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Fourth Song ★ Dictated/Action

...what do you do about baby hiccups? Shui's been doing it for over an hour, now...

[Catboy hasn't been around much lately, both due to sudden kitten and the fact that he was mortified at his earlier nipped-up behavior.

Today, however, he's finally venturing out among the residents again, looking for a cure for his little one. The kitten was named after Konoe's father, and had Konoe's colors - only inverted. Brown ears and a tail, tipped in white.

...and the tail was not crooked, which was a relief.]
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Hiccups for over an hour? That's rather unusual... I take it you've offered the traditional methods of quelling hiccups?
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Well, then, I certainly wouldn't think that a drink of water would hurt
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I don't see why not.

Were you actually given a kitten?
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...and why is that?
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[He blinks. Isn't that a half-step away from some sort of Divine Bestiality?]

Count me curious...
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As opposed to where you come from?
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...I take it there are no actual 'cats,' either...?

...Of the four-legged kind, I mean.
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...I take it you're just as surprised to see as many of them here as you are humans.
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I don't mean to be rude, but...may I see this, 'kitten'?
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[He chuckled... he definitely was not opposed to being cautious.]

Of course.
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[When you arrive, you'll see a silver-haired man in a red suit and white cravat, seated with his tiny daughter with equally silver hair, silver eyes, and...a tiny, white cravat.]
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[He blinked. Dead goodness, he wasn't kidding.]

...Good afternoon, sir.

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