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Now, I do not mean to alarm anyone still at the Castle, but I have a question - everyone else has seen the rather large, transparent spirit bird that wanders the halls, correct? 

 [ He likes to make sure of his own sanity now and then, though frankly a spirit bird is not very strange. Still, one likes to check... ]
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Well, in light of the recent events and other things, I think it is a wonderful time to make for a camping trip while the weather is good. If I remember right, the Outpost should be a good enough place to set up a roof over our heads for an extended stay. 

Anyone is welcome to join me, if they like, and I would be glad of the company. It will not be as harsh as normal camping, I should think, and I am more than happy to help anyone with selecting a mount to ride out and what supplies to bring. But frankly the sooner we head out to enjoy the last of the summer weather, the better. 

[ ooc: Will set up a mingle/catch-all sort of log tomorrow or Thursday, but feel free to plan and stuff here if you want to come along. He's planning on staying out there at least a couple weeks. ]
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[ He had waited a day before letting himself begin to believe that it was real, that he was... he was gone. He hadn't wanted to believe when he woke up to an empty bed, when he realized all his things were gone and the soul rending ache in his chest was back. He didn't want to believe it when Yfandes curled in the back of his mind, trying to soothe him. He didn't want to believe any of it.

But he had to accept it, didn't he? That he was gone, the Castle had sent him back and he was alone again. It didn't hurt like it had the first time he lost him, but gods did it every hurt. He lay curled on his bed, sweating in the heat and not caring, but finally seemed to realize that perhaps he should say something the others, let Tylendel's friends know if they did not already.

So he sat up, opening the journal, opening and closing his mouth as he debated what to say, how to say it, how to force the words past his lips even as he wished he could deny them. Drops appeared on the pages, and he liked to think they were sweat instead of tears. ]

To all those who knew and cared for him... Tylendel is gone home. 

[ He let the journal fall to his feet and leaned forward, putting his head in his hands and he wept. ] 
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 [ He had to get out of here! He couldn't stay in this crazy Castle, people needed him back home! He was sure that his people could manage for a bit, but that dark presence he had been feeling... what if it came? What would they do? He shuddered at the thought and he knew he had only one choice. He had to try and leave this place. 

He had mulled over how to do it for the past several days, realizing that there was no external source of magic for him to draw on, no nodes. He would have to do it with the magic he currently have stored, and he had to hope that would be enough. He debated on what construct to use as well, and finally decided that the front door of the Castle would be best. It was the most frequently used, big, and solid. He hoped that would help what he planned.

He went down when he thought there might be the least traffic, staring at those doors from the outside, trying to hold back his fears. Gates were not fun for him, but he felt Yfandes' reassuring presence in the back of his mind and behind him physically. Closing his eyes, he began to set the spell, feeling it work into the wood of the doors, the metal. It would transform, get them a way home...

Pain! Uncontrollable, insurmountable, devastating pain. It lanced through every nerve in his body, made him feel like he was going to come apart at any moment. He would rather explode than endure this.

The magic he had built up disappeared and he dropped to the ground, writhing, screaming as the pain consumed him, magic backlashing into him, squeezing him with a needle on every part of his skin. Beside him Yfandes was braying, he knew trying to do her best to take some of his magic, but it was no use, their connection frazzled by the pain. 

So he writhed and screamed, and prayed for a black out. ]
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Good day, all.

Recently, I took one of our young residents out and taught him something of hunting and tracking - or at least what I know. I thought I would extend an opportunity for more to join on another excursion, if there are others interested. 

I figure that the more all of us know of useful skills, the better, so we can all respond better to the things the Castle throw at us. It does not hurt, correct? 

I think it best to meet two hours after dawn at the stables on a decided day - fresher tracks for the teaching. 
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Ahem, sorry to interrupt your Sunday afternoon, everyone, but I was cleaning out my tack box in the barn, and I found a small stash of those protection charms I had made awhile back. I must have worked on some out here and forgot I put them there. So, if anyone would like one, you are more than welcome to them. I made them so you can use them as a bracelet or necklace or a hair ornament.

I'll be out at the barn for awhile if you want to come get them now, and afterwards I'll leave them in the lobby in a bowl. 

