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Valentine's Day is next week. I think, anyway. The castle will probably do something, but...

[She doesn't want to think about it. All she can come up with are bad things.]

What was your best Valentine's Day like? Or what you would want it to be like?

[Time to collect ideas for Lee and Carley. Help.]
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[The voice that speaks into the journal is somewhat unsure, but probably a little familiar to some residents. It's a little lower, a little deeper, but still obviously Clementine.

It feels like a long time since she used this thing.]

Hi, it's me. Clementine. I went home for a little bit. I'm back now--and I'm really sorry if I worried anyone.

[Ellie especially, but she's sure the girl will speak up and she can apologize.]

I know that people can go home and come back and still remember this place, but can it happen more than once? [Going home used to be her biggest fear. She really doesn't want to worry about going home again.] Has anyone here gone home twice? The temporary trips.

... that's all. It's good to be back.
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I don't remember the exact day I got here, but I think I've been here for a year, now. I also think it's gone by really fast, at least since my friends got here.

I hope I'm here next year, too.

Lee )
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Halloween was fun! I wonder if that was the castle making up for what happened earlier. I even got a cool costume.

Thanksgiving is this month. I wonder if we'll get another party...

Jesse )
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[This evening, Clem is outside, a small puppy on the end of a pink leash beside her. It currently seems to be happier rolling around in the grass rather than listening to the little girl trying to get it to do a trick.]

Sit. Siiiiiit. See, like this. [She tries to push the puppy's rump down, but it thinks it's playtime and rolls around some more. It gets Clem to laugh.]

No, no... [Sigh.] Okay, maybe we'll play for a little bit. It's time for a break, anyway.
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[filtered AWAY from Lee Everett]

Is it hard to own a puppy? I know you need to make sure it has food, water, and that it gets walked, but is it hard to train one?

I had a hamster, before. That's really different from a puppy... but I think I could handle one! I just want to be sure.

[Before she brings it up to Lee, that is.]
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[Filtered FAR FAR AWAY from Lee Everett]


It's not weird to get someone a Father's Day present when they're not really your dad, right?

[This is clearly a thing she feels awkward asking about. Oh, but she needs to clarify:]

--I haven't forgotten about my real dad, it's just that he's not here. I can't give him a present or make him anything.
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I hope this goes away soon...

[There's a small, uncomfortable little whine that escaped, here. Clem's been sitting on her hands ever since she looked down at them and saw that they were red.]

It's hard to take your mind off it, when it's on your hands. Maybe... does anyone want to watch a movie? Or even share stories. I like hearing stories. I think it would help.
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[There's a drawing that takes up most of the page. It's Clem, and then this guy, but it's with big smiles and bright colors. All the excitement!]

Lee is here! He's nice, so I hope everyone is as nice to him as they've been to me. He's really brave, and really smart, too! He was a teacher. That's him, in my drawing.


Lee! You could be a teacher, here! There aren't any Walkers, but we don't really have school... and Professor Sage went home a while ago.
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Valentine's Day is weird here. I liked Christmas a lot better. Easter has to be really cool here since the Easter Bunny is actually here.

Though, Saint Patrick's day is before that! I don't know when exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's in the beginning of March. It should be fun pinching people who don't know what you're supposed to do!

Psst. You're supposed to wear green. It's the only time I'll say it!
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There... isn't school here, is there?

Everything feels so normal here, kinda, and I think... I think my parents would want me to keep going to school. Why don't we have school here?

Lee said that when we found somewhere safe, we'd set up our own classroom. We could even have the desks, if we did it here.

I miss going to school.

I don't miss homework, though.
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Lee isn't here. He'll find me, though. He always does. I just have to be patient. Everyone is really nice here... and there aren't any walkers. When he finds me, I hope we can stay in Paradisa. I don't want to go back home. I asked for a box of crayons and I got the biggest box I've ever seen! Ever.

I made a lot of drawings. Umm... Evan, Luke, Arthur, Alice, Chell, Damon, Dany, Daryl! Did you get them?

[The people who helped her out on her arrival all got personalized drawings, delivered by ghosts. Portraits, naturally.]

It's really cold out. Does Santa come here, too?

[And Clem can be found in the castle's kitchen, sitting at the counter and drawing what looks to be like some weird cat on a piece of paper. There are crayons all around her.]
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[There's a little girl standing outside the castle in skirt and red hoodie, looking around frantically. Maybe this wouldn't be too strange if she wasn't thoroughly caked with blood, front and back.]

--Lee? Lee!

[She's about ready to bolt, but her feet seem glued to the spot. It looks like she's not sure what to start towards--the giant castle, the city in the distance, or whatever trees are around?]


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