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 I would wish that there was some way of preventing memory loss in this place. 

[Will was still quietly upset about the entire thing. He'd lost his memories once. Through illness. And it had been one of the most terrible things he had ever experienced. He had not appreciated the castle's reminder.]
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You could try wishing for it not to happen again.

[Except Pitch is 95% sure it wouldn't work.]
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no problem!

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Do you trust them for other things?
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... Can you feel and understand it better than most of the other people can?

[Pitch thinks he should be able to. But he can't.]
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fft I do that constantly

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It won't speak to me, either. Not a word.
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It's quite possible I'd be willing to make that sacrifice.
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Have you heard details?
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Then I wouldn't worry about it too much.