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Thank you, castle, for confirming for me that despite what people say about it being the height of culture, the Renaissance actually sucked. Hopefully whenever I leave here, I’ll remember this lesson. That way if I ever suffer temporary insanity and become desperate to wear old-fashioned clothes again, I’ll know not to waste the energy on traveling back in time. The Renn Faire is a much better option. More freedoms, clean water, and less risk of being burnt alive.

Also, after this trip? I think I'd use their smelly Porta potties any day.

[Filtered to Friends and Acquaintances]

On a better note, my sister is here! Yup, in case you hadn't guessed, Nita Callahan is indeed related to me. She's still pretty new, so I'd appreciate if you try to make her feel welcome.

[Her voice becomes dangerously cheerful.]

Oh, one more thing:

Be nice. Or I'll make you wish that you did.
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[And have a written smirk, just for you.]

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Hello, Dairine. I just was ... taking the air, so to speak.

Oh, it might be.
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Well, honestly, I thought it would be better than going completely mad on all of you.

[She is so smirking.] Not exactly. But you know as well as I do, family is sacrosanct to me.
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Truly that bad?

[Her lips quirked up.] Your sister is under protection.
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....You know how it is. To watch the people you love be torn from you, or die. One after another. It just ... it was too much. I couldn't take it. Not after losing Gale, again. Ino. Mark. All of them.

You can always count on me.
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[She pressed her lips together, breathing out harshly.]

...Small favors, I suppose.

[A shrug.]

I do my best.