Also, if anyone knows farrier skills or knows of one in town, I would appreciate some help. Some of the horses here need new shoes, but that was one skill I did not learn for horse care.

[ The done, he went back to helping put out feed and water, then brought out blankets and tack into the sunlight. He settled against the side of the rails of a paddock, a small kit beside him, and started to sew up holes in the blankets. He could have wished some new ones, but that seemed a waste when the blankets were fine except for a few tears through natural use. Besides, if one day they couldn't wish for things, it was better to have fixed up blankets than rely on wishes for new ones anyways. 

Every now and then he looked up and smiled at the group of horses not far off, especially the beautiful white mare that kept looking at him too and shaking her head. 

It was Vanyel's kind of day. ]

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[ There is a heavy sigh and a disgruntled snort that leak over the journals in the mid morning. If anyone knows Vanyel well, this usually announces the fact he is out with Yfandes, his horse-shaped Companion. And in fact, he is. He's holding up strips of ribbon to her so she can decide which she wants braided into her hair for the wedding, but so far no success. Not even tiny jewels like pearls or inexpensive crystals have piqued her interest.

So, finally, it has come to this. ]

If it is not to much trouble, I think I might need a lady's advice on this matter, or a gentleman's if he wishes to offer it. I seem to only be knowledgeable in the proper attire for men and have no sense of what a proper lady should be wearing to a wedding, according to my Companion.

So, ladies of Paradisa, your advice if you would be so kind? 
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[ Dictated - Morning ]  

Good morning, residents. It is a nice day out, and recalling a conversation I had previously with our own Jennifer, I thought it might be a good idea to go out riding and see what local herbs I can find growing around the Castle and town and in the forests. I do not know if we have an actual catalogue of such things, but it might be wise to start one or expand a current one. It would be a help in the infirmaries and for when we go on expeditions to include in medical supply kits. Or, if we find any that are good for cooking, we could add to the kitchens and gardens. 

If anyone would like to join me, I shall be heading out within the hour from the barn.

[ Action - Later Morning to Early Evening Before Full Dark ] 

[ And true to his word, Vanyel is heading out with Yfandes and a couple saddle packs to explore the grounds and seek out herbs. He had some knowledge of them from his training of what he could use on the roads, but he suspected he might come across some he had never seen before here in Paradisa. Thus the bags with some string to tie together clumps and a map to mark where he found each little bunch. 

He would traveling from Castle to the Town, and finally out into the woods, moving slow with Yfandes through the brush, the mare helping with the search. ]

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Ah, so I know this is very, very over due, but in the rush of things I could not find a quiet moment to think on how best to announce this - if, of course, Tylendel has not beat me to it in person.

But, as some of you may know, Tylendel and I share a special bond. It is considered a rare and extremely special gift granted from the gods in our world. The Bond is like finding the other half of your soul, and many will never find that one person in their lifetime. When you do, there is no room in your heart for anyone else. You love them beyond all, and many Bonded pairs do not outlive each other because your life without them is simply to dark. And after a long time of waiting here, my Bonded was reunited with me. 

And after some time, it occurred to me that here, in Paradisa, there are no strictures against the ways in which we all pair off with each other, in which we choose to celebrate our love for each other. So, about a month ago, I asked Tylendel if he would share with me another title between ourselves beyond that of Bonded. 

I asked him if he would share the title of Husband. 

And he said yes.

[ Boy, you can just hear the heart-fluttering happiness in that statement. ]

We have not made much in the way of planning for a celebration, but as we do, I would be honored and grateful for all of you here to celebrate with us, though I do not think we shall be very extravagant. 
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 [ It is early in the morning the day after Valentine's, a day of chocolate and love and other things that made one giddy. Or should.

Instead, those with open journals or in the stables might be treated to a piteous, horsey groan. ]

Oh no, you will see no pity from me. You very well deserve it, you know.

[ Another groan, and one can only imagine the sad eyes the animal in question must be throwing Vanyel. ]

No, no. You always call yourself a lady, but then you gorge yourself on sweet things and expect me to cast you sympathy? You always tell me to learn from my mistakes, don't you?

[ This time there is no groan, but a snort and a stamp of a hoof. Vanyel's own laughter rings out, perhaps a bit smug. ]

Oh do not be silly, you will not colic from this. Companions do not colic, you know that right enough.

