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[She throws a quick filter in the journal, just in case the new arrivals from the other castle got their own journals. This isn't meant for them.]

So it looks like the castle's finally letting us go...

[She doesn't sound thrilled. It's true she wants to go back home, to have a normal life with her friends again. But the castle's been her home for two years. Exactly two years on this day, even.]

Is anyone staying? I kinda want to, just for a little while. So we can really say goodbye and stuff. I mean, I've known some of you guys longer than I even knew my friends back home. That's really weird to think about...

[She's not sure where she's going with this. But she wants to say something, before everyone leaves and they probably never see each other again.]

I wish I could stay with some of you, even without this place. Sheena, Wade-san, Sugar-chan... I almost want to ask all of you to come with me. But that's just being selfish... and anyway, we probably won't remember any of this, if it's like when the castle usually sends us home.

[There's a pause, and people might think she's done. But after a moment, she continues, sounding a little more hopeful.]

But... maybe it won't be goodbye forever? Some of us might be from the same world, or travel to different worlds like Wade-san. I might meet Utena-neechan when she's grown up in my time, and Chihiro-chan might come see my concerts with all her friends. I might even visit America and see Nora-chan... or Alex...

[She has to pause again after that thought. It hurts that she was taken, even more that she had to go through so much while she was here. But if Rise goes home... maybe she's still out there somewhere. Maybe they could even be together again...?

It's a nice thought, if a bit bittersweet. She won't count on any of this, but she can remain hopeful.]

Anyway... whether it's forever or not, I guess I'm just not ready to say goodbye. But I know I'll have to, and I want you all to know how important you are to me before anyone goes.

[That's where it ends for the general population, but there's one last part under a filter.]

[Filtered to close CR - Wade, Sugar, Sheena, Conan (yes, he counts), anyone else left who thinks they might count]

This sounds really cheesy, but... I love you. Even if I don't remember, I'll miss you, and I really hope we meet again someday.
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[Voices... too many voices, all around. Rise hasn't sensed anything like this before outside of the TV world, and certainly never in the castle. At first, she thought it was just her abilities... but she's not picking up any signals with Kanzeon.]

Wh-... what the hell?!

[... Oh. Rise hasn't sounded this upset over the journals in... well, ever. It's just too much. Unfamiliar and familiar voices, everywhere she turns. In a way, it's nice... nostalgic. She can remember the new friends she made that have already gone back to their own worlds.

But unfortunately, that's not where it ends for her. There's other voices... of friends from home, especially Chie, Yukiko and Nanako. Echoes of times she doesn't remember at all with them. And that Adachi, too... god, how long was he even here?!

It's all turning the nostalgia sour far too quickly, and she's getting sick of it!]

Stupid castle... this isn't fair!!!

[There's a huff and the sound of an annoyed girl pushing out a chair and walking away. But the journal's still open, and she can't have gone far or left a room. She's just... annoyed, and not sure how to let off steam anymore.]
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Hey... anyone seen any weird stuff happen since the castle got put back together? I'm not going out if I'm gonna just get attacked by wild monkeys or fall into some kind of bottomless pit!

[She doesn't know or care how all the weird things that happened were connected or the details of what actually did happen, she's just glad it seems to be over! With her birthday rapidly approaching, she's super wary of what the castle might do to mess with her this year. But hey, maybe if she gets lucky, it'll be tired after all of this nonsense and won't even bother.

Well, whatever's going on, she's not about to announce it to the rest of the castle yet. Juuust in case. But back to the topic at hand!]

Ugh, at least we had the laundry room, but how come the other side got all the good places?! If everything's back to normal now, I'm going to the kitchen for some breakfast and then the pool or something! ... Maybe the four seasons tower, if anyone wants to join me there? I don't care which room, as long as it's not my room.

[Consider that your (somewhat annoyed and frustrated) invitation, Paradisa. Even with everything else on her side of the castle, being locked out of most of her regular haunts on top of weird things happening was driving her crazy all week! She might even go out into town later! Just because she can. Maybe she'll even run into you, wherever she goes?]

Sheena )
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[Technically, Valentine's Day had come and gone, but Rise wasn't about to risk her plans this month on whatever the castle was going to do to mess with them! So today, every last one of Rise's friends can expect a delivery to their room (or, in Sugar's case, on the vanity in Rise's room next to her 'bed'), whether she's known them for a long time or only just met them recently.

