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I got a key... And what looks like a way home. Either the castle is finding a new way to screw with me... Or it's a chance to finish things back home. I'd say freedom, but I'm not so sure home will bring that. Just... Responsibilities.

So... Is anyone else planning to take the offer it seems to be?

Filter to Kat )
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Really. Apples everywhere. I can see this getting old, really fast, even though I like fruit.

Though, the apple beer is definitely interesting. Really. I just wish I could get things... Not featuring apples. It's going to get annoying if this lasts more than a day or two.
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Filtered to Tex )

[And after making that post, Wash had decided to do yet another patrol, checking nameplates to keep his own records straight, at least. And to reassure himself that Tex's nameplate was still there, if she didn't respond or didn't respond promptly. He was worried about her.]

[[OOC: Feel free to see the armed and armored Freelancer outside your character's rooms. Question him. It's to be expected.]]
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[Well, things had been going... Reasonable enough since the castle chose to turn things upside down.. But the thing is, something told him everything was going just a little too easy. And April Fool's day is coming up. He remembers it all too well.]

In case anyone is unaware or might have forgotten, it's the first of April soon. Or as it's known in some places, April Fool's day. Be ready for anything. The castle is known for strangeness.

[[OOC: As a note, he's being put on a truth loss. Not sure how long it'll last, but any question, he has to answer truthfully to the best of his ability and knowledge. Feel free to have your characters stumble into it. He doesn't realize it yet though.]]
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Well, it's almost a new year... Another year here.

Damn, I'm starting to get sick of this place. Anyone planning anything exciting for tonight? Otherwise, I'm considering seeing if the castle might allow some fireworks or the like through wishes. Might as well blow something up.

[Yes, he might be a little bored and frustrated.]
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Daddy, can we play more?

Give Daddy a few minutes to finish in the journal and we can play all you want, Carter.

Nothing quite like this week to give a good chance to relax after everything that's happened recently. Or at least, giv3e you stress in entirely different wants, in the form of parenthood.

Any other single parents that want a playmate for their kid and a possible break? Let me know. Without his mother, Carter can be a handful, though it's my second time alone with him.

Though... It's a good reminder of a friend that's gone now.
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Private )

[When he finishes, realizing it's a waste of time... He goes to get his journal out, though he inadvertently leaves a reddish smear on the page on opening it. Thankfully, he wrapped his hands to keep it from getting worse. When he speaks... He sounds calm on the surface at least. He's doing his best to not let slip how much he's freaking out at everything being laid bare like this. It's like a living nightmare.]
Until further notice? I'm indisposed. If you need to talk to me, it's going to have to wait until after the castle finishes this bullshit.

Well, that or contact me through the journal and I'll get back to you when I can. I'm not leaving my room any time soon. [And there aren't many in the castle likely to get through that lock.]

  There are some things the world doesn't need to know about.
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[Broken filtered to South]

I think we need to talk, South. Preferably this time, with us both sober...

It's important we get some things worked out.


[[OOC note:  No tipping them off on the broken filter early, please.  Have at it, folks.  Open to tipping them off now.]]

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York )

North )

[And for anyone else, Wash is currently patrolling the halls, checking nameplates to make sure everything is up to date. Feel free to run into him.]
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[Washington is definitely off.  He's snarling the words out practically.] 

I don't care what you idiots think...  I'm just fine.  Come near me, and I'll show you exactly how fine I am.  Never felt better.  Anyone tries to fix me is going to be getting broken bones.  Understood?

I will not hold back.  So do yourselves a favor and fuck off.
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To the Panem House people )

To South )

At least there wasn't anything trying to kill us this time. A distinct improvement. But seriously, that was fucked up.
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[York, Delta, and Carolina, as well as Noble team(The others were added as second thoughts)] )

... Anyone else run into a familiar face that wasn't at the castle since arriving at this camp?
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[Have happy childish laughter as Washington is currently watching Carter playing with Riolu.]

Never thought I'd see the kid again with his mother gone.  Out of curiosity, how many of you got lucky enough to get a kid back from a previous year with a parent that has left?

[filtered to friends]
Anyone interested in a playdate with Carter and my Riolu, let me know.  I'm sure the kid could use some human company closer to his age.

[filtered to South]
How is it going with your kids?

loss start

May. 10th, 2012 10:49 pm
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[Washington could help the unease and uncertainty at waking up in a situation like this. They hadn't been briefed for a new mission, and this didn't look like any training exercise he'd done to date.

His first reaction is to go to his radio. But the journal is conveniently recording the message.]
  Command, this is Washington. Do you read me? Come in.

Command? ... Anyone?

[He shuts off his radio with a click. Not realizing the journal is still recording him.]   What is this place?


[And that would be the sound of Washington drawing a gun, startled by the Pokemon.]

Riolu ri.


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