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25 | In Which the Wizard is (Almost) Invisible [Dictated]

Oh, this is very clever.

[And the level of sarcasm in that statement could take down an elephant]

I suppose this is my punishment for not leaving well enough alone? Point taken. I'll stop meddling. Now if you could just make me resemble the housekeeping staff a little less, I'd be grateful.

[There's a pause, and then a muffled curse as he realizes that was public]

I suppose pleading with vaguely malevolent magic castles doesn't work, does it?
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It never hurts to try.

[Which means no.]
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What happened this time?
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When did it start? [The roundabout way of asking 'what did you do?', because the implication was certainly in there that he had]
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That would have been a pity. [So much sarcasm]

So what was that about meddling?
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[He allows himself a private wince since this assuredly leads back to their earlier conversation]

I see.

Well, perhaps it's stance on that is only temporary, given that I would not have been able to create the workrooms in the first place were that it's standing policy. We should be so lucky they still exist at all. [He doesn't sound particularly happy about it though]
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I often wonder if the castle truly requires us to speak these out loud in order to inflict them on us.
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[Split ends would make Howl cranky, so Felix doesn't think much of this]

What else do you have to do with your time?
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Well then you'll have to make the best of it.