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thirteen truffula stumps

"Shortish and Bossy"? Me? You gotta be kidding.

Anyways. I want my old room back. I don't want to move into town though. I'd rather stay close to the castle to keep an eye on the... thing.
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since they're now next door neighbors, figured they should talk

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Oh. So you're the one next door now.

What's the thing?
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[Conan would never admit to anyone that there had a fraction of a moment where he had wondered if the 'shortish and bossy' nameplate had referred to him.]

Oh, that's informative.
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That's a pointless loss.
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You can talk around it, can't you?
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Losses that can be worked around aren't as bad as the ones that cannot.
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[Is that a laugh? Better believe it is]

You are exactly those two things.
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[The Lorax's misery does that sort of thing for the Once-ler]

Maybe it's taking into consideration your enormous mass of facial hair.
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I'll leave that one for you to decide by yourself.
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That sounds like a challenge to me.

Besides, why the heck would I want a ton of fuzz around my lips?
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Oh, a reason? Please enlighten me.
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So in that respect, it covers your big mouth, too?