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dictated; action for apple grove

 [Will was perched in one of the apple trees, looking down thoughtfully at the large green apple in his hands. He remembered another apple tree, long ago. The last time he had plucked an apple in such a way, it had been in the Lost Land. But he had been with Bran and Gwydion then. 

Will wondered how Bran was doing these days. Even if the boy had forgotten his heritage, Will would hope that something of their friendship had remained. But he did not know, He had been taken to Paradisa too soon to know that,

Inevitably, Will's thoughts turned to what they had spoken of, among the apple trees.]

They taught me my trees once, long ago. Seven trees there are with virtues, and  apples among them. Alder, the tree of fire. Willow, the tree of enchantment. Holly for protection and Hazel for healing and Birch for renewal. Oak, the king of all trees.

And apple. [He is silent for a long moment.]  It is said that the apple is a tree of immortality. 
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Oh? What is immortality?
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Re: Dictated

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Eh? So apple trees don't die?
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So... they die, but people call them undying??

[Now Sugar is really confused.]
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That makes no sense at all!
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Nuh uh! My magic makes perfect sense!
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I think I've heard of such things before, although unfortunately Cabalines aren't terribly fond of working with wood, so it doesn't come up often. I'm sure Gideon would have had some opinions on the matter. [There's a slight pause. He'd brought up Gideon without thinking, and it still ached]

I wonder why that is. Clearly apple trees themselves are far from immortal.
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The Cabaline school is the school of magic in which I was trained. The teachings attribute virtues to certain materials when it comes to our workings.

There's always a reason. Symbols get their start somewhere, though they sometimes warp and change over time as they are handed down.
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Probably true in most worlds. At least those with human beings.
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Dictated (and mildly amused)

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And why the apple, if I may ask?
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And how old is that, precisely? You have told me little of the origins of your people. I must admit that I find myself curious.
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Merriman is a mentor of yours, is he not? You have mentioned him before I think.
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[A thoughtful little hum] You will forgive me if I pry, I hope. It is only that, in some ways, I feel that I know you as well as my own kin. In others, I feel I know you very little.
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It is a terrible request, is it not? "Tell me of your world." Where does one even begin?
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What would you say, then? What is nearest to your heart? Or what do you believe I would find of interest?
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Some. You have mentioned, I believe, that you have several brothers.
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Your house must be busy indeed. I was the youngest of five and our home was rarely quiet.
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I understand entirely what you mean. When I was small my brothers were all grown or very nearly so, but I had cousins enough that the house was seldom still for long. I still miss it, some days.
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[Softly:] It is not easy, I know. And you are quite young still- in one sense, at least.