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[Will opens the journal, and stares at the blank page for a while as he tries to decide what to say.]

It is very quiet here.  

[He had thought about going on the expedition with the others, but in the end Will's mind for practicality had pushed him into staying behind like all the times before. As much as he would like to see more of the world, he knew that without his magic he would be of very little use. No, it was better to stay behind and watch over the castle.]

Has anyone else stayed behind?

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Alas, I have not. As one of the few healers still here, I thought it my duty to accompany the group. [If Will were any other child she would worry about him being by himself. As it is- well, she's only mildly bothered.]

I trust you will be alright on your own?
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Little. It has been primarily travel thus far. I will keep you informed as best I can, if you would like.
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Even if you may do nothing to assist us, I thought it might interest you to know what we find. And it may do me well to record it.
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Good. Then I will do so. [A little pause] And if you should need anything whilst we are gone, I would have you know that you are welcome to anything from my quarters that you may require.
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[Was she that obvious? Oops.]

I do not mean to cast doubt on your capabilities, Will. It is simply in my nature to worry for those dear to me. If I am occasionally overzealous, I hope you will forgive me, knowing that it stems from affection.
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I understand. In truth, I do not always know how to think of you myself. At times, you remind me of a dear friend of mine, an Istari, someone beyond matters of age. At others, you seem like nothing quite so much as an elf child.
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[The smile carries in her voice.] It is fitting.
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I'm still here, moldering away with the books.

[Someone has to keep an eye on things. Not that he could have tagged along, even if he wanted to.]
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I don't know how entertaining I'll be...

[But he wasn't actually going to protest if Will needed the company, because he was a bit of a softie under that jerk-like facade]
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Well, in that case, by all means feel free to stop by.
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It is sort of nice, the quiet.

[ Of course, its quiet in the way of 'not a lot of people thinking' for Anna. ]
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[ Now that she thinks of it, it is a little odd, to not have a bunch of people around. ]

Yes. But it is still better than a busy city's noise.
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They're very noisy, even when there is snow everywhere and no one is going far.
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I'm still here! [Obviously. She is so tiny, such a big journey would be too much for her.]
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I'm still here. Frankly, expeditions is not my cup of tea.
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I don't have the luxury of magic nor am I all that interested in the surroundings. Unless they find something which helps us home.
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No, not really.
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It was tempting, but in the end, I stayed.

Why did you?
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Away from the magic of the Castle, you mean?
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Hm. I wonder if I'd exist at all out there.
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In your case, I'd say your fear was probably smart.
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Caution can stem from fear.