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[Dictated] during Stepford Plot

 Midwinter's Day.  I am fourteen today. Doesn't seem possible, does it?

[He trails off in thought for a moment, tapping the journal as he does so. And then he addresses the two he currently believed to be his parents.]

Mother?  Father?  Do you think we could have liver and bacon for dinner?
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So today's your birthday.

[Wait, hold on...]

You seriously want that for dinner?
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Really? It sounds... [disgusting, but she probably shouldn't judge. Blue food looked questionable and was quite good.] Well, I suppose it is your birthday, so you get to choose.

I don't know. You could pass as fourteen.
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Re: Dictated

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I... think I'll pass.

The Doctors wouldn't want me to miss their cooking. [Lame excuse is lame.]
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Re: Dictated

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I'll take your word for it.

[Quickly moving the topic to safer waters.]

So, expecting any cool presents this year?
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[Liver and bacon? Really, Will? You pick up the strangest tastes sometimes and she's not even sure where.]

If that's what you'd like best. [She walks up behind him to plant a kiss on the top of his head.]
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I don't know where you came by such tastes. Certainly not from me nor from your father. [It's said with affection, though.] But it is your day.
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No, of course not. I would never wish for you to be other than as you are.
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Is there anything else that you would like to do today?
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[A grin] I would like that very much. And perhaps we could sing carols afterwards.
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You're starting to look old, little brother.

[tease tease, hair ruffle]
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[He sticks his tongue out at Will. The epitome of maturity, this one.]

You'll make yourself older more quickly if you keep talking like that. Besides, plenty of time before either of us have any grey hair.
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Time enough.

[Wow, way to out-mature him.]

So, what shall we do today? Anything you like.
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Of course! It's your birthday so the day should be about you.

What game do you have in mind?
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Draughts it is then. I'll set up.
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You don't have to thank me. [Have another hair ruffle before she goes to get it ready.]
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[It doesn't take him very long and then he's gesturing to Will. You're first, little bro.]
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[He reaches out to make his own. Just because it's Will's birthday, he's not going to make this easy.]
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[It seem very apt to the Doctor that Will's birthday would be on the Earth's Winter solstice. A warm smile can be told in his voice.]

Happy Birthday, Will. Many happy returns of the day.

[Thinking on Will's other words though, that does bring him to pause.] Your parents are making dinner for you?
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[Given what's going on lately, he shouldn't be surprised. Well, he's not going to burst Will's bubble.]

I wish her the very best of luck in preparing your birthday feast. Tell me, do I know your Mother and Father? So sorry, their names escape me at the moment, silly of me, I know.
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[Well, one name he definitely knows, the other, not at all.]

Of course they are. See, I knew that was in there in the back of my mind somewhere.

[Pause. Pause.] You don't see many boys your age asking for liver.

[He's more thrown at the thought of Galadriel cooking it.]
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Of course you... do. I just mean not many young boys want to eat healthily. [Not that Will is strictly young.] Chips tend to be popular.

When you're ready Will, you are welcome to come and take a book from the TARDIS library by way of a gift for your birthday.
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Quite right. And do you know, if that's your favourite I really have no right to say otherwise.

[All right, Will's excitement does make him smile. If Will hasn't stopped by after the castle has finished with the family gatherings, he'll make a point to gently remind him, just in case. You are very welcome.