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[It had been a rough month for Will. 

He'd failed in something important for the first time in his life. He had been forced to face the harsh of truth of what his duty to the Light might mean., one day. 

More than anything else right now, Will desperately wished that he could speak to Merriman.  Even though he knew that there was no way that he could speak to his master.  Even if he had been home, he wouldn't have been able to speak to him.  Merriman had left with the rest of the Old Ones.

Will missed his family. He missed Stephen and James and Paul and Robin and all of his other brothers and sisters.  And most of all he missed Bran.

But there was nothing he could do about his homesickness or his desperate wish to be with some of his kind again. The best he could do was find something to occupy himself.  Something useful.]

Please, does anyone need any help with anything right now?  Or could someone suggest a book to read? 

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[It was a strange non-relationship, because Thranduil did not know this person, but he had considered him his child for the short space of time when his memories had been altered, and that sort of thing lingered. He didn't know him, but almost could have. And he sounded lonely.]

What is it you would do?
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In what way?

[He was small enough, and Thranduil did not know in which areas his skill lay. The tone of his voice was oddly familiar, small and yet weary, old. And Thranduil knew what it was to fight the shadows of the dark.]
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[It was probably some leftover of that week, of the false non-memories which he could still recall, but Thranduil feels somewhat protective of this child, even knowing so little about him. And after all, had they been so truly changed?]

I fear I have nothing of that sort, but if it is a distraction that you seek, I may be able to provide you with something.
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Are the gardens too cold for you, at this time of year?
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[Humans were so fragile in comparison with elves that he felt he should ask, but the response made him smile a little.]

Then come there.

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War and Peace.
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Well, if you're looking for a book to read, it will certainly while away the hours, won't it?
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Well, there you go, then. One method to quash boredom.

You're welcome.
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You're welcome. Let me know how you find it.
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Have you done much stargazing?
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It's pretty easy here- there aren't any street lights interfering. And it's pretty interesting, with all the strange stars and constellations.

[The unfamiliarity is exactly what Nita found appealing about it. It was an entire new universe to explore.]
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Maybe we could do it together sometime.
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Great! Just let me know when and I'll set up my telescope.
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How about tomorrow, then?

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