[ A silence, then a grunt that twisted into another groan, followed by Vanyel's sigh. ]

It is just a stomach ache. Drink some water and you will be well after a bit, just like my cousins at the name day feasts. 

[ A very indignant snort was sent out at that particular comparison and received a new laugh from Vanyel. ]

Ah, see, there is my lady. 

[ Yes, Paradisa, Vanyel just carried on an entire conversation with his horse (Companion). That's not strange at all, right? ]
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[ Vanyel has been careful to take himself away from people for this little experiment of his, not wanting to have someone accidentally get caught up in it. Not that he wanted to hurt anyone, really, but accidents happened and the rooms in Chimera were a bit to small for what he was attempting to work with. At his feet stood a book - well, several. Some with pictures, some with words, and one being the journal, carefully read and figured as he looked at the dummies he had set up in a circle around himself. 

He took stock, like he was sizing up enemies, glancing down at the books at his feet before bracing himself. Air whistled between his teeth as he took a breath, gathering his magic...

And lightning lanced from his hands, bolting out towards the dummies he had set up. The first bolt hit his target, but the second went past, singing the ground it struck. Good thing he had come out here then. 

From far off, though, it would like bright flashes of lights, lightning to close to the ground, but controlled - and no storm in sight. ]
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[ As much as the magic behind the mistletoe bothered him ( he found it akin to mind magic and that... bothered him more than he could ever say, like he was being controlled, and that just brought on bad memories), neither could he hide from it. Hiding from it, he thought, simply meant that the Castle won in a more important way than if he participate (under duress, as he suspected most did). And he simply couldn't have that. Sometimes it was the small battles that meant the most, yes? 

He would be around the Castle, sometimes in the kitchen making more of those pumpkin cookies (maybe a bit out of season now, but they were the only kind he could freshly make, and he liked making them), wandering about the library, and often enough going between Castle and stable to tend to Yfandes and any other animals in need. He could even be found in the salle practicing his sword craft before the great mirror Duke had helped him install, taking in the scent of still fresh wood that permeated the place, still not used enough to smell of sweat and soap like the salle at the Collegium. He might even wander into town to buy a few things with Yfandes, her mane threaded with silver ribbon and bells to nod to the season.

And, sometime during the day, taking a break out in the stables after seeing to Yfandes and probably spoiling her a bit over much - ] 

I hope that all of those whose first Christmas it is here are not finding the mistletoe to unnerving. It's a bit of a shock the first time around.

[ ooc: Open to all in action or voice! ]
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 Well, that was certainly an enlightening... detour. 

I found it interesting that I could pull some many correlations between the faith those priests and monks professed to follow and that of the Karsites back home and indeed what it is they actually did with said faith. It makes me wonder how connected all of the worlds we come from really are, how deep our similarities run as well as our differences. 

Can we influence each other, or is it just some sort of universal coincidence? 

But, perhaps I going to deep into my own musings. The place just brought back memories.
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So, I had wondered - does the castle or anyone plan to host a ball like last year? I remember we got to dress up and it was a rather nice night for us all, and I think after the rather long line of horrible things we have been through, a bit of glitter, sparkle, music, and dance would do quite a bit of us good. And, really, I think I want my hand at doing up another costume like last year. 

My 'Lendel has the right of it - I am a peacock at heart still.

[ And with that question out of the way, Vanyel has made his way down into the kitchen to try his hand at cooking. He is not great like the bakers and cooks at the Collegium or even at his family home, but he knew enough to get himself by, and the act of cooking was calming and refreshing to be honest.

With the season for pumpkins dawning, he thought he might try adding that into a few things. Through his courses through the villages, more than one friendly matron and child had taught him their recipes for sweets to send him off with the next day. A herald did not need payment, not really, but it made people feel better and he was always happy to take the small tokens like sweets or perhaps a new blanket to replace his old one, but never money. 

And so the kitchen would be filling with the spells of cookies made form pumpkin and spice, a bit messy for his efforts, but he made a few good batches currently laid out for the taking on a main table.

