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I've always liked snow. [Will was sounding a little thoughtful today.]

Its the way it covers everything and makes the whole world look like something new, I think.

[He laughs slightly.]

But enough thinking. Would anyone like to go hiking in it with me? I was thinking of going to the forest.
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That is a nice way of putting it. It feels... very clean.

Hiking sounds like a good idea to me. I will join you.
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I especially like seeing it regularly here; on my home planet it very rarely got cold enough to snow.

I agree.
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Yes. I am from far into most peoples' futures- in my world, humans have long since abandoned Earth.
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Lack of resources- it could no longer sustain humanity's exploding population.
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[Bawww. Simon's voice is sympathetic, because he can guess at what that idea feels like, having been forced away from his own home, even if it wasn't comparable to leaving behind everything you had known.]

It was. It happened hundreds of years before I was born, though, so I can only state the academic facts- not speak to what was in the minds and hearts of those who left it behind.
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It must seem odd to you, I know.