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[Nita begins by speaking into her journal. It's faster and easier and more personable. Which is exactly what she's going for.] Today's Thanksgiving- at least it is for Americans- and that combined with our visit from our ghostly feathered friend got me thinking about how the castle picks some holidays to mark and ignores countless others. Which got me wondering how many of us are from where and I realized that I really don't know.

This has probably been done about a hundred times before, but things change. Think of this as an exercise in population demographics, if you want. Or else a get-to-know you exercise.

[This part is written in very careful, very neat handwriting. She's making an effort to make this super legible.]

1. Name:
2. World of Origin (if it has a name):
3. Home country:
4. Is there anyone else from your home here:
5. Age:
6. Species:
7. Occupation:
And just for fun:
8. Hobbies:

I'll go first, since I asked and it'd be rude not to answer myself.

1. Name: Nita Callahan
2. World of Origin: We just call it 'Earth.'
3. Home country: The United States of America
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: My sister, Dairine Callahan.
5. Age: 16 (15 + 1 castle year)
6. Species: human
7. Occupation: student/Wizard
8. Hobbies: Reading, stargazing and astronomy, listening to music, travel (Wizardry helps. Going off-planet is the best).

Anyone else?

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