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[Nita begins by speaking into her journal. It's faster and easier and more personable. Which is exactly what she's going for.] Today's Thanksgiving- at least it is for Americans- and that combined with our visit from our ghostly feathered friend got me thinking about how the castle picks some holidays to mark and ignores countless others. Which got me wondering how many of us are from where and I realized that I really don't know.

This has probably been done about a hundred times before, but things change. Think of this as an exercise in population demographics, if you want. Or else a get-to-know you exercise.

[This part is written in very careful, very neat handwriting. She's making an effort to make this super legible.]

1. Name:
2. World of Origin (if it has a name):
3. Home country:
4. Is there anyone else from your home here:
5. Age:
6. Species:
7. Occupation:
And just for fun:
8. Hobbies:

I'll go first, since I asked and it'd be rude not to answer myself.

1. Name: Nita Callahan
2. World of Origin: We just call it 'Earth.'
3. Home country: The United States of America
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: My sister, Dairine Callahan.
5. Age: 16 (15 + 1 castle year)
6. Species: human
7. Occupation: student/Wizard
8. Hobbies: Reading, stargazing and astronomy, listening to music, travel (Wizardry helps. Going off-planet is the best).

Anyone else?

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1. Name: Legolas
2. World of Origin: Arda
3. Home country: Mirkwood?
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: The Lady Galadriel
5. Age: Around 500.
6. Species: Elf
7. Occupation: I'm a member of the guard in Mirkwood.
8. Hobbies: Singing, archery, dancing. [Being a little shit.]
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I am not sure that it counts as a country. It is a realm of its own though.
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I suppose they may be. [A shrug on his end.]
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She is [pausing briefly because how to describe Galadriel?] wise and kind. Generous as well, she allowed us to stay in her realm and provided us with gifts when we departed. But she is also powerful, not one you would ever wish to cross I think.
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[Wade laughs a little]

I did one of these once too, after I got here. Only fair, I guess.

1. Name: Wade Welles
2. World of Origin (if it has a name): Earth
3. Home country: United States
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: Not my Earth, no
5. Age: 24? 26?
6. Species: Human
7. Occupation: Slider. Former sales clerk.
8. Hobbies: Writing, playing board games, music (listening and playing)
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Our word for parallel dimension traveler.
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Yeah. My friend Quinn built a device that opens a wormwhole. I don't really know much of the details. I was just his friend, but when he told us about what he'd invented, we decided to test it out.
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Sure did. He'd already tested it once himself, actually, so we knew it worked.

...the coming back home part didn't work so well though.
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[Fine, he'll humor you]

1. Name: Felix Harrowgate
2. World of Origin (if it has a name): Meduse
3. Home country: Marathat
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: No
5. Age: 31 [He doesn't think of himself as aging here]
6. Species: Human
7. Occupation: Wizard
8. Hobbies: reading, horseback riding [And other things he's not going to mention aloud, thank you]
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Yes, of course they do. Not all people can do it or trust it, of course. That changes from place to place.
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So your sister has mentioned. It's not all that surprising. It's human nature to be skeptical.
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1. Name: Aaron Livesy
2. World of Origin (if it has a name): Earth
3. Home country: England
4. Is there anyone else from your home here: Nobody I know.
5. Age: 20
6. Species: Human, duh
7. Occupation: Mechanic
And just for fun:
8. Hobbies: XBox, drinking, cars
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So? I'm 20 and I still haven't seen anything unusual back home.
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Guess not- But I'll retain my doubts, alright.