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[It's been a while, Paradisa, but there is a light-blue space marine patrolling the halls again. Just breaking 7' with her full suit on, her right arm a robotic prosthetic that moves as fluidly as if it were flesh and blood, she can be found making her way about the interior of the castle, reading all of the nameplates and look for anyone familiar. She dictates into the journal as she does, in her thick Israeli accent]

How long has it been, I wonder? I need a current SITREP.

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Noble Two, reporting for duty.
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... It's been a long time, Kat. Two years.

Welcome back... There's not many of us left. And the castle has changed.
Edited (Let me know if I got the time frame messed up, but I think it's a good ballpark.) 2014-12-02 16:55 (UTC)
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Including you? 3.

Church is the other one.
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Room 322. My current room.
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[Wash opens the door quickly on arrival. He left the helmet off for the moment. In spite of the changes outside the room, the room really doesn't look that different.] Come in.
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It's good to see you too, Kat.

[He missed you, not that he'd admit it.]
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A lot of friends gone... Though York and Carolina went by choice. Also, the castle redid the grounds and destroyed things.
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You don't sound familiar to me.

Who are you?
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And you just now came back, with your memories intact? That's the largest gap I've seen by far.
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I'm curious. What's wrong with that?
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No, nothing like that. I'm not much of a data person.
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Interesting that you say "what", not "who". Are you asking for my species?
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Not at all-- I'm a spirit. Ever met one before?
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In other settings, then? Care to share?
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That may take some time.

[After a pause, and somewhat restrained] Welcome back.
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So have we all. The journal can provide the full accounts, as usual, but if you are in the mood for the highlights, I might be amenable to a chat.