And it's not just her friends. Anyone who arrived in the castle in the past two months will get the same small gift box, too! Just in case, they're all clearly labeled "From: Rise Kujikawa", so no one mistakes them for yet another castle prank.

The contents of the boxes, and the handwritten notes that accompany them, differ from person to person as follows:]

New arrivals to the castle from Jan. 1st to Feb. 20th )

Alex Russo )

Conan Edogawa )

Sugar )

And everyone else...! (More names under the cut) )
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[There's some audible splashing as the journal opens, not to mention the pages getting a little wet. Eventually, the splashing stops, and is followed by a very upset Rise.]

This is not okay!!! Change me back right now!

[There's a moment of silence, and then an extremely annoyed sigh. It's not like she honestly thought that'd work, but it'd be really nice if it had.

Belatedly realizing that her journal is lying open next to the pool, Rise swims a little closer to address it on purpose. Accidentally dripping even more water on the pages in the process.]

Hey... can anyone hear me? It's Rise! I'm... kind of stuck, and-

[Suddenly, she shrieks, and another loud splash can be heard. Someone hasn't quite mastered the art of mermaiding quite yet...]

Stupid castle... how am I supposed to get out of here?!

[Action - Swimming pool]

[If anyone happened to be anywhere near the swimming pool, they might have seen Rise's torso flailing out of the water. Rise's very nearly naked torso. Covered only by a rather skimpy iridescent pink seashell bikini top. Not that that's too incredibly obvious right away, from how much trouble she's having staying above water.

And then, when she leans on the edge of the pool to talk to her journal, a matching pink fish tail splashes idly behind her. Until she loses her balance somehow and splashes right back into the water.

She'll just go on embarrassing herself like that for a few minutes until she sort of gets the hang of having fins instead of legs. At which point, she'll either float lazily around the pool or lean over the edge and sigh dramatically. Either way, she looks incredibly annoyed at her predicament. Don't let that scare you off, though. She'd appreciate any company she can get here... or help in finding a way out.]
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[Rise had planned to go to the Music Room today. She hadn't planned on opening her journal once she got there...

It just happened that Souji's room was on the way. She'd never gotten a chance to really perform for her Senpai, so she was going to invite him to come along and see her practice. Just him, this time. She wasn't ready to perform for the whole castle, or even some of her closest friends, yet. Maybe not even Alex.

But his name was gone. Yukiko, Chie, and now Souji...

She'll see them again. No matter how many friends she loses, no matter what the castle does to try and mess with her head, she's never lost that hope. She will never lose that hope. But it's starting to feel lonely here... lonelier than she ever thought it could feel.

Maybe she'll go visit Alex again later. But for now...]

Hey, everyone. This is Rise Kujikawa...

... I'm not even sure how many people here know me anymore. Some of you are really precious to me... and a lot of you I hardly know.

[There's a long pause before she continues.]

I was going to share this with someone really special. I guess he's gone now, but...

... I decided... I'd share it with everyone instead. I might never perform here like I did back home, but I still want to do what I can! So I hope everyone feels a little less lonely after tonight~! Because we're all here together!

[Her song is hardly polished. She's out of practice, and performing a cappella, at that. But she manages to bring an enthusiasm and energy to the song that she honestly has been struggling to hold on to in everyday life. For the sake of everyone else who have lost a lot of people over the past few months.

If she can just make one person a little happier, it'll be enough.

She won't notice if anyone walks into the Music Room until she's done performing... and anyone who does will see her performing simple choreography along with the song, her open journal sitting on the piano where Mitsuru taught her a few basics on how to play. Facing where she met Ib trying out guitar, and where she performed for Elizabeth during her loss. She never realized how many memories were in this single room alone, before today...

When her performance is done, she'll quietly sit down at the piano, facing her still open journal. She reaches out to close it, but hesitates. If anyone wants to respond, or even visit the room, she'll gladly welcome the company. Because she doesn't want to feel alone, either.]
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[Rise's sitting quietly on her bed this evening, reading the letter Chie left her. And looking at the family photo of them with Shiori. ... Not the one from Shiori's real family, but one they took together while she was here.

