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To the person that gave me the piece of literature on Human etiquette, you have my gratitude for at least trying. I will strive to memorize the book.

And, now that the castle has returned to its normal [He says "normal" with a hint of sarcasm.] state, I believe it is time ot move on as always.

[Locked to Nepeta]

Nepeta, I would wish to speak with you at your earliest convenience. There is something I must do that I had previously forgotten.

[Also, he kind of wants to apologize.]
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[Equius had been strangely silent for the most part in the days following the return from Florence. To those that knew him, this was actually not that surprising, but to others, it might be odd to know that he's been spending so much time alone in his room. He's actually been very busy, working on something for a certain friend.

Sadly though, a few parts were still required. So, Equius rose from his seat and prepared to set out into the outside world.

It has come to my attention that this holiday is about giving gifts. Is that correct?

[He still felt the need to ask, even though he had already been told. Wiping a few grease stains from his shirt, the troll went to his door and carefully opened it...

And came face to face with a sprig of mistletoe. stopped by confusion, Equius stared at the vegetation for a moment, glancing out into the hallway to see if anyone had done this. Strangely, he was beginning to feel... odd.

Also... it would appear that we have an outbreak of vegetation in the castle.
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[Your journal has probably been pretty quiet. You know, like how journals are supposed to be.

Well, not anymore. From out of the journal comes the sounds of cracking, and breaking, glass. A deep groan of "fiddlesticks" follows, along with a white liquid that can quickly be recognized as milk seeps through a corner of the journal.

Uh... my apologies to any journal possessor.
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[Equius's voice shows panic and his breath is short.]

Nepeta, I think it would be wise if you found someplace to hide for the remainder of this excursion. The same could probably be said for you, Vriska.

To all others. Try to avoid the mobs. They are quite restless and I do not believe they can be reasoned with.
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[You know what? Equius was beginning to dislike the tower.

He had just settled in for the night, which was already quite difficult without a recuperacoon mind you, in his room that had just been completely repaired from its previous scuffle. And now he was wide awake.

Because he wasn't in his room anymore, or the castle for that matter.

Nope, he was somewhere in the town, minus his glasses and shirt which were most likely still in his room. Surprisingly, his journal was still with him. So there was that.

There was not much to it. The castle had messed with him once again and Equius was angry about it. Resigning himself to it with a sigh, the Troll started walking through the town and back to the castle. His grumblings, which were quite loud, could be heard through his journal.

Of all the things to happen.... of horse I would be included in the shenanigans... The whole thing is so ludicrous, a proper castle should be built in its place.... Maybe with explosives.
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It would appear that I have been invited to a celebration of some sort. Has anyone else gotten that distinction, or is it just for highbloods such as I?
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[There's a few sounds at first. Heavy breathing, sounds of machinery being tampered with, some electrical sounds. Then it gets weird.

First there's sounds of moving furniture, not very unusual. Then the sounds of a door slamming.

D --> What the

[Then the sounds of furniture crashing against things start.]

D --> What
D --> Why is
D --> By the Highbl00ds

[More sounds of crashing things, followed by angry muttering before the journal is grabbed.]

D --> Something is wrong
D --> Who is responsible for this chaos, I order you to reveal yourself at once
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[Well someone has been spending time in the tower.

And now he's bored.

D --> I must admit that this castle is quite enjoyable
D --> Although there seems to be a distinct lack of activities
D --> May I enquire as to where I may find some robot parts
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[So, it's time for a new person to appear in the castle.

Well, a new Troll anyway.

A new face steps into the castle lobby, he's tall, rugged looking, and seems to be quite angry. Which is actually pretty normal for him.

This is an inexcusable outrage.

Where the gosh dang heck am I?!

Who is in charge around here? I order you to show yourself at once and stand down.

...Unless you are of high bloodrank, in which I am simply suggesting that you stop.

...Nepeta, where are you...

[With not a single answer reaching his ears, Equius was left to rage quietly and go search the castle for answers. So, you're going to see an angry Troll walking through the castle inspecting doors, looking out windows, and generally being quite cross.]

((Ooc: Open for both journal and person.))
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[Well that night of complete an utter silliness was fun, actually not at all, it was quite frustrating seeing so many of the castle residents act like complete half-wits, and Equius can't help but merely sigh at all that rambunctiousness. Especially his own kind! What of them are not used to the embrace of the night besides dear Maryam? An utter disgrace. The blue blood sighs to himself as he awakens from his robot pile, not really noticing how much of a trill his sigh has.]

[What he does notice is, though, is how hard it is to stand up, and how scratching his head ends with an unwelcome clop to the skull. He pauses, eyes slimming, he has... a snout? That's, confusing. He steps forward, doing well to not trip on anything as he moves away from the pile of mechanical parts and scraps. The sound of hooves on the hard floor startle him and he looks down, eyes wide at the two yellow hooves under him, mimicking the once yellow fingernails he had before. He looks back, two more hooves, also he is nude... Very nude.]

[But, he's... a hoofbeast. It was okay for hoofbeasts to be nude, right? Oh wonder, oh, oh joy, is, this must be some kind of fluke of a curse! The castle is rewarding him for something for some reason, and he wants to question it but how can he, he is a pony and everything is so beautiful.]

[Quickly he rushes to his journal, almost taking a header into the floor in his excitement and also, inexperience with hooves, and does his best to hoof through the pages before finally starting-- hopefully he can stifle his unbridled joy long enough to even speak.]

Good afternoon, morning... evening, oh fiddlesticks, whatever, I don't care. Neigh [Yes, he totally kind of... neighs right there, how do you control the neighs? They just kind of happen.] ...Nepeta where are you, the most wonderful thing has happened! I command you direct yourself to my quarters at once so I may express my utter delight with you.

Also, directed to the extensive hoofbeast population that currently resides here in the castle, how exactly does one... use hooves. Neigh.

[OOC: A long needed curse for Equius. He's a pony, like, MLP pony, and he's extremely happy with this change. [HERE] is an image of what he looks like now!]


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