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Daddy for the 5th Time... and Still Not Used to It [Backdated to Morning]

[Well... this was a surprise.

For starters, he was human again. Thank the Gods! He was getting scarily familiar with a peacock anatomy, and he had no wish to become comfortable with it in the least. So yes, he was very thankful that he was fully human again, even if it did seem to be with a distinct lack of clothing and a smattering of his formerly white feathers along the floor. 

He shifted to sit up in bed... and suddenly because aware of the fact that there was someone else in the bed with him. He blinked and turned to look, his eyes widened when he saw a familiar head of silver hair lying on the pillow next to him.

Miles Edgeworth.

What in the havens?

Any confusion he had about that was summarily destroyed when the cracking wail of a baby slammed through the room. He winced and turned his gaze towards the source.... only to see a tiny little girl standing at the foot of the bed, peering over it at them, a stuffed white horse in her arms and tears in her eyes]

Papa, Daddy.... I had a bad dream.

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[While 'Papa' is awake, being addressed by the little black/silver haired child, 'Daddy' here is still fast asleep. 6 a.m. is normally not a bad time for Edgeworth to rise, but after looking after bird-turned friends, he was a little more tuckered than usual...]
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[He jerks awake, blinks, and rubs at his face.]


[He then turns over, noting the other someone in his bed...]
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[Oh, Lord...Not this shit again.

He slowly sits up, shoots a lingering glare at Vanyel, and proceeds to faceplant himself into the pillow.]
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[He pushes Vanyel's hand away, a reaction more indicative of not being accustomed to being touched than out of anger. He sits up once more and looked back at him with the sort of expression that would normally communicate, 'You must have lost your fucking marbles.']

I-...'Our'...What sort of cockamamie nonsense are you--...

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[A soft cry of, 'Daddy' promptly quieted him. In a state of shock, his head turns towards the little girl at the foot of the bed. He watched, speechless, with his mouth agape and eyes widened, as the little girl proceeded to climb onto the bed.]
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[Bad dreams - that could very possibly be an Edgeworth trait right there. The child could be no more than two, and even distribution of the features of the two men, including, Edgeworth immediately noted, his distinct bangs and the eye colour that both men shared (though with slightly differing shades).

And why. Why was the child wearing a cravat?!

Her words were very few and toddler-like, making her 'bad dream' sound more like, 'bad dweam.' However, her vocabulary already seemed to slightly exceed that of those her age. This time, however, she simply looked up at Vanyel and responded, 'I'm scared,' which may sounds more like, 'I'm scaiwed.'

Edgeworth watched, dumbfounded, as Vanyel spoke to the child with seemingly such familiarity.]

...Where did this child come from?
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[Okay. So my question goes ignored. He stares. This is just---just...what.]
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[Edgeworth would be inclined to be very vocal about his displeasure, but in the presence of the child, he tames his tongue, merely resting his elbows upon his knees and burying his face into his hands with a heaving sigh. He stays as such for several seconds until he feels a little hand reaching out to touch him. He looks up with a forlorn nature in his gaze as the child gently held onto his hair. It was almost as if the child was precociously comforting him, instead. She then uttered something that appeared at first to be incoherent babble:]

Daddy? Eek Lee Ba Di?

[What is it? He blinked at the child, unconsciously leaning in a little closer to listen as she repeated herself.]

Eek Lee Ba Di!
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Eek Lee Ba Di? Daddy?

[The way she said 'Daddy' was indicative of a British/European influence in her way of speech, not unlike his own. He cocked his head slightly at her as he wondered what she was attempting to say, if at all anything in particular. He silently mouthed to himself that, 'Eek Lee Ba Di,' as he leaned in closer to figure out what she was trying to say, 'personal space' what, Vanyel? and noted that hint of European when he--...

Wait. European?



Ich liebe dich. ...'I love you.'

His expression changed immediately to that of a simultaneously astonished and pained one. His heart promptly ached with an uncharacteristically sudden affection for this strange child when he realized what she was trying to say to him. He whispers in question....]

I-Ich...liebe dich...?

[...'I love you, Daddy.' That's what she was trying to say, wasn't she?

Seemingly in a trance, he slowly reaches out to touch the child.]
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[She pointed at him and softly exclaimed:]


[He gently touched her hair and face, oddly entranced for several seconds until blinking back into reality. So...the child understands German? Did she understand much of any language? There's only one way to find out... He spoke to her in German:]

Where did you come from, child?

[She chirped in response:]


[...Guess not.]
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[He is hesitant in answering, eyes flickering upward to meet Vanyel's, then back to the child. He wasn't sure what to make of the situation, nor Vanyel's involvement in it.]

...I asked her where she came from.
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[...and the idea of having an unclothed man in his bed wouldn't normally bother Edgeworth but that's severely irrelevant right now. Edgeworth acknowledged that Vanyel is a mage...however, one of which he's not entirely certain the extent of power that he possesses. One thing he noted for sure...their initial reactions to the child were vastly different. He could be wrong, but it was almost as if he knew a bit more of what was going on than he did...

Exasperatedly, Edgeworth exhaled and rubbed his face.]

...If this is your idea of a joke, Vanyel, I am not amused...
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[A...child. Seriously, castle?! Edgeworth sighed once again, looking upward.]

...Oh, my goodness...

Oh mai goo-niss!
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[Oh Christ. Almost forgot about that.]

I-I'll take the child! Just..put on some clothes!
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[He takes the little girl and heads upstairs toward the kitchen to sit and wait until there's any sort of indication from Vanyel that he has dressed. Seriously, for all the people that end up randomly popping up in his bed, he certainly doesn't get any action.

When he gets there, he places the child on the floor, who then proceeds to promptly skitter about the kitchen floor and observe, everything. In the meantime, have one Miles Edgeworth trotting around, attempting to steer her away from various fragile items, commanding a series of, 'please don't touch that!'s and 'come back here!'s...alternating between both German and English..whichever one she'll understand at the moment. 'Papa,' hurry up and halp?]
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[She doesn't seem rather bothered by the words more than happy to be scooped up by Papa. She bounces a bit in his arms as she greets him.]

Papaaa...! Goo' moinin'! Guh moinin'! Goo' moinin,' Papa! Guhmoinin'!

...Perhaps taking her little 'Companion' away for a minute rather than telling her would be a little more effective, in the near future...
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[He silently much for getting any sleep.]

...We may very well be holding someone's child captive and your antecedent concern is breakfast...
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You honestly think--...

...You have got to be kidding me...