Someone else already announced Chie's departure, but that's not what she plans to talk about today. Not exactly. Chie was just the latest in a long string of lost friends... and not even the worst of them. She'll miss her a lot, but they'll see each other again when Rise goes home. The rest, she might never see again. And she never got to say goodbye to any of them.]

Hey... does anyone here ever feel like they'll be here forever?

Like, I know we all get sent back someday. But after seeing so many people come here and then leave... doesn't it kinda start to feel like it'll never end?

And what if you don't want to leave? I know a lot of terrible things happen, but...

[She hesitates, taking a second or two to really think about it before continuing.]

... Has anyone ever met someone that made them want to stay? Even just a little bit?

[She's not thinking about anyone in particular, nope. There's no reason she needs to get that thought off her chest and maybe hear what everyone else has to say about it. None whatsoever.

She just has a lot of conflicting thoughts when she really thinks about all of this, okay?]
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[Filtered away from kids under 14]

[Rise's putting this under a filter, not because this doesn't affect kids, but there are certain kids she doesn't want hearing this. And she doesn't know everyone in the castle, so it's best to be safe and just keep it filtered to people close to her own age and above.]

I guess it's over, huh? They're gone...

[That's not how she wanted to begin, she's just thinking out loud. But now she's getting to the real reason she's putting her thoughts out to the castle as a whole again.]

... What's the point? Why do people keep dying? They'll just come back anyway, right? Why do they have to die at all?

[She gives a small sigh, and if you've never died and come back to life in Paradisa, that's all you'll hear. But she puts up one more filter.]

People who have died in Paradisa and come back )
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[Well, after a week of being small enough to fit in standard toddler clothing sizes, Rise is finally back to normal again! And the castle didn't even prank her this time! She just woke up returned to normal, as if it never happened.

Well, except it did. She'll have to talk to some people about that...

But right now, she has one thing she wants to address to the castle in general.]

Hey, did anyone here know Sophie-chan?

I think... she's gone. Unless I got her room number wrong, or something.

[But she knows she didn't. She sounds kinda sad, but she doesn't want people to worry. So she tries to perk up a little bit and sound more encouraging.]

At least she's back home with Cheria-san and Asbel-san! She really seemed to miss them a lot...

... Anyway, I just thought everyone should know.

[She rushes to end the announcement and closes her journal for a while. This is the first time she's announced someone going home, unless she counts the time she asked about Yukiko, and she's not really sure how to go about it. It's not like Sophie's dead or anything, she's just gone home. But they might never see her again, too...

Once her head clears a little bit later in the day, she finally opens her journal again and starts a couple of filters.]

Filtered to Elizabeth )

Filtered to Utena )
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 [When Conan wakes, it is with a moment of dizzying disorientation. For a moment everything spins around him and all he can tell is that something is very wrong. It feels and smells like he is in the library, but everything is at the wrong angle. He could feel something pressing against his side. For a short desperate moment he wonders if the castle has shrunk around him. And in that moment, as he sputters and reaches out for something to hold on to, he accidentally knocks his journal open.

And then he sees his hands. They weren't the hands of a child, as he had become used to seeing. These were his hands.  Ther ones he hadn't seen in more than a year.

 It takes him only seconds to put together everything.  Somehow, for some reason, he had returned to his true age.

And he was in deep trouble. How could he explain this? Someone would ask where Conan was. Someone would get suspicious over Conan's distant relative appearing in the castle yet again. How many times could he get away with Shinichi appearing in the castle just as Conan vanished?

And who was the child lying up against him?]

W-what? How can this be happening?

[Shinichi abruptly sits up and tries to ease the child away so that he can stand up, but is interrupted as she wakes and begins to scream.]

[As the movement wakes her, Rise abruptly pushes away from the stranger, reflexively shrieking. But then she goes pale and wide-eyed, looking up at the huge stranger and surroundings.

Unable to think clearly, she stammers for a moment before shouting the only coherent thoughts in her head.]

Who are you?! Where's Foxy...?

[OOC: Conan and Rise have swapped ages. Open for anyone to bother them.]
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[Today, Rise is exploring the Music Room for the first time ever! As expected, it's occupied with all kinds of musical instruments and equipment, and not exactly the most familiar sight for a pop idol. But there is a nice space for a makeshift stage, and the acoustics of the room are pretty good. Maybe not a good place for actual performances, but she could definitely practice here!

