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 [Will was sounding strangely excited today.]

This is marvelous!  My brother sent me a birthday present from Japan once, and I read all of his letters, but I never thought I should see it for myself so soon.

I'm not really sure what to see, though.  Does anyone else want to go out and explore?
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[Well, that's a familiar voice asking to go exploring. Giotto can't help but smile at that request.] Well, now would be a good a time as any to take you up on that offer for a walk.

Though, I must warn you that I have never been to Tokyo before so there is a strong chance of us getting lost. [Not that Giotto minds getting lost very much. Anyway, there are enough people around to point them back to the hotel and they have journals.]
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It is, isn't it? And then we can get ourselves unlost.

I'll meet you in the lobby of the hotel, then?
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[Giotto went down to the lobby, then, and waited by the stairs. Since he had no real idea what Will looked like, he'd just have to keep an eye out for someone or hope that he stood out enough.]
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[Giotto looks over at him, wondering if this was Will. He approaches, and gives him a friendly smile.]

...Are you Will?
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Yes. It's nice to finally meet you in person, rather than just over the journal.
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So do I. It just doesn't have the same effect. Though I do admit it has anonymity when you want it.
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It has its uses, depending on what you are doing.

[Giotto smiles and gestures to the door.] After you?
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[Giotto follows him.]

Not particularly. I haven't actually been to Tokyo before, and even if I had, it would have changed drastically from my time.
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It's probably the best idea. It seems like there are street signs, so I doubt we'll get too lost.
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You're here too? I wouldn't mind joining you.
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Cool. Where do you wanna meet up?