Come and get them while they're hot! ] 
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Do you know... after everything that happened... I almost wish I was back to being a unicorn. It sounds stupid, but it was just so much simpler. 
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[ One would think that waking up with four legs instead of two would be a distinctly odd experience. And, admittedly, Vanyel looked like a new born colt as he got his legs under him for the first time, rather disoriented and not sure what he was doing outside or why he could smell about ten thousand different things with no warning. His head felt heavy and oddly shaped, his vision having developed an odd blind spot right where he thought his nose should be.

He grunted, wobbling more as he attempted to walk, stumbling as he tried to find the rhythm of this legs, some understand of what was going on hitting him, if not right away. A loss, he was sure of it, though what sort of animal was he? Last time he had been aware he was a peacock, and looking down and seeing hooves he suspected himself to be some sort of horse, but... there was an odd sort of pressure in the middle of his forehead he did not know what to make of. 

To anyone watching that morning and on through the afternoon, there would be a brilliant white unicorn striding across the grounds back and forth, going from walk, to trot, to canter, as if being put through its paces. The sun would catch its horn, making it sparkle like so many diamonds, and hooves chimed with each step. 

And every now and then it would stop and seem to be lost, looking around, and then shook its head and carried on. ]

[ ooc: Loss start! Vanyel will be a 500 Kingdoms verse unicorn for a week! As mentioned in the ooc post, if your character is a VIRGIN he will go gaga for them and follow them around like a love-sick puppy, so be sure to drop that somewhere in the tag or in the subject line ~ ]
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I know you all might be a bit tired of hearing these, but please bear with me and hear one more.

We have asked that some stay behind to guard the Castle, and it is not a bad idea. I have opted to stay as part of that group, given much of my skill is magical in nature and will be nullified in the Dead Zone. That being said, there are also parts out there where magic could work and not knowing what you will find, I thought to make charms of protection for people to take.

While they might lose their power in the Dead Zone, if magic is regained, they could come in handy, especially if you should face combat. It is a long shot, but I would like to make everyone as prepared as possible, in any way we can. If you would like some, please contact me through the journals or if you run into me in the castle I also know how to pack for long land journeys if anyone is having trouble deciding what to bring. 

If nothing else, I hope they might bring luck and comfort. 

Filtered to Tylendel )
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Well... that was a rather interesting experience. I have to admit, it was rather fun, even with the dragon there at the end. I had never imagined such things could be real, but then, this is Paradisa, after all, and even in my own world Gryphons were once real, simply extinct now. 

Ah, but that is not why I am addressing you all.

Before we are swept up in another maelstrom of shifts, I thought I might finally get the finishing touches done on the salle I have mentioned a few times. It's made progress and thankfully this time is still intact after the shift. But I need some help putting on the final bits of roofing and the mirror. Preferably I would like someone with magic for this last bit, but anyone who has building skills I would welcome just as much. I have magic of my own, but it is not as... delicate as I would like to to be for placing this sort of thing in.

Who would have thought trying to get a simple building built would take this long?

Also, I intend to make the salle open to all who want to train there, by the by, and I am willing to provide rapier lessons for those who would like them once the building is finished. We often have a need to defend ourselves here, after all, so I will gladly help those that wish to learn to do so.

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[ There is a quiet cough as Vanyel readies himself to bear bad news ]

I do not recall it being said, but if it was and you all did not hear - Clow has returned home. For those who knew him and were companions of his, I am sorry. 

However, he did leave some things behind, and I am sure he would not want them to go to waste or to simply sit and gather dust. 

There is quite a large, red chair and any number of books, most of which are labeled 'Encyclopedia Britannica'. They do not mention anything I have ever heard of, but if anyone would find use for them, then by all means. I will leave them in his room should you want them, but I would ask that you come to me to retrieve them as I will be magically locking the room.

I would not see his things ransacked heedlessly. 
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Is there a point at which you have to come to realize this place may not want you to actually complete a project? Because, at this point, I am about ready to give up on every finishing the salle in a timely manner. I half worry even if I did build it, I would wake up to see it vanished from existence. It is the sort of thing this place would do, is it not? 

[ Sure this sounds mighty trivial considering where they are, but this is so much easier than coping with giant lizards at the moment, by all the gods in the heavens. So. Much. Easier. So yes, he chooses to focus on this. ] 


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