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[On Christmas, Dairine woke up to find her present, the newest resident in her room, staring right at her face: a Plusle. The Pokemon chatted at her cheerfully and cuddling as though it knew her. Dairine quickly realized this was not just any Plusle but hers from the Pokemon world. Later that morning, she could be seen out in the lobby watching the Plusle play with her Aron and Bit. Dairine is also waiting to see if her friends want to see her for the holidays.

Once she hears what the key her received did and that others had copies as well though, Dairine rushes off to check up on Galadriel, Conan, and Neets. If they leave without saying goodbye, she'll find them in Timeheart and let them have it, mark her words.

Dairine doesn't leave right away, a fact that surprises even herself. After the Christmas rush, she could usually be found talking to the new residents or sitting in the library, staring at the key. That is where she is right now, pondering it from over a large book. Did she want to go home? Certainly, but then again her universe might be destroyed in less than a week's time once she gets there. That reminder both made her want to hurry back to fix it all and also take her time. This might be the last bit of free time she'll have ever again. And then there's the issue of all those people she met while here. Being worlds apart Dairine could adjust to after three years of separations... but to leave and lose all memories of them? Would they be gone for good? Would she remember in Timeheart?

Dairine sighs and writes a filter.]

Hey... How big of a chance do you think we have of keeping things if we leave? Like our memories or stuff?
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So it seems I hit the three year mark while we were out. Three years in this crazy castle... It's a little freaky just thinking about it.

I know it's late and I'm not entirely sure that arriving here is something to celebrate, but hey, why not do something fun anyway? And I happen to have thought of the best thing to do: a Star Wars marathon.

I'll be down in the lobby at 8:30 tomorrow night for those interested. Bring pillows or blankets or whatever will help make you more comfortable. And if any of you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "Star Wars", make sure you come by or you'll miss out big time.

((Log will be up later.))
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[Filtered away from those who mean the resident's harm]

[Not long after the search party is attacked and some of its numbers are snatched away, Dairine opens the journal. Her voice is serious, hiding her fear quite well. Unless someone personally knows her, they probably won't even notice it from voice alone.]

Guys, we have a problem. A big one.

Something grabbed two people from our group in the woods, Conan Edogawa and the Doctor. It was tall, humanoid, but with large ears and a surplus of teeth. Also fast. We don't know if it is responsible for what happened in the castle, but since we have already lost one resident, we can't afford to take chances. [She is NOT letting one of her friends get torn apart like that.]

I'm going to be in the library to see if we can learn what we're dealing with. If you can help or want extra safety, you can join me. Once we know what this is, we'll need another search party ready to retrieve them. I can't guarantee it'll go smoothly so for the love of all the Powers, do not join this group unless you have some kind of fighting experience.

Also, whatever is preying on us might have kidnapped more people that I didn't see. If you've noticed anyone else missing lately, please mention it. We need to keep an eye out for each other until this is over.


Neets, I need your help. [Normally she'd be loath to make such an admission, but this is an emergency.]

Bring your Manual. Our wizard's holiday is over.

((Research and gathering for the plot. Library section will be open shortly.))
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[Dairine had begun to suspect something was up with the remaining Avengers when she stopped seeing them around the castle. Having a few years behind her, she had an inkling why, but she didn't want to look. She even took to avoiding their rooms, just so she couldn't see the likely blank nameplates.

However, it couldn't go on like this forever.

When she didn’t notice them in the ballpit, Dairine finally got up the courage to check their rooms. Sure enough, blank nameplates, empty rooms. After almost a week of sulking (furthered by Conan's sudden coma), she finally cracks open the journal.]

If anyone knew her, Natasha Romanoff has returned home. Bruce Banner too.

[And that's that.]
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[Things had been quiet. Way to quiet. Especially for 4th of July.

Dairine intended to fix that.]

Hey, fellow residents of Paradisa! How many of you know what today is?

Don't worry if you don't have the answer. The holiday is only celebrated in the USA, as far as I know. Today is the 4th of July, otherwise known as Independence Day!

