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[the day of the party has arrived!

right around dinnertime, fairies will try to round up every single character and gesture, lead, or pull them towards the courtyard. there, the miniature castle has finally been completed! there are fairy lights and beautiful singing all around you, and it looks like there's some kind of a party going on in the castle, but...

...but it's still so tiny. how could you possibly get in there? it would be hard just to get your hand through the front door!

but the fairies will persist, and as soon as a character steps into the fairy ring...

they find themselves in the ballroom.

this post has been forward-dated to tonight, of course, so mingle in the comment sections and have a fun time with the different rooms.]

The Ballroom
Side Rooms
The Garden
The Altar
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[Hurts. Do not want friends.

Vanyel knew that pain. He did. His friends were dying, it seemed, at an alarming rate. He had been to too many graves, been to too many funerals.

He held Duke tight, not letting him run.]

Duke! Listen to me. It will be okay. Calm down, please, you'll cause a scandal.
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[ But he really wants to. Duke wants to get away, to try to stop the feelings from matching up and making sense, perhaps he could get away from them fast enough they wouldn't take root and hurt him again.

But there is a much more physical hurt - not that sometimes it didn't feel like it was a physical hurt - if he tried to go as fast as he could now. Vanyel had a grip on him, and it wouldn't do to try now.

Is not, will never be... [ But Duke will shut up, at the very least.

This is the closest to calm as he can get right now, silent and shaking.