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 Ah, hullo?

[Will sounded more than a little confused.]

Don't suppose anyone could tell me what day it is.  I think I have missed some things.

Lady Galadriel?  This is one of your rooms, isn't it?
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Saturday, I think.

[ A bit of a pause. ]

... That is where you are?

[ He'd noticed Will wasnn't about... ]
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Castle, I think. I woke up...

[ Sound vanishes, because Duke is turning pages in his journal. He'd been busy and not really paying much attention to time- ]

... A week ago?
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Physically will have a reminder. Mentally...

[ He's quiet for a bit. ]


[ He can't think of another way to word it. ]
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As far as I am aware.

[ He's been worse and he's been better. ]
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[ He's quiet for a bit. And a little hesitant when he speaks up again. ]

... Sorry for.. worrying.

[ He didn't mean to die, and he's still not sure quite how to take that someone really preferred to have him about. Even if Will isn't the first to mention it. ]

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except action because that's how I roll

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[And that would be Galadriel's cue to open the door and stick her head in.]

It is. Welcome back, my friend.
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Long enough that your presence was missed, certainly.
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It has been nigh half a month, I believe.
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[A thoughtful little hum] It is unusual, yet not impossible. I recently spent a little over a month as swan, myself.
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Oh, did I? [She laughs] Shall I take that for a compliment?

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[Pretty much like he'd just woken up, in the Doctor's opinion.]

Hello. Doing all right, Will?

It's the 19th. What date do you recall?
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That is a bit of time to be missing. How are you feeling?
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I suppose you have and it would not surprise me one jot to find it was he castle's doing. You're lucky that Lady Galadriel took you in by the sounds of it.