There's a lot of history I could go into about it, but I'll skip all that boring stuff. No matter what differences people might have in how they celebrate today, there's one thing you can always count on: fireworks.

And as it so happens, I still have a box from that wizard school we visited last year.

If you guys want to see the show, it'll be starting around 9 o'clock. If anyone wants to bring some food to share, I will set up a little something up on the roof. Be there, or be square.

((OOC: Log to go up later. If your character wants to help or has fireworks of their own, feel free to join in!))
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[Sitting in the lobby is one young girl with red hair... much younger than she should be. She frowns at her surroundings as she walks around the room, her arms crossed. It looks vaguely familiar, like something she saw in a dream, but also wrong somehow.]

This isn't funny. Wherever I am... you better bring me back home right now.
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[Dairine was in Conan's room, having just recently broken into it. She had meant to chase her friend out of hiding except he wasn't there at the moment. Surprising, but Dairine was pleased. He had been avoiding people too much lately. It wasn't healthy.

Well, while she was here, she might as well wait to see if he'll show up. Taking out her journal she starts a message that she's been meaning to make.


I need to talk to you about something.

[With that done, she begins flipping through the journal as she waits. Suddenly she hears a cracking noise. Looking over at the egg, she can see that it is beginning to hatch. Curious, she walks over, trying to get a closer look. What kind of egg would Conan have around?

That's when the egg break open, revealing a medium-sized, turtle-like creature. Well, turtle was as close as she could describe the creature, which was more like a dome with eyes and seven pairs of stubby legs. It looks almost as if it were made out of layers of pale translucent white glass with thin layers of color mixed within. The glass glowed from some hidden layer deep inside. Kicking it's legs, the creature wobbled a bit before climb out of the egg. It took a few steps over before bumping into her leg.


Oh my god... [Reaching down, she picks the creature up to get a closer look at it, earning a protesting "With!" and numerous kicking legs. There was no denying it. This... was a first generation mobile, the species she had invented. The voice sounds slightly different from the others she knew, but it still had that voice-synthesizer quality to it. She gently puts it down and watches as it starts investigating the room.]

What are you doing here?

[Later she and the mobile can be found out in the yard. It is very curious, trying to run ahead of her constantly. Thankfully she's fast enough to keep up. Anyone outside though might have a glassy turtle come up to them suddenly, moving like a fast wind-up toy. It stares up curiously.]


((All but the filtered message is open to all.))
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[Filtered away from Conan and anyone who might hurt him]

Psst... Hey, guys. Mind doing me a favor? Did you hear that mopey kid rambling on about Holmes and Reichenbach?

If you didn't, it's on the page before this one. [She even writes down a page number just in case.]

For those of you who don't know him, his name is Conan Edogawa, and today is his birthday! Poor kid has been feeling pretty down lately though, and it seems his mood isn't much better today. So I'd appreciate it if you could do a little something to mark the occasion. It doesn't have to be much ― just something to let him know we care. [Because clearly that's what he wants. Not really. But this is not just a prime trolling opportunity (though that's certainly a plus). Dairine really wants Conan to feel better, even just a little. So she adds as sweetly as possible.]

After all, it would be such a shame for someone his age to be sad on his birthday, right?
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[Dairine wasn't exactly looking forward to Valentine's Day. She had never been particularly fond of the holiday back home, not seeing much point. If she liked someone, wouldn't they be able to tell without her getting them a card? The castle's tricks hadn't done much to help her opinion, but she figured if she could survive last month, she could take anything.

Then she woke up to the gaudiest room on the face of the earth.

You've got to be kidding me.

[She instantly recognized the Wellakhit architecture it was based off of. There were only so many places which looked like Tiffany's was let loose in a Gothic cathedral. The doors to the balcony (did she have a balcony before?) were cut out of yellow glass to look like pure crystal. On the floor, plush red and gold carpets were overlapped. The bed, wardrobe, and sofa all had canopies over them. A number of lanterns hung down from the ceiling, which was entirely coated in jewels. The effect it make on the lighting would be impressive, if it hadn't been mixed with the rest of the room's froufrou. She hoped to god those gems weren't real, or people might start sneaking into her room to try and steal them. No, they weren't allowed in; no one was allowed to see this-- this embarrassment! But when she hurries over to her door, she finds that not only is her protective wizardry no longer in place, but her door won't lock either.