She has no intention of actually doing so today. She doesn't have any material, so she's just kind of looking around and admiring the baby grand piano. Nanako said she plays, maybe they could do something together someday?

She traces her fingers along the top of the piano, all but completely unaware of her own voice whispering a singsongy verse. Of course, her open journal is sitting nearby.]

♫ Open up your eyes take a look at me
If the picture fits in your memory
I've been driven by the rhythm like the beat of a heart
And I won't stop until I start to stand out ♪

[There's a brief pause as she makes her way to the empty "stage", her mind drifting to her work back home as an idol. Her voice comes back even stronger.]

♫ Some people settle for the typical thing
Livin' all their lives waitin' in the wings
It ain't a question of 'if', just a matter of time
Before I move to the front of the line

♪ And once you're watchin' ev'ry move that I make
Ya gotta believe that I got what it takes ♪

Musical cut of great justice! )

[The final note rings through the music room. Rise stands in the center of her "stage" with one hand on her hip and the other raised high in the air.

It takes a few minutes before she realizes what just happened. And she just blinks in confusion.]

... Huh?

{ooc: Thanks to Ang for reminding me this song exists! :3}
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Ugh, I swear, I'm not going anywhere near that movie theater again for a long time!

[Let's just get that statement out of the way before launching into the real subject of this entry in Rise's journal.]

Anyway, hi again~! Did everyone miss me? I was kinda freaking out for a while there, but now that I'm back in my room with my comfy bed and eating real food again, I'm feeling much better!

[Now for the reason she's addressing everyone in the castle...]

So now that that's over, I have a question for all you guys and girls! I've seen some theaters and clubs out in the city, but is there any place in the castle to put on a live show? I'd really like to keep working as an idol if I can, and I might ask around out in the city if anyone's open to hiring new acts, but it'd be really nice to do something for everyone here too. I've even been practicing some new routines lately, and I'd hate for all that work to go to waste!

Hope you all have some answers, and maybe I'll come see you all soon? ♥

[Ordinarily, this would be where Rise leaves the journal open for responses or closes it for a break, but today she has some filters to put up...]

Filter to Nora Diniro, Ino, Chell, Alex, Colette Brunel, Asuna, Sophie, Aradia Megido, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, Jennifer Keller )

Filtered away from Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi )
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Hey, I really don't want to bore you guys and talk about that Holly Peaks weirdness like everyone's doing. I promise, no rambling about being old! I was only a few years older there, anyway.

[Some people have all the luck. Or maybe the castle took it easy on her since last time she was a fairy for almost three weeks!]

But I've been thinking about something for a while, and it's kinda related.

So, I know we don't really age here. Not like back home. But...

[She pauses for a moment, thinking back and collecting her thoughts from the past month or so.]

I've been here for a couple of months. I should be seventeen now. But my birthday's not until June, and I don't really feel any different. But I was really looking forward to it!

[Slow down, Rise, you're starting to ramble.]

I guess I'm just curious? Do you guys celebrate your birthdays, even when the timing is way off? Or do we even celebrate birthdays here at all? I really don't want to be sixteen forever...

[Yukiko Amagi] )
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[After some of her encounters earlier in the day, Rise's pretty sure there's something going on in the castle. Maybe it's the mysterious chocolates everyone seemed to get, or maybe it's just the castle messing with everyone directly.

Either way, she's actually having fun with it. And why question it if it's fun?

There's only one more thing to do.]

So is anyone else bored right now?

I mean, it's been a great Valentine's Day so far, and I love how the castle's getting into the spirit of things!

[Actually, it's a bit overdone, even for Rise's tastes. But she's in super positive idol mode right now. Complete with dramatic announcer tone and everything.]

But like a lot of lonely, single girls out there, I just don't have any plans...

[Dramatically sad to suddenly perky mood whiplash in three... two... one...]

So anyone wanna come hang out with Risette?

[She still says that name as if it means anything here. Who knows? Maybe one day it will.]

I'm right outside the Four Seasons Room on the third floor! I promise we'll have fun!

[She has her box of chocolates for that if nothing else.]

