I am sure this has happened to others, but... it seems there is some change coming to the Castle. We have received gifts - I for one never thought to see this item again, personally, so I am unsure what to make of this. Or the key. 

But at the least, I think we should all think carefully about what we do with these keys. Past experience would suggest there is equal chance of this all being a horrible trick, after all. 
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27th car | Gifts [Dictation]

Anyone else who has received a strange key to a strange door in their rooms? I'm not entirely sure if I trust it.

[Then there's a bark in the background and Aaron reaches out to pet Clyde.] Can't say hat the gift I received this year beat the one I got last year.

[In the end though he'll pick up Clyde and step through the door to return home.]
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eighty-ninth labyrinth - the 24th (accidental dictation)

[It hasn't been hard to notice the tone in the castle on this day.
The storm continues outside the high walls and the creatures beat against the doors. The Cair Solemme residents gather inside the castle looking like cornered animals, barely speaking at the people from Paradisa. Tense is one word for it.

Somewhere in the castle, Felix is looking at the crowd as is speaking to the young man that led him here.

How long do you expect this to last?

A few weeks. It's always like this. Except for you.

How delightful. Are we simply supposed to wait? These people look like they're about to start biting.

If you don't like it, then go home.

As if were so ea--

Check your pocket. [Calmly smug]

[There's a pause and a gasp of surprise as Felix draws the Insolitus key out of his coat pocket] How?

Good question. How do you think I knew you'd be in the old town?

[There's another long pause as Felix stares at him, obviously ascertaining something he hadn't figured out before now] I see. Why didn't you mention this before?

[He rolls his eyes at Felix for a beat] They wouldn't have followed you until now. This place does that to it's people, and I'll be like them someday.

You want us to take you with us? If you know this will work, why haven't you left before.

[He scoffs] Don't be an idiot. We didn't have a key.

[It's about now Felix notices his journal has fallen open.] Everyone to the Insolitus. We are getting out here]
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eighty-eighth labyrinth (backdated to the 21st)

[Nearly two weeks later and Felix can count it as a particular accomplishment that he's managed not to die, though it feels marginal in some areas. He sits in the cabin he's claimed as his own, huddled against the fire he's managed to build in the fireplace, over which hangs a small cooking pot. Inside that, he's making a try at cooking beans, which is one of the few things he's managed to find lying around. He pokes at it every once in awhile and wonders how it is that he's become so numb to all of this.

He reaches a hand out from the blanket he's wrapped himself in and opens his journal, which he addresses tiredly, though in his usual tone of lazy decorum.

How is everyone doing?

I thought perhaps, rather than starve by ourselves, we could try to pool our resources for a passable meal. I'm working on beans, if I manage not to scorch them. And I've a few jars of fruit as well. I'd be happy to share. [He'd also be happy to not be alone, and the note of lonely desperation in his voice is hard to miss.]
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Today is my birthday. And it is snowing once again.

[Will laughs suddenly.]

I wonder if this is becoming a habit.
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[Accidental Dictation] | 26th Car | Winter's Coming

Not again... [Aaron groans and stares up at the mistletoe above his head. They weren't even in the Castle and there was still cursed decorations around the place. He was just heading out to take a look around but now he's stuck in the doorway until he gets a kiss. He's pretty exasperated about it.]]
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 [Danny was not an idiot.

He might have been bad at math, but even he could spot a pattern like this. Christmas season starts, weird decorations show up, people start kissing each other.  Simple, if annoying.

And this year he was going to do something about that.

And that was why Danny had spent the morning stripping the castle of as many decorations (especially poinsettias) as he could find and transferring them into a pile in the courtyard. Then with a smirk he flips open the journal.]

Yeah, so. I decided to declare war against Christmas.  People might want to avoid the courtyard for a bit.

[And with that he points at the pile of decorations and blasts them. What could possibly go wrong?]

[OOC: Open for kissmas and disasters of any kind]
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24th slide

[Wade has wandered up into one of the towers, clad in a warm red sweater and jeans and carrying a plate of cookies under one arm. She slides into the seat of the grand piano in the study, then places her cookies and journal down on the top, next to the bouquet of poinsetta. The piano itself is trimmed with gold tinsel.]

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Second Christmas in Paradisa. Too bad I can't ask Santa too see my friends from home.

[Idly she plays the first few notes of this familiar tune, then chuckles to herself.]

