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twenty-two meatbuns -dictated-

Strawberries are the best! Especially a whole field!

...that camp would have been so much funner if it wasn't for all the fightin' an' stuff. Why does that always happen?

Everyone's alright, right? Nobody died again?

I kinda wanted to go canoing but I can't swim good so they wouldn't let me. How d'ya learn to swim? Can anyone teach me?

[He doubts Konzen can.]

Oh! Since those guys were half-goat, I made a whole-goat t'join 'em!

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... You know, that's a good question. Why is there always fighting?
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You're right! When are we going to have an everyone-gets-cool-superheroes-week?
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Okay, starting right now, I'll wish up more comic books and leave them lying around! If we get lucky, subliminal messaging will get through to the castle.
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Aw, stop you're going to embarrass me!
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So what about you? Where do you want the castle to turn into?
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[haha] Okay! I'll try to leave around sweets too, so that the castle gets the message.
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I'm Maya, nice to meet you Goku.
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Have you been here long, Goku?
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Wow, that's really impressive! You're doing a good job!
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Hey, looks good to me, Goku! ... How's your friend doing? Last time I talked to him, he'd just gotten here...
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That's good. I know he was really worried about you when he first got here.
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Well ... if he's better off here? Then I'm glad he is. And I hope your friends show up, too.