Adachi and Pixy )

Yukiko and Kara )

{ooc: Planned or unplanned, we are open for all the chocolate shenanigans! Rise is experimenting so she's perfectly willing to have some chocolates herself as long as you will too. >:3}
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[Rise wakes up in what feels like familiar surroundings, but doesn't look quite right. It's like she's on a huge fluffy cushion or something. This isn't still that Wonderland place, is it?! She doesn't feel like that... fairy groundskeeper or whatever she was supposed to be there anymore.

She rolls over to get up, but feels something weird, but oddly familiar. She's quickly distracted from that when she looks down from the cushion, though. It looks like the pattern on her bed's sheets, but much bigger!

... Uh-oh. Her wings give a little flutter as she starts to consider what that means.

Wait, wings?! Oh, crap!]

Okay, very funny! You can turn me back now!

[Her voice carries over the open journal, and goes almost-silent again for a moment while she uses all the practice she got with those wings in Wonderland to fly around and explore the room. It's definitely hers, and it's huge! She can't be bigger than her cell phone back home now! Actually, it's probably bigger than her.]

... And the door is closed?! Seriously?!

[Okay, she might be starting to panic a little bit here, but she tries to stay calm. She's been in worse situations before back home, all she has to do here is contact someone who can help.]

{ooc: Filter time!}

Kara, Colette, any other people that might count as friends )

Anyone met in Wonderland )

That other fairy girl )
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Goooood afternoon, Paradisa~!!!

[Rise's bubbly, cheerful voice projects through the journals, almost as if she's announcing through a sound system. But with much more manageable volume, which many residents will be thankful for. If one listens closely, they can hear what sounds like the ocean in the background.]

I've only been here for a few days, so let me introduce myself. I'm Rise Kujikawa, sixteen years old. I'm an idol back home, if you guys know what that is. Basically, I'm in showbiz. I perform as a singer and actress, and I might even break into film one day! But that's just one side of me. I've worked at my family's tofu shop too, and when I'm not working, I'm just an ordinary high school girl.

Now that you all know a little bit about me, I hope to hear from you too! I've met some really great people here already, but I hope to make lots of new friends while I'm here!

Aaaand, while I was looking around, I found this super neat place called the Four Seasons Room.

[She suddenly giggles.]

There's a beach in the castle in January!

[There's a brief pause.]

I guess that's normal for people who have been here for a while, huh? But I skipped from spring all the way up to New Year's when I came here, so I missed a whole summer! And since I wanted to meet more of you, I thought "what could be better than a day at the beach?"

[As she continues, her dramatic pout is actually audible.]

It'd be no fun if I had to spend all this time by myself, but if you're busy, you can still say hi through the journals! I'll be watching and listening!

{OOC: Anything you can think of for a beach gathering should be fair game here. Beach toys, volleyball, karaoke... or just relax and talk. Rise's not a demanding hostess, I promise! ♥}
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 [Rise awakes with a bit of a start. Had she fallen asleep? The last thing she remembered was taking a break during the filming of a new commercial. And now she...]


[... A castle?! But the commercial she was filming today was supposed to be for a new cell phone model. What would a castle set have to do with that? Did she wander off into another part of the studio?

Not seeing anyone else around, she speaks her thoughts in a quiet mutter.]

Oh man, this is bad. I can't just wander off set like that!  Inoue-san worries so much about me as it is...

[She thinks back to the previous year. The year she quit being an idol. The year she met some of her closest friends, discovered her power, and even helped them solve a murder case. It couldn't be her health. She's stronger than that.]

... This bed is really comfy, though. I'd toootally sneak off set to try something like this out!

[She lets out an almost childish giggle at that, as if she were getting away with something she shouldn't. She doesn't remember sneaking off, though, and her mirth quickly gives way to frustration.]

Uuuggghhh, why can't I remember how I got here?!

[She pulls herself to her feet with a twinge of reluctance - the bed really is comfy. But she really should be getting back, and that means she has to figure out where in the studio she even is. She steps cautiously toward the door, trying to keep her footsteps as quiet as they possibly could be in a castle.

But isn't this just a set? She reaches out, cautiously, to open the door...]

... Wooow, is this real?! Someone must really want this place to look authentic!

[The door creaks open as she peeks through to the other side...]

{{OOC: Rise's on the seventh floor, apparently. Open to anyone who wants to help introduce a newbie!


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