She lets out a most frustrated sound before addressing the castle proper.

OK. This is no longer funny. In fact, this wasn't funny ever, and I am not interested! You can stop now.
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Despite Valentine's Day coming around the corner, I'm so glad January is over. What a month.

Oh yeah, the topic might be a little late, but something's been bugging me. [Now that the crazy month is over.] I know the castle often gives us Christmas gifts from back home. Has anyone gotten something that was...owned by someone else before?

[She stares at the Sunstone on her desk. It actually is hers, not that she’d know it quite yet. The last time she saw the stone it was in Roshaun's possession. The only hint that something was different was the stone's hue, which had changed to a light yellow. What was up with that?]
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Thank you, castle, for confirming for me that despite what people say about it being the height of culture, the Renaissance actually sucked. Hopefully whenever I leave here, I’ll remember this lesson. That way if I ever suffer temporary insanity and become desperate to wear old-fashioned clothes again, I’ll know not to waste the energy on traveling back in time. The Renn Faire is a much better option. More freedoms, clean water, and less risk of being burnt alive.

Also, after this trip? I think I'd use their smelly Porta potties any day.

[Filtered to Friends and Acquaintances]

On a better note, my sister is here! Yup, in case you hadn't guessed, Nita Callahan is indeed related to me. She's still pretty new, so I'd appreciate if you try to make her feel welcome.

[Her voice becomes dangerously cheerful.]

Oh, one more thing:

Be nice. Or I'll make you wish that you did.
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[Filtered to any medical personnel who know that Conan is Shinichi]

[Dairine tries to keep her voice steady, but her panic creeps in the further she goes.]

We have a situation in Conan's room.

Please hurry! Conan is in pain!
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Six more days until I'm the same age as my sister.

...Now that's weird to say.

[Dairine turns from her personal calender to address the journal properly.]

Does anyone else have older brothers or sisters back home? If you pass their age in Paradisa, would you still consider them older than you?
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[Trustworthy Wizards and Magic Users]

Greetings, cousins. As you might have noticed, a number of residents are gathering together to fight against these "Gentlemen" that have been picking off our number. They request help from the wizarding community, as well as any other willing magic user.

Positions that will be needed:

1+ for Scouts: This group will be searching for the Gentlemen’s Headquarters. Silence and digression will be needed. Defensive/offensive magic also appreciated, in case things go south.

1-2 for Spies. This group will be infiltrating the Gentlemen’s Headquarters. No more than two should join this group since it will need to remain undercover for as long as possible. Skills in invisibility, especially hiding groups of people, would be highly valued. I will go if no one else wants to.

1+ for Fighters: This group will be holding off the Gentlemen while the others do their jobs. In other words, they’ll be creating a diversion. Will likely need multiple magic users. Defensive/offensive magic highly advised. If you’ve been waiting to trash the Gentlemen, this is your group.

We also need people to defend the town and castle in case the Gentlemen attack during all of this. Please split up evenly, so we can cover more ground.

Go well.

[A little later...]

[Those working against the Gentlemen]

The Gentlemen are now in town.
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[The journal picks up a scratching sound, a little like a cat, if its claws were made of metal. Soon a mechanical voice starts to speak, quiet and dry with dread.]

Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh.

[Then Dairine's voice can be heard, getting progressively louder as she approaches the journal.]

Spot? What are you doing with my-?

Uh oh.

[Dairine freezes.]

Ohhh boy... That can't be a good sign.

((Regular type is Dairine. Code is her Wizard Manual, Spot.))
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[Friends and acquaintances]

Change of plans. I’ll be staying out here for a bit longer to make sure things go smoothly for our newest neighbors. They’re nice enough people, and I’d rather not leave them unarmed with those Collector creatures lurking about. So don’t be alarmed when the expedition group returns and I’m not there. I’ll be fine.

