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Son Goku • 孫悟空 ([personal profile] goldencirclet) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2012-02-27 03:54 am
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fifteen meatbuns -dictated/action-

[Good evening, castle!

I hope you are not sleeping yet, because there's a huge wakeup call for those who can sense supernatural energy. It pretty much just exploded from the sixth floor, taking out a certain monkey's door.

...then there is a shrill cry over the journals, like the mix of a child and the yowl of an animal.

If you happen to stop by Goku's room, there's a tiny creature in the boy's bed, surrounded by what used to be his golden circlet and clothes. At a closer inspection it seems to be an infant, but it is clearly not human. With long, pointed ears, clawed fingers and toes and large golden eyes with slitted pupils, the baby looks more like a feral elf. A large tattoo is visible on his stomach, shaped like a stylized sun, and the little near-god seems very upset.]

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