Well, at least I'm not stuck in tights and elf ears this time.

Also, I made cookies if anyone wants any. Guaranteed to be castle-influence free.

[And then she'll go back to playing, and starts to sing along. She's more than passable at both, if not exactly a prodigy.]

((ooc: open to kisses!))
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 [Will had taken his journal with him as he went to walk through the garden, thinking of checking to see what his closest friends had been up to. But as he walked, his thoughts strayed to the time of year. This would be his third birthday here in Paradisa, and his third Christmas. 

Three years since he had seen his brothers and sisters. Three years since Bran and the Drews had forgotten so much of their friendship.

It was a lot to think about. Eventually Will finds his way to a bench. And with his thoughts on Christmas and on his home, he begins to softly
sing some of the carols that came first to mind. The ancient melodies sung in a high clear voice echo out through the garden and across the journals hauntingly.

Eventually Will comes, as he might have expected, to Old King Wenceslas. Without thinking he begins on his part, the pageboy's part, which he had last sung with his brothers and with Merriman.]

Sire, the night is darker now
And the wind blows stronger
Fails my heart, I know not how,
I can go no longer.

[And Will falters, knowing that there was no one here who could take the next part.]
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[It's been a while, Paradisa, but there is a light-blue space marine patrolling the halls again. Just breaking 7' with her full suit on, her right arm a robotic prosthetic that moves as fluidly as if it were flesh and blood, she can be found making her way about the interior of the castle, reading all of the nameplates and look for anyone familiar. She dictates into the journal as she does, in her thick Israeli accent]

How long has it been, I wonder? I need a current SITREP.

UNSC Filter
Noble Two, reporting for duty.
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2.1 ❦ voice

[Hey there castle residents, here's a voice you haven't heard for a while. He gets right to the point.]

From the trees and the forest and what birds I can find, and even the new number of pages in this journal, I gather it is no longer spring. Would someone be so kind as to tell me when I do find myself, and if my son is still here?
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Thirty Snowflakes

Ahhh, it's so close!

[Sugar can hardly sit still, she's so impatient. The young fairy whines as she stares out the window.]

Why can't it be time for snow yet?
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[Nita begins by speaking into her journal. It's faster and easier and more personable. Which is exactly what she's going for.] Today's Thanksgiving- at least it is for Americans- and that combined with our visit from our ghostly feathered friend got me thinking about how the castle picks some holidays to mark and ignores countless others. Which got me wondering how many of us are from where and I realized that I really don't know.

This has probably been done about a hundred times before, but things change. Think of this as an exercise in population demographics, if you want. Or else a get-to-know you exercise.

[This part is written in very careful, very neat handwriting. She's making an effort to make this super legible.]

1. Name:
2. World of Origin (if it has a name):
3. Home country:
4. Is there anyone else from your home here:
5. Age:
6. Species:
7. Occupation:
And just for fun:
8. Hobbies:

I'll go first, since I asked and it'd be rude not to answer myself.

1. Name: Nita Callahan
2. World of Origin: We just call it 'Earth.'
3. Home country: The United States of America
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: My sister, Dairine Callahan.
5. Age: 16 (15 + 1 castle year)
6. Species: human
7. Occupation: student/Wizard
8. Hobbies: Reading, stargazing and astronomy, listening to music, travel (Wizardry helps. Going off-planet is the best).

Anyone else?

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Ghosts of Turkeys Past [ Voice ]

Now, I do not mean to alarm anyone still at the Castle, but I have a question - everyone else has seen the rather large, transparent spirit bird that wanders the halls, correct? 

 [ He likes to make sure of his own sanity now and then, though frankly a spirit bird is not very strange. Still, one likes to check... ]
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Syntax Error 42

So it seems I hit the three year mark while we were out. Three years in this crazy castle... It's a little freaky just thinking about it.

I know it's late and I'm not entirely sure that arriving here is something to celebrate, but hey, why not do something fun anyway? And I happen to have thought of the best thing to do: a Star Wars marathon.

I'll be down in the lobby at 8:30 tomorrow night for those interested. Bring pillows or blankets or whatever will help make you more comfortable. And if any of you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "Star Wars", make sure you come by or you'll miss out big time.

((Log will be up later.))
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 This is a bit of a strange question, but has anyone else been seeing the ghost of a turkey running about?