I should be back after another week. Let me know if there are any big changes happen at the castle while I’m gone. If something big does down before the week’s up, just give me a holler and I’ll hitch a ride back. Until then, be good. [She’s talking to you, Conan.]

[Close, trusted friends]

Oh yeah. If someone could swing by my room and give Spot the update, I’d appreciate it. He’s not wired into the journal system, and I couldn’t leave mine behind. Just give a knock, and he’ll come to you. He'd probably like the company, anyway.

((Open to action or over journal. Action at Fairfield or her room if you want to interact with Spot.))
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[ Friends ]

How're you doing? By the way, have you ever heard of Paradisa?

[Code for "Please tell me that you haven't forgotten and gotten your memories tampered with again. Please."]

[ People who went to Hogwarts outside of Paradisa ]

OK. Magic wizard school. I know some people are used to this. Mind giving me the deets? What do I need to know in order to survive?

Also, if you have any Quidditch tips, sharing would be greatly appreciated.

[ Ravenclaw Quidditch Team ]

Since we have a match tomorrow, shouldn't we be practicing? I know at least some of you will need it. [Just like she does, but not mentioning that out loud.]

For those that do, meet me at the Quidditch pitch after class. Bring a broom.

[At the Quidditch pitch, Dairine will testing out her broom. She sits hovering a few feet off the ground, waiting for the others to show up. Eventually she gets bored and starts trying out different tricks. Arrive late enough and you'll find her flipped upside-down, hanging off her broomstick like a monkey.

...What? It might come in handy.

((Open for action at the Quidditch pitch. If Dairine trusts and/or likes your character, they likely can see the friends filter.))
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[Now that she wasn't being sent strange places, Dairine final has time to work on Katniss's request. Of course, it won't be easy, and Dairine realizes that she cannot do this alone. So putting aside her research, she makes a few filters.]

[ Bladewolf ]

Hello again. I hear you are working on a project for Katniss. Something about sensors in the Dead Zone. She wants me to work with you. Is that all right?

[ Trustworthy people who were in Paradisa for Goldfleck's Christmas visit//Filtered away from First Gens ]

I know some people have those blue power crystal necklaces from Flora, the same type of crystal that the First Gens have. From what I understand, there used to be a lot more, right? Records say there were hundreds. Yet I've only ever seen a handful of them, even on expeditions.

Well, where did they go? Does anyone know where I could get a few?
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[Waking up in strange clothing becoming more and more of a familiar situation for Dairine. The green dress, Roshauns's wardrobe... Still, it had been a while since her last fancy clothes loss, and she certainly wasn't expecting to wake up to this get-up.

Her past experiences do help Dairine brave the rest of the castle though. Those in the halls or library might see Dairine walking around sporting a blonde wig, flowing white gown, silver circlet, and fake elf ears. The only part the castle
didn't change was her height, resulting in a miniaturized yet far less luminous Lady of the Light.]

Okay, castle. I get it; you like seeing me in fancy clothes. You can stop now.

[She lets out a small huff. Then Dairine turns to address the journal properly.]

I'm actually sorta glad to see it's not just me this time. Dressing up is a lot less embarrassing when there are others with you. Actually, it's kind of fun. It feels like Halloween, but with less candy and pumpkins.
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[Filtered away from First Gens, those aliens who landed in Terre Haute, exc.]

I know that some, scratch that, most of you probably don’t want to think about last week. But if Paradisa has taught me anything over the past year, there’s no pain without gain. Or, to put it differently, everything provides an opportunity to learn. And with the castle repeating old themes these days, we should definitely take notes. Now, since we were separated for most of the trip, I propose we round up all the things we learned over and share them here.

I’ll start off since I’m pretty used to this dinosaur business, but please do chime in as we go: especially if you were on the ship or Tembro’s team. I'll add more things as we go.

[